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Casting notice expires: November 16, 2013

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New York University
Grace Surnow, dir.

Production Description

Casting "Barbershop," a short film for New York University that follows Max, a man who goes from being an animated character to a real human being. The film takes place in a barbershop.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots Nov. 17 and/or Nov. 18 in New York City.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.


Max is an animated character. He is a middle-aged man, with a bearded face. He is sitting in a chair and speaks to the viewer. He talks about his life existentially. He wonders what else is out there, aside from the flat, two-dimensional world he lives in. He doesn’t feel like anyone in his life really cares about him. He thinks of himself as living in an artificial world. He says that he just knows there must something better out there. He closes his eyes.

We are now in live action. Max opens his eyes. He looks at his body, in shock. He is a human-being. He enters through door. Inside, we see that he is inside of a barbershop. There are three men sitting in the barbershop. They are all staring at Max, looking at him as though they have been waiting for him for quite some time. A song begins to play as a barber approaches Max and leads him to a chair. The barber puts a towel over his chest. Max is looking around. He is confused. The other men get up and help the barber in preparing him. Two of the men begin to lather each side of Max’s face with soap. The barber takes out a razor and begins shaving him. All of the men in the barbershop help to complete this task of shaving Max’s face. This sequence is slow and looks almost choreographed. It appears to be somewhat sensuous. As the time passes, Max becomes extremely relaxed. He has never experienced these human feelings before.

The men finish Max’s transformation. He is now clean-shaven and looks handsome. The barber takes Max’s hand and helps him get up from his seat. He leads him to another room. Inside of this room, there is a woman. The barber exits the room and closes the door, leaving Max in the room alone with this woman. The woman approaches Max and touches his face. She is beautiful and she is staring at Max like he is a Greek god. She leans in to kiss Max. Just as her lips touch his, we see Max close his eyes (in a total state of bliss with this woman). As he begins to open his eyes, his eyes transform back to his original animated eyes, revealing that it was all just a fantasy. He is still trapped in his two-dimensional world.