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City Theatre Company, 2014-15 Season

Casting notice expires: July 1, 2014

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City Theatre Company
Tracy Brigden, artistic dir.; Mark Power, managing dir.; Becky Krall, artistic asst.

Production Description

Casting City Theatre Company's 2014-15 season. Season includes: "Outside Mullingar" (John Patrick Shanley, writer; Tracy Brigden, dir. Rehearsals begin Sept. 16; runs Oct. 11-Nov. 2); "Smart Blonde" (Willy Holtzman, writer; Peter Flynn, dir. Rehearsals begin Oct. 21; runs November 15-Dec. 21); "Mr. Joy" (Daniel Beary, writer; dir. TBA. Rehearsals begin Dec. 30, 2014; runs Jan. 24-Feb. 15, 2015); "Elemeno Pea" (Molly Smith Metzler, writer; Tracy Brigden, dir. Rehearsals begin Feb. 3; runs Feb. 28-Mar. 22); "Oblivion" (Carly Mensch, writer; Stuart Carden, dir. Rehearsals begin Feb. 24; runs Mar. 21-Apr. 26); and "Midsummer" (David Greig and Gordon McIntyre, writers; Tracy Brigden, dir. Rehearsals begin Apr. 14; runs May 9-June 14).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and runs in Pittsburgh, PA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $600/wk. min. Equity LORT Non-Rep contract.


Seeking submissions from: Pittsburgh, PA Sign up or Log In to apply.


"Outside Mullingar"

Tony Reilly – Male, 65+. Irish, the patriarch. Proud, strong-willed, stubborn. Doubts his son is up to the task of taking over the family farm.

Anthony Reilly – Male, 40-45. Irish, Tony’s son. Practical, hard-working, quiet and often sad who bears the pain of an unrequited love. Looks at life as a chore to be gotten through.

Aiofe - Female, 65+. A strong, proud, strict, Irish woman who has just lost her husband. Grief-stricken.
Rosemary – Female, 30-40. Irish. Outspoken and independent but capable of much warmth and love.

"Smart Blonde"

Judy Holliday – Female, plays from 20-40. The iconic actress, singer, and lyricist. Funny, brash, Jewish, passionate and very smart. She spent her life labeled as dumb and fought to be taken seriously as a person and artist.

Man 1 & 2 – To play multiple characters including: Max Gordon – Producer, Garson Kanin – Director, Members of the McCarthy trials panel, Gerry Mulligan, and many more. Two actors sought to play multiple characters ages 20-70. Actors must be creative, comical, versatile and good with language. Looking more for character types who can transform themselves for leading men.


"Mr. Joy"

1 Actor – Any gender, race or age to play multiple characters.


"Elemeno Pea"
Michaela – Female, 30-40. The wife of Peter Kell. Beautiful, glamorous. Spoiled narcissist on the outside - needy, sad sell-out on the inside. Great at telling people what to do, but all the excess hides deep pain she can't reveal.

Simone – Female, 25-30. Assistant to Michaela. Middle class Buffalo girl made into Cinderella by money and Michaela. Dazzled by wealth, fun and empty ease-she has lost her true self in the process.

Devon - Female, 30. Simone's sister. Failed social worker crashing in her parents' basement in Buffalo.
Ethan - Male, 30's. Simone's boyfriend. Wealthy, preppy playboy. Funny, privileged, outspoken, shallow.

Jos-B - Latino Male, 30-40. Property caretaker for Michaela and her husband. Secretely hates bosses and his job. Savvy, wily and smart.



Pam - Female, 40's. Julie's mother. Dixon's wife. TV producer, NYer smart, progressive, liberal.

Dixon - Male, 40's. Julie's dad. Pam's husband. Former lawyer now aspiring philosopher and novelist.

Bernard - Korean Male, 16. Julie's best friend. Wannabe filmmaker. Mega fan of Pauline Kael.

Julie - Female, 16. Basketball player, good girl. Wants to become a devout Christian.



Helena - Female, mid 30's-early 40's. Scottish. Divorce lawyer with bad taste in men. Strong, smart, direct.

Bob - Male, 30's-40's. Scottish. Works for local gangsters to make money. Divorced, bitter, sad and down on his luck.