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Actorfest LA: 3 Things to Know About CD Jeremy Gordon

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Actorfest LA: 3 Things to Know About CD Jeremy Gordon

Casting director Jeremy Gordon (“We’re the Millers,” “The Wolverine”) will be one of many top CDs appearing at Actorfest LA Dec. 15. Here are three things you didn’t know about him:
1. He began his career as an actor: “Looking back, I don’t think acting was really ever what I was supposed to be doing,” Gordon says. “I’m definitely not the in-front-of-the-camera type of guy.”
2. Before becoming a CD, he was a school teacher: Gordon turned from acting to education, earning a master’s degree from Pepperdine and going on to become a 7th grade teacher. While teaching, he formed Shoot Productions with Joe Dain, and began casting the company’s projects.
3. He loves discovering new talent: Gordon gave Hannah Marks (“Necessary Roughness”), Robert Buckley (“One Tree Hill”), and Jared Kusnitz (“Underemployed”) their initial big breaks. “I’ve cast many actors in their first projects ever, and now here they are as leads in television shows,” he says.
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