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    Making Dances in Myriad Realms

    If you are looking to diversify your choreographic career path, there is perhaps no better model than 38-year-old Long Island, N.Y., native Larry Keigwin.

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    Zap, Bam, Pow

    "Action has to drive the story and articulate character, but what I really like about action is that it's a visceral medium," says Anthony De Longis. 

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    Print Fizzles, Video Sizzles

    The latest crop of dance books and recordings includes the DVD of a fascinating 2009 film about Meredith Monk, as well as less-interesting books on pedagogy, technique, and career building.

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    Re-Capturing the Joy of Dance

    I had a breakthrough! In my last post I mentioned that dance no longer brings me the same joy it used to. Today, for one brief moment, I finally re-captured that joy.