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    Of All Your Performances, Which One Are You Most Proud Of?

    Two years ago, I did a Shakespeare play, "Pericles," for a small Shakespeare company in Seattle, with a director named Sheila Daniels. I played Thaisa, which is not a huge part, but from start to finish the production was one of the most collaborative.

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    Fighting Fear

    I've had some success as an actor, but I wonder if this is the time to think about doing something else with my life. I keep worrying about this all the time, to the point where I can't sleep. What can I do?

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    What Do Working Actors Bring to Class That Helps the Other Students?

    "I believe to have working actors in a class is a necessity, not a luxury. It is a direct reflection of the work process of that class."

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    Grieving for Natasha

    I have been very upset over Natasha Richardson's death. It's like someone in my family died, but I didn't even know her. Is there anything wrong with me?