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American Conservatory Theater Season - Local EPA

Casting notice expires: March 28, 2014

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American Conservatory Theater
Janet Foster, dir. of casting.

Production Description

Casting the American Conservatory Theater season. Season includes "Old Hats" (Rehearsals July 28; runs Aug. 27-Sept. 28), "Mr. Burns" (Rehearsals begin Oct. 6; runs Nov. 5-23), "A Christmas Carol" (Rehearsals begin Nov. 10; runs Dec. 10-27), "Indian Ink" (Rehearsals begin Dec. 15; runs Jan. 14-Feb. 8, 2015), "Testament" (Rehearsals begin Jan. 19, 2015; runs Feb. 18-Mar. 15, 2015), a TBA show, and "A Little Night Music" (Rehearsals begin Apr. 20, 2015; runs May 27-June 21).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses and performs in San Francisco, CA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $935/wk. Equity LORT Non-Rep Contract.


Seeking submissions from: San Francisco, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.

Breakdown for A.C.T. season 2014-2015

Show #1: CAST
OLD HATS starring Bill Irwin and David Shiner
1st Reh 7/28 1st Prev. 8/20; Opening 8/27; Closing 9/28

Show #2:
1st Reh 10/6; 1st Prev. 10/29; Opening 11/5 and Closing 11/23
Matt – actor, late 30’s to early 40’s. Starts as the lead storyteller and also a stage hand and actor.
Jenny – 30’s, capable, shrewd, kind of alpha, but still easy going. Pretty but not super feminine about it. The kind of woman who is comfortable both hanging out with the guys and ordering them around.
Maria – late 20’s- early 30’s. Something slightly floaty and charming about her but then unexpectedly sharp.
Sam – 30’s-40’s. There should be something “country” about him. Something reserved, capable, used to handling guns. Probably went to high school but not college. He is smart, alert.
Colleen – 40’s – 50’s; she is at first withdrawn, traumatized, only trusting her animal instincts, but later becomes a woman in charge…think really aggressive and controlling stage manager.
Gibson – Actor 40’s – 50’s; he is decked out in what the well dressed camper would wear. He is smart, college educated. He has a remarkable memory and he can sing all of Gilbert & Sullivan. He is not afraid to share all he knows with everyone.
Quincy – Actress 30’s – 40’s; Black, feminine and sensual. She is also pragmatic and professional. There is something very no nonsense about her.
Edna Krabapple – 20’s – 30’s. Singer and instrumentalist. Should play keyboards.

Show #3
1st Reh. 11/10; 1st Prev. 12/3; Opening 12/10; Closing 12/27
A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens & adapted by Carey Perloff and Paul Walsh

Show #4
1st Reh. 12/15; 1st Prev. 1/14; Opening 1/21; Closing 2/8
INDIAN INK by Tom Stoppard
Flora Crewe – late 20’s to mid 30’s; British RP required. English woman travelling in India in 1930. A poet. Smart, free thinking for her time, sensual and attractive.
Coomaraswami – 40’s to 50’s; Southeast Asian actor. President of the Theosophical Society that has invited Flora to speak to his group.
Eleanor Swan – 80’s; she is the only surviving relative of Flora and in the 1980’s part of the play. She is a formidable older woman but kind for all that. Very bright and perceptive.
Eldon Pike – 30’s; American biographer of Flora Crewe who is in the 1980’s.
Anish Das – 30’s to early 40’s; Southeast Asian actor; Das is a painter in the 1930’s who has read all about England and London. He falls in love with Flora. His portrait of Flora survives to the 1980’s.
Nirad Das – 30’s to early 40’s; Southeast Asian actor; Nirad is a painter in the 1980’s. He is Anish Das’ son.
David Durance – mid 20’s to early 30’s; British RP needed. 1930’s. He is a British official in India. Very proper, very official but attractive for all that.
Dilip – 20’s to 30’s; Southeast Asian actor. He is in 1980’s. He is Eldon Pike’s guide in India and a teach of English literature.
Rajah – 30’s – 50’s; Southeast Asian actor. 1930’s and 1980’s. He is the ruler of this part of India in the 1930’s. He is incredibly wealthy and somewhat glamourous. In the 1980’s he is just a member of the House of the People.
Nell – young English woman; British RP required. 1930’s. She is Flora’s sister who comes to India to see Flora’s grave a year after her death. She is Mrs. Swan’s younger self.

Eric – young British man; British RP required. He meets Nell in India and guides her to Flora’s grave.
Englishman – 40’s; British RP required. 1930’s. He is one of the club members when Flora goes there with Durance.
Englishwoman – 40’s – 50’s; British RP required. 1930’s. She is one of the club members when Flora goes there with Durance.
1st Reh. 1/19; 1st Prev. 2/18; Opening 2/26; Closing 3/15
Testament by Colm Toibim


1st Reh. 4/20; 1st Prev. 5/20; Opening 5/27; Closing 6/21
A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC book by Hugh Wheeler; Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondhiem
Fredericka Armfeldt – a 13 year old girl; grave, self-contained, formal girl. Convent trained. Must sing well. Soprano range D to Eb.
Madame Armfeldt – an older woman, grandmother to Fredericka and mother of Desiree. She is a former actress and mistress of rich and powerful men. Must sing or talk sing.
Frid – Madame’s virile, handsome manservant. Must be able to carry Madame out of the room. Baritone.
Anne Egerman – late teens to early 20’s; the much younger wife of Frederik Egerman. She is vain, spoiled and very pretty. Soprano to Ab.
Henrik Egerman – the son of Frederick Egerman by his first wife. He is late teens – early 20’s. He broods and plays the cello AND pines after his father’s wife. Tenor, needs sustained B below High C.
Frederik Egerman – late 40’s to late 50’s. A prosperous, distinguished man of the world. He is captivated by his young wife, but has yet to captivate her. Baritone A up to E above middle C.
Petra – the maid in the Egerman household. Funny, sassy and earthy. Solid belter, F# - B with a mix to Db.
Desiree – early 40’s to 50’s. A leading actress who is aging out of her prime. Beautiful, wry and charming. She is very smart and self aware and can still fascinate younger men. Alto; talk-singing is stylistically appropriate.
Carl-Magnus – 30’s to early 40’s. A military officer and a count. He is vain, ego centric and not very bright. Jealous current lover of Desiree. Baritone or tenor, ranges to F above middle C.
Charlotte – 30’s; the lovely and lonely wife of Carl-Magnus. She knows his faults…she even discusses his affairs with him. She is smart, wry and a mezzo soprano to alto (G below middle C to B above).

Mr. Lindquist
Mrs. Nordstrom