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    Deducing Deductions

    The Schedule A is the form commonly referred to as the Long Form. Actually the 1040 is the Long Form (the 1040A and the 1040EZ are the Short Forms) and the Schedule A is only one of more than 100 forms and schedules that can be attached to it. Schedule ...

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    Facing the Fear

    We have been exploring aspects of personal finance that have to do with savings, growth, and the future. However, this week's subject, debt reduction, is by far the most important regarding any financial plan that you will create for yourself.

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    You Gotta Have a Plan

    If you have been following the last five weeks of this series and acting on the tasks outlined in each article, you now have an arsenal of information at your fingertips. You know your net worth, you have a budget, you understand the availability of investment and retirement options, and ...

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    Income Comes First

    What began seven years ago as a play-reading group among East Coast transplants has evolved into something, well, big.

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    Warm in the Winter Years

    You've worked so hard, you've had a good life, you are ready to relax a bit and enjoy yourself. But wait! You have nothing to retire on. You've not had a plan in place.

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    Taking Control

    Welcome to the Actor's Finance Workshop. For the next eight weeks, this column will explore the basics of personal finance.