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'Black Women,' PHZ-Sicks Music Video

Casting notice expires: November 16, 2013

This listing has expired.

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PHZ-Sicks & Sun Chase Media
Kristofer Dorsey, casting dir.

Production Description

Casting a music video for artist PHZ-Sicks. Casting director states: "This is an opportunity to participate in the music video entitled 'Black Women' for DMV hip hop artist, PHZ-Sicks. The video will be co-directed by PHZ-Sicks and John Ledbetter of Sun Chase Media. The song was created because I wanted to take the whole ratchet beat style and turn it on its head for something powerful and something I believe."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots Nov. 17 in Woodbridge, VA.


Seeking submissions from: Woodbridge, VA; Lorton, VA; Washington, DC; Silver Spring, MD Sign up or Log In to apply.

PHZ-Sicks - Up (Directed by John Ledbetter)

Black Women lyrics

[Hook: PHZ-Sicks]
How the hell can you not love black women?
I’m talking black women
The Queens of Mother Earth
How the hell can you not love black women?
I’m talking black women
I’m talking black women
Sun rays baked in their skin cause the Earth revolves around them
I’m talking Black Women

[Verse 1: PHZ-Sicks]
Black women, those independent, I'm going to get it
My ancestors didn't suffer, 400 years for me not to go and win it
From HBCs to Ivy Leagues, knowing most people are out of your league
The backbone of the family, working even when fatigue
There’s a war going on outside and their black skin is their fatigues
Royalty is defined by them, go ahead, and speak on it, Queen
Just cause you dressed that way, doesn't make you a slut
You'll be fine without us and we damn right can't even judge
The life that you live when you gave all that you can give
IF we had half that strength, their probably wouldn't be so many weak men
Talking about what you need to be doing
Fuck 'em
Do what you want, change the world in the way you to see it
Remember you’re a Queen, so if there is any goal you want, you can easily achieve it
Uh, Do your thing, Queen, Do it
Do your thing, Queen, do your thing
Make sure what you leave behind is something
That will forever have your name ring-
-Ing in to an eternity
From Makeda to the slave ships
To right now to the cosmic
Go on, Queen, don’t stop, get it, get it, and do that shit


[Verse 2: PHZ-Sicks]
My Momma, my Grandma
My Aunt are beautiful black women
My cousins, my best friends
Are all beautiful black women
My Angela Davis. black women
My Nikki Giovanni, black women
My Michelle Obama, black women
My Maya Angelou, black women
My Assata Shakur, black women
My Josephine Baker, black women
My Ruby Dee, black women
My Oprah Winfrey, black women
My bell hooks black women
My Rosa Parks, black women
My Myra Hemmings, black women
My Sojourner Truth, black women
My Harriet Tubman, black women
My Sade, black women
My Dorothy Dandridge, black women
My God, don't you know I love black women?
Huh, uh, can't you tell I love black women?
Huh, my God, can't you see I love black women?

[Bridge: PHZ-Sicks]
Whether your hair's natural or relax
Dreaded up or hair down ya back
Nobody's gonna hold you back
Tell them mind ya business & get back

Do your thing, Queen, do it
Do your thing, Queen, do it
(Don't stop, get it, get it
Don't stop, get it, get it)
Do your thing, Queen, do it
Do your thing, Queen, do it
(Don't stop, get it, get it
Don't stop, get it) Uh