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    Physical Theatre & Movement Classes

    Physical Theatre/Movement

    This listing includes groups who use markedly physical approaches to performance, to create material and to hone the acting instrument. You may perceive an overlap with the "Comedy and Improv" or "Combat" listings; make sure to check those, too, to be sure you find what you're ...

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    Sources and Resources

    The following is a list of basic resources to help you find your way in LA LA land

    For the listings Click Here

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    Summer Stock Cross Country

    The following is a list of summer stock theatres and theatre companies and festivals that present productions primarily during the summer.

    Each listing (if the information was available) has: the theatre company name; address; phone number; fax number; email address; website; prod'r/artistic dir.;Equity contract and/or non-Equity ...

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    The New Testament--Story of Paul the Apostle

    A modern urbanized version of the life of Paul aka Saul

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    FUNNY... SHEESH Improv Game Show

    The sociable Funny... Sheesh comedy troupe performs an hour of enthused improvisation, made-up music and totally impractical prizes. With

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    "eXs" is a new play by David Gaard. Set in the sexually active and free-wheeling world of today's San Francisco, the play tells the story of two twenty-something men who embark on odysseys of pleasure

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    Girls who say, "Yes!"

    The Second City Theatre

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    DONDE? delves into the experiences of illegal aliens who come from Latin American countries to America seeking refuge and finding a vast spectrum of circumstances

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    The Right Moves

    Some say we are what we eat. If you're a movement instructor, you'd say we are how we sit, stand, move. And while we may often associate movement techniques with training for dancers, these instructors list a surprising number of reasons why the actors who study with them ...

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    Bobby Zero

    Hyperion Avenue