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'Bi-Polar Junction'

Casting notice expires: September 30, 2014

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Super Rad Films
David Donihue, dir.

Production Description

Casting "Bi-Polar Junction," an intense, no holds barred music video.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Auditions Wednesday September 24; shoots Saturday Sept. 27 and Sunday Sept. 28 in Santa Monica and L.A.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Lead role pays $250 for a day and a half of shooting. Featured roles are volunteer; meals provided.


Seeking submissions from: Los Angeles, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.


Actress for lead - (treatment below - please read before submitting)

A young, 22 year old female works at an uptight office. Her boss, a 35 year old handsome but jerkish male sneers at her. A large, catty female coworker gossips about her.
She watches from her desk across the room, all of the others gossiping, motioning to her. Looking at them as if, this is what caged animals do. She ignores it. A large woman walks by and drops a “write up warning” note on her desk. The note reads two more and you are eligible for termination.” She is humiliated. She goes back her head phones as Bi-POLAR JUNCTION is seen in her playlist playing on her computer.
She looks back at her co-workers. Coldly, dismally talking on the phone. She answers the phone. Someone
screaming. More humiliation and abuse, from both customers and staff.
Finally, she loses it, picks up the nearest chair and walks over to a co-worker, smashing it over her head. The coworker drops to the ground. A guy jumps to stop her. She smashes him in the face, kicks him in the balls and jumps on him, punching him repeatedly until he is covered in blood (stylish editing, etc).
She then walks from desk to desk, grabbing office phones and smacking people with them, violently, with rage.
Office workers try to call security. She cuts the chord with scissors and stabs him in the foot. She then sees her
boss turn the corner and she runs at him, shoving him into the nearest office with a letter opener pointed at his
She shuts door as he looks at her in fear. With the sharp object to his neck, she shoves him on the desk, yanks
open his pants and proceeds to go down on him. He is in shock as she climbs up, hitches up her skirt and rides
him until she screams in pleasure. Security is running into the main office as she finishes and climbs off of him.
She kisses him deeply one last time before punching him in the face and rushing out the door to face security.
They chase after her as she makes it out to see cops with guns running up.

She sees the police and runs back in. One cop fires. Then another. Windows shatter. She is
struck. She drops to the ground. She hits her head, she has flashbacks of her life. Her as a little
girl. Looking up at the sun.
She knows she can accomplish anything. As we see the cops come towards her and leaning
over, she springs her leg up, kicking him in the face. She grabs his gun. She bashes the other
officer in the face and pistol whips him. We see through the vehicle’s security camera, her
kicking the shit out of the cops before -
She jumps in the cop car and drives off. She guns it. Her eyes look determined. Angry. A cop car
flies in front of her. She spins the vehicle. We hear crashing noise.
Cut to foggy room. Like heaven. A dark angel figure tries to lead her to a dark door, as if hell.
She punches him in the face, kicks the craps out of all the angels and runs off towards the pearly gates.

Directors past work:

In terms of nudity - it's more hilarious and wild in context than necessarily douschey hip hop approach. It is full nudity in the sense of no bra and panties yet her suit jacket, shirt and skirt remains on. A portion of her butt and probably a profile of her without underwear (skirt on) climbing up on him (he is clothed) while hitching up her skirt. Portions of her breasts will also likely be seen through her partially open dress shirt as she rides him (fully clothed) before she hops off and punches him in the face.

The video is for youtube and will be sent out to typical broadcasters, but will still be edgier in all regards than most - a good example of tone is Smack My Bitch Up yet the vid will be far less explicit. Runtime of sex scene is probably 15 seconds of the 4 1/2 minute runtime. This is a very stylized and edgy video. All sex acts of course will be similated. While the nudity is quick and shocking more than direct and erotic, it is a likely element to make the cut and actresses who are shy about nudity or pretending to have sex should probably not apply. A short scene, but the same aggressiveness and hilarious debauchery that exists in the fight scenes should be applied to this.

Most importantly, see our other work to see how beautifully lit and composed our shots are, even in the fast paced action sequences (the way this would be approached)

Total professionals with many awards, features, etc. Donihue is more than willing to discuss any of this prior to audition via phone or skype, but it's a pretty small element compared to the grander scheme. Song available upon request.