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    Of All Your Performances, Which One Are You Most Proud Of?

    Two years ago, I did a Shakespeare play, "Pericles," for a small Shakespeare company in Seattle, with a director named Sheila Daniels. I played Thaisa, which is not a huge part, but from start to finish the production was one of the most collaborative.

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    How Do You Collaborate With Actors?

    I  like to think of a play as a blueprint for a house. All of the people involved in the production help build the house. In the context of a new play, the actors are the heavy lifters—they are the ones laying the foundation, brick by brick, of the ...

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    How Do You Cast Superheroes?

    "With Peter Parker [in "Spider-Man"], it's interesting because he's sort of the anti-superhero. He's the nerd who becomes powerful against his will."

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    Learn About Acting as a Director?

    Once I began directing, I became more fully cognizant that what is truly engaging is the energy that exists between actors, or between an actor and the audience or the camera.