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Thunder Bay Productions/BlueStar Technologies
Paula Ray, coord.

Production Description

Casting "Condemned," a mockumentary style film in the vein of "Cloverfield," "Quarantine," and "Silent House."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals begin in Sept.; shoots late Sept./Oct. in Los Angeles, CA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays SAG/AFTRA Scale (negotiable for star names), plus meals and copy. SAG-AFTRA paperwork has been submitted.


Seeking submissions from: Los Angeles, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.

Entire Storyline- Condemned

Filmed as a 'mockumentary', our view is always through Josie's camera as she documents her nightmarish experience, captured in 3D. Josie Harwell, 21, graduate of the University of Central Arkansas film department, is about to embark on a three month trip with her boyfriend CARLOS to Chile to film her first documentary, funded by a grant awarded her through her excellence in film-making. The documentary will focus on the townspeople of Puerto Varas, Chile, and showcase the visual scenery of the landscapes and volcanoes.
Armed with her newly purchased 3D HD camera, the film opens with Josie introducing her grandfather, mother and little brother and her sadness in saying goodbye to them; it's the first time she's been away from home for an extensive amount of time.
Before embarking for Chile, Josie and Carlos fly to Los Angeles to visit her wealthy Aunt and Uncle who lives in a large beach house near Santa Monica. It's the Uncle who has funded Josie's film studies and camera purchase. While staying there, she interviews him, inquiring about his adventures in South America. Her Uncle's stories, told to her when she was a child, are the inspiration for choosing Puerto Varas as the documentary's subject.
During their visit, they spend some time in her Uncle's large terrarium which houses a variety of exotic and dangerous insects, spiders, and snakes, including a 9 foot Boa Constrictor. Josie expresses her fear of 'creepy crawlers' and films each critter in their glass terrarium with nervous anxiety.
Josie and Carlos's final night at the house has her on the bed speaking into the camera, expressing how much she misses her grandfather and little brother, and how scared yet excited she is about leaving in the morning for South America. She shows us pictures of Puerto Varas on her laptop screen.
The camera turns on that night when Josie experiences a minor earthquake tremor. She shoots the lamp on her desk, still shaking from the small quake. Alarmed, she hears her Aunt and Uncle checking the house for damage. She and Carlos follow her Uncle into the Terrarium on the lower floor where he makes sure there's no damage to the glass terrariums. He expresses concern about what would happen if the critters got out and ran a muck in the house.
While Josie and Carlos are in the Terrarium, a 9.2 earthquake hits. Through the roar, Josie screams as debris falls all around us. Seconds, then the picture goes black.
When the camera turns back on, Josie is trapped beneath layers of debris from the other floors which have collapsed. Her Uncle, still alive, calls out to her from the other side of a wall of debris. Carlos is unconscious. The Uncle is badly injured, but Josie miraculously has survived the quake with minor cuts and bruises. The light on her camera serves as her light source to see her surroundings. There is no visible escape route.
Josie tries her phone but it broke in the quake so she is unable to call or text out. She can, however, access the internet to discover that the big one has just hit Los Angeles. Frantic to find a way out, Josie is horrified by the sounds of her Uncle screaming -- he's being attacked by a few of the critters and is killed. Realizing now that she is trapped within a nest of various lethal critters, Josie's nightmare has begun.
Every few moments an aftershock hits, some worse than others, causing the debris to sink closer and closer to Josie. This, added to her various terrifying encounters with the critters, mounts the suspense.
Her Aunt, calling to her from above, assures Josie that she can break free from the rubble and get help. When a large aftershock hits, the Aunt plummets to the lower level and is impaled. Josie struggles to save her, but the Aunt dies from the wound.
Now alone, Josie must confront various terrifying critter encounters, including a horrific battle with the Boa Constrictor. When another large aftershock strikes, Josie is pinned beneath debris, permanently stuck in this hellish prison. By now, certain that she will not survive, Josie expresses her deep sadness that she will never see her little brother again. It's this fear that motivates her to overcome whatever obstacles are put before her.
Miraculously, Carlos regains consciousness and calls out to Josie. Carlos is able to help Josie throughout the rest of the ordeal but is himself killed by the Boa Constrictor. Following more harrowing encounters with a scorpion, black widow and army of dangerous beetles, Josie is further endangered by a spreading fire and a rush of ocean water filling the house. As the water rises around her, Josie pulls a hollow pipe to her mouth and uses it as a snorkel as the water rises above her head. Josie carefully positions the camera far above her head so it is not submerged in the water. With the water inches above Josie and rising, we can hear her desperate breathing through the pipe before us. The picture goes black.
The final scenes reveal that through a miracle Josie survived the ordeal, having been submerged in the water for 2 days before being discovered by a rescue team. Recovering in a hospital, Josie wearily describes her rescue and how she's become a media celebrity. She further describes how a major studio wants to use her footage of the event as a theatrical release.
The closing scene has her returning to Arkansas, reuniting with her grandfather and brother. The final shot has Josie holding her brother tightly, telling him that is was the thought of never seeing him again that kept her alive.