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    The Play's the Thing...

    It's tough to write a critical review of Final Draft 8 when the screenwriting software—now with stage play and musical theater components—offers such elegant ease of use.

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    10 Blogs Actors Should Know About

    Actor Brent Rose took a break from auditioning to accept a full-time job, but he didn't want to take a break from acting. So he created a video blog to keep up his acting chops.

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    If It's Tuesday, This Must Be...?

    An actor friend asked me to recommend software to remind her of important dates. She felt overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the details of her life. Don't we all?

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    Email Goes Offline

    Our lives as actors are governed by email: We get our audition information from our agents via email, we send out mass emails to promote shows we're in, and we submit ourselves by email for all manner of projects.

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    Charting Your Career With Software

    It's called PerformerTrack, but it's really much more than just an "online version." For helping actors keep track of all aspects of their professional lives, it's one of the most comprehensive bits of software I've encountered.