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    Some Tax Myths Debunked

    This week I thought I'd take on a few durable tax myths. Free yourself of these misconceptions, and your filing can be a much happier and more productive experience.

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    It Ain't Over 'Til...

    Yes, the income tax filing season is over—for those of us who are in the income tax preparation line of work and for you, too. Or is it? You have put together all those slips of paper reflecting wages or independent-contractor income or interest income or dividend income, and ...

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    Time To Change?

    In a few more days, we'll have a brand new president. Whether it's going to be for the good or bad depends on how you feel about many things. We can be fairly sure he'll propose some changes to the tax laws and other financial administrative matters ...

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    Audit- Da-Fé

    I am sure you are aware that the Internal Revenue Service audits tax returns. This is just to make sure we are telling the truth on our returns. The IRS uses these audits to collect data on how honest the public is in filing its tax returns. If there are ...

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    Sick Savings

    In the category of medical expenses, just about every dollar you spend can be deducted, but there are some exceptions and income limitations to consider. All doctors' visits are deductible: medical doctors, dentists, eye doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and even acupuncturists.

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    Warm in the Winter Years

    You've worked so hard, you've had a good life, you are ready to relax a bit and enjoy yourself. But wait! You have nothing to retire on. You've not had a plan in place.