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    Everything's Coming Up Gypsies

    "I'm not really a Broadway gypsy; I just play one in A Chorus Line."

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    Clicks and Tricks

    If your interest in dance books tends toward the visual or the practical, you may want to check out the latest crop. It includes two artsy photography books, one about social dancing and the other featuring photos by Mikhail Baryshnikov (yes -- by, not of).

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    Agnes Is at It Again

    "Agnes de Mille's work represents an important period of American choreography that has been lost," says choreographer Liza Gennaro, daughter of Broadway and television choreographer Peter Gennaro. "What she did in terms of movement innovation and finding a movement language for a character is something you rarely see in ...

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    The Right Moves

    Some say we are what we eat. If you're a movement instructor, you'd say we are how we sit, stand, move. And while we may often associate movement techniques with training for dancers, these instructors list a surprising number of reasons why the actors who study with them ...