First Person

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    Young Face, Old Soul

    "I simply cannot figure out where to place you," he says. He then speaks words that continue to haunt me: "You're like a young face with an old soul." I stare at him blankly. What am I supposed to make of that?

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    Bukowski and Popsicles in a Hollywood Meeting

    I'm sitting across from one of the biggest directors in Hollywood, and he's trying desperately to remember the name of a film.  "Carla?  What's the name of that picture?  You know, about the pirates?"

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    Setting Me Free

    Something was really wrong. I felt disturbed and abandoned by my own body. Please make this stop. I pleaded and then cried in the hallway. Alone. Panic gripped me.

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    One Child's Eyes

    I slowly realize my whole life is about acting. Every day is 24/7 auditioning, acting class, new headshots, meeting with 'producers'—and waiting tables to pay for all of it. What happened to 'my life'?

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    Dating Famous

    She bats her perfectly mascara'd eyelashes, as if she'd been planning this moment her whole life. She then asks my boyfriend for his autograph. Great. Models are fighting over my boyfriend. Right in between the cookbooks and self-help.

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    I finally drummed up the courage to ask him what I really wanted to know: Why he had cast me out of all the dozens of young women he'd seen at the casting calls. "Because you were the only one who trusted yourself in the audition," he said.