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'Cirque de Zephyr'

Casting notice expires: October 13, 2013

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New York Film Academy
Panita Chanrasmi-Lefebvre, dir.

Production Description

Casting "Cirque de Zephyr," a student short film (thesis) for New York Film Academy. cf. Synopsis below.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots Oct. 15-22 in NY.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Meals and copy provided. SAG-AFTRA Student Film Agreement.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Script Sides (Zephyr)


Clyde is smoking and drinking whiskey from a glass when he notices ZEPHYR stride up to him. He gets up with a smile.

Ah, Zephyr, my sweet, to what do I
owe the--

Zephyr violently slaps his glass out of his hand and spits in his face.

Clyde wipes his face with a handkerchief.


Where is he?!

What? Where is who?

My clown, you imbecile!

Hold on, now--

She grabs him by the neck, shoves him against the wall.

(through gritted teeth)
You listen to me, and you listen carefully. I don’t know what you said to him, and I certainly don’t have time for your bullshit. Now, what I do know is that it is in
both of our interests to find him.


(grabbing him harder)
Don’t "darling" me. If he’s not back by tomorrow’s show, boy, will I enjoy exposing you to all your lovely "patients". Understood?

Wait, how is this even my fault?

She knees him in the crotch. Clyde doubles over in pain.

(as she walks off)
Fix it, Clyde. You don’t want to see me mad.

(shouting after her)
But you’re so sexy when you’re mad, sweetheart!
(to himself, in pain)
Pleasure doing business, as always.

Script Sides (Clown)

So, how can I be of service?

(almost a whisper)
You have an impressive reputation as a doctor in this town.

(false modesty)
Oh well, I wouldn't call myself a doctor, really, I like to see myself as more of a-- healer. I just want to use my sense of intuition to help these good people in any way that I can, you see.

(looking up at Clyde with desperate, watery eyes)
Please. You need to fix me.

Don't you worry, now. Tell me everything.

The man stands up and walks to the window. He looks outside.

Clyde takes a sip from his flask.

(back turned to Clyde)
I used to love what I do. But now I feel old and tired. Tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

Clyde picks his nails, but stops and smiles at the man as he turns around again and sits on the edge of the couch.

MAN (Cont'd)
I feel like-- like something is missing. I feel empty--

Clyde nods, pretending to be absorbed in his speech.

All my life, I've been wearing a mask-- I'm an actor, you see-- and it wasn't until now that I realized-- Doctor, I don't know who I really am!

The man slides off the couch and onto the floor. He starts weeping into his hand.

Clyde comes over and sits down next to him on the ground. He hands him the flask but the man shakes his head no.

Come on, now. It's perfectly normal to have an identity crisis from time to time-- Hell, it's healthy, even! But there's an answer for this, I promise. First off, I'm going to give you something for later-- and second, you're in luck, my friend-- there's a circus performing in town this week, see, and the clown is amazing. I guarantee that he'll cheer you up.

The man stops weeping but does not say anything. A blank expression on his face.

Now I know it sounds a little bizarre, perhaps, but trust me, my friend. There is a magical force in this clown's act--

As he is saying this, the man gets up, towards the door.

Clyde hurriedly stands up.

Hey! I'm not finished! Where do you think you're going? You dare come over here and disturb me, and you waste my time and--

As the man reaches the door, he turns around and interrupts Clyde, bitterness in his voice:

Doctor, that is the problem. You see-- I am the clown.

Script Sides (Performer)

Ext. Circus tent - Day

A circus performer comes up from behind Clyde, who is peeking inside of the tent.

She's been like that ever since he disappeared.

Isn't she always like that?

Well, true. But she's always had a strong character, that one. Even as a little girl. Like her father.

You knew her as a little girl?

I'm older than I look. I started here back when Zeph's old man was running the show.

What happened to him?

The performer looks away, avoiding the question.

So, about this clown--

Yes. Funny kid. I feel sorry for Zephy. Her father took him in when he was just a boy. They were about the same age. He was like a big brother to her.

Huh. Interesting.

Why do you say that?

Oh-- My parents abandoned me, too.

I'm sorry to hear that. Nobody deserves that.

Eh, shit happens. That's just life. And look at me! I didn't need them.

Everybody needs somebody.

The performer gives Clyde a hug, Clyde tenses up and smiles awkwardly as he walks away.

He looks back into the tent.


In a small town, Clyde, a selfish but charming con artist casanova makes his living as the town’s “healer” (therapist), who understands that the townspeople are not really “depressed”, but rather bored, tricks them with placebo potions to go see the clown perform as a cure, and everyone falls for it. A worn out man shows up one day with an identity crisis, but when Clyde tells him to go see the clown, the man reveals that he is the clown, which deeply disturbs Clyde. The next day, the femme fatale ringmaster reveals that the clown has disappeared and threatens to expose Clyde if he does not find him. Clyde then goes on a journey that becomes one of self-discovery.