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    Mistakes Better Not Be Made

    Michael Shannon navigates 100 minutes of roller-coaster speech in his Off-Broadway triumph. How does he do it? Lots of water and no phone calls.

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    Just Breathe

    "You can't control what people are going to think of your audition, but you can control everything else."

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    Creating a Community

    Amy Stoller, a 'dialect designer,' discusses finding the sound of an Irish village for the Off-Broadway hit 'Wife to James Whelan.'

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    You and the Role and the Music

    Auditioning is possibly the world's quickest job interview. In as little as 16 bars, you need to convey that you're a great singer, a great actor, and a responsible professional.

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    Wesla's More

    "Kids don't want to hear about me," Wesla Whitfield says of the many students she's been teaching for the past four years at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, Calif.

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    The Truth in the Text

    Lester Shane made his stage debut as "the littlest Pepper of them all" in a Cleveland production of "The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew," and he's been acting ever since.