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The Sand Storm: Stories from the Front

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idst all of the controversy surrounding the war and occupation in Iraq, there is a story that remains untold. We are bombarded with accusations and rebuttals, the lack of weapons of mass destruction, and the truth behind our going to war. But the story of the troops in Iraq has been lost in the storm. Until now. The Sand Storm: Stories from the Front is based on the war as experienced by the playwright, Sean Huze, Marine that served in Iraq as a member of 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. They fought through Nasirya, Al Kut, Baghdad, Tikrit and many places in between. Now their stories can be heard. Their accounts of the war, related in ten chilling monologues, exposes the rage, honor, courage, commitment, doubt, fear, and remorse experienced by the men who followed their orders and accomplished every mission they received. These men earned the name of --Destroyers-- from the Iraqi opposition and were among the most feared units the Iraqis encountered. These are their stories. These are their voices. It is time they be told. "candid, uncensored, blistering...heart-clutching eyewitness mosaic"--L.A. Tim

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