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Dallas Theater Center 2014-2015

Casting notice expires: April 23, 2014

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Dallas Theater Center
Kevin Moriarty, artistic dir.; Joel Ferrell, assoc. artistic dir.-casting dir.; Tiffany Hobbs, casting assoc.

Production Description

Casting the Dallas Theater Center's 2014-15 season. Season includes "Rocky Horror" (Rehearsals begin Aug. 12; runs Sept. 11-Oct. 29); "Driving Miss Daisy" (Rehearsals begin Sept. 19; runs Oct. 17-Nov. 16); "A Christmas Carol" (Rehearsals begin Oct. 29; runs Nov. 25-Dec. 27); "Book Club Play" (Rehearsals Dec. 9; runs Jan. 1-Feb. 1, 2015); "Stagger Lee" (Rehearsals begin Dec. 22; runs Jan. 21-Feb. 15, 2015); "School for Wives/Medea" (Rehearsals begin Jan. 16, 2015; runs Feb. 19-Mar. 29, 2015); "Colossal" (Rehearsals begin May 3; runs Apr. 2-May 3); "Sense & Sensibility" (Rehearsals begin Mar. 27; runs Apr. 23-May 24).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses and performs in Dallas, TX.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $812/wk. (LORT B -Wyly Theatre); $753/wk. (LORT C- Kalita Mainstage); $600 (LORT D - Kalita Basement). Equity LORT Non-Rep Contracts.


Seeking submissions from: Dallas, TX Sign up or Log In to apply.

Character Breakdown

If you are unable to attend this audition, you may submit headshot and resume to:
Tiffany Hobbs at

Wyly Theatre- LORT B $812
Kalita Mainstage- LORT C $753
Kalita basement- LORT D $600

ROCKY HORROR dir. Joel Ferrell (Wyly Theatre)
Rehearsals August 12-September 19
Performances September 11- October 29
Partial nudity possibly required
Some roles are pre-cast.
Roles available:
Magenta/Usherette----Female 25 to 55, strong rock singer who moves extremely well. Requires strong comic timing.

Columbia---Female 21 to 35, Strong rock singer with great dance skills--preferably Tap. Strong comic timing.

Rocky--Male 21 to 35, incredible physical specimen--strong rock voice and good athleticism.

Riff Raff---Male 25 to 55---Very strong rock singer with incredible comic timing--should move well. Ability to play musical instrument a plus.

Janet---Female 18 to 26---Innocent lovely girl with strong desires lurking underneath the surface. Strong mix belt voice--should move extremely well.

3 Phantoms---any gender--20 to 40---strong rock singers. Great movement skills preferred. Ability to play musical instruments a plus.

DRIVING MISS DAISY dir. Joel Ferrell (Kalita Humphreys Theater- mainstage)
Rehearsals September 19- October 24
Performances October 17- November 16
All roles CAST.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL(musical, Kevin Moriarty adaptation) dir. Lee Trull (Wyly Theatre)
Rehearsals October 29- December 3
Performances November 25- December 27
Scrooge ---CAST
Bob Cratchit--- CAST
Mr. Fezziwig
Mrs. Fezziwig--- CAST
Young Scrooge
Mrs. Cratchit
Fred’s Wife
Other roles that might be doubles include: Topper, Old Joe, Chraritable Gentlemen, Laundress

BOOK CLUB PLAY dir. Meredith McDonough (Kalita Humphreys Theater- mainstage)
Rehearsals December 9- January 9
Performances January 1-February 1



WILL: (White or Asian Male, mid 30s to mid 40s) ROB’s conservative, well read, well
dressed, disciplined college roommate. Ana’s former boyfriend. History
buff. Unmarried. Could also be considered a book snob. Proud of his intelligence and has little patience for those who aren’t well read.

JEN: (White Female, mid 30s to mid 40s) Ana’s friend. Pretty. Shy. Smart. Tends to
burst out with awkward truthful comments. Despite some lack of self confidence,
she is the grounding center of the group. Unorganized and
oblivious to her own attractiveness. Unmarried. 

LILY: (African-American Female, 20’s) A go-getter, former debate
captain who is on the cusp of all current trends and yet can still put her foot
in her mouth in social occasions. Laughs at appropriate and inappropriate
times. A great lover of books and Ana’s protégé at the paper. The one in the group who can traverse new technology to read books. Without disdain.

ALEX: (White, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, -mid 30s) The New
Guy. A very smart, well-read academic who has lost his moorings and is
searching for real connection. Professor of Comparative Literature.

STAGGER LEE dir. Patricia McGregor (Wyly Theatre)
Rehearsals December 22- January 30
Performances January 21- February 15

DELILAH LYONS- Mid 20s to early 30s, Delilah is the loving wife of Billy Lyons and sister to Johnny. She keeps hope in her heart, but sometimes falls into despair when things aren’t going well. Delilah protects her children with a fierceness, and loves them with a motherly tenderness that can’t be equaled.

BILLY LYONS- Mid 20s to early 30s. As the head of the family, Billy takes his role as breadwinner seriously. He holds family, community and loyalty in high regard. Billy truly believes that nothing will stop him and his family from attaining equality, freedom, and the American Dream. In desperate times, Billy stays hopeful, even when such optimism becomes forced.

JOHNNY-Delilah’s younger brother. Johnny is known as the weakling of the community, the “lunch money kid.” With his recent move to the North from Mississippi, Johnny is determined to remake his image, to shake off who he was and become what he wants to be-but at what cost? (Mid to late 20s).

FRANKIE-Bright and sassy, Frankie works hard to remove any traces of the past, though at heart she remains a bona fide southern girl. Still, she is determined to find successful in the North, and vows never to return home. Frankie is a trusted friend to Delilah, and the girlfriend of Jonny. (Late 20s)

STAGGER LEE-The baddest, meanest, largest man that ever walked the earth. Stagger Lee is a menace to many, a terror to most, and oddly enough, a longtime best friend of Billy. As mean as Stagger Lee is, he grows even meaner if he feels that someone has messed with Billy or Billy’s family.

LONG LOST JOHN- The visual narrator of the play. John doesn’t speak, but through his movements and the various styles of dancing and running that he exhibits within the play, John is the de facto guide of the story, theatrically shifting us through time and place.

THE ENSEMBLE- Compromised of various ages and character types, the ensemble forms the bedrock of the play. Individually, members of the Ensemble come forth throughout the story to play a variety of roles such as NELLIE BLY, the BLUES SINGER, and the ILLINOIS LINE TRAIN CONDUCTOR. Collectively, The Ensemble creates the various communities that interact with the principles.

SCHOOL FOR WIVES/MEDEA dir. Kevin Moriarty (Kalita Humphreys Theater- mainstage and basement)
Rehearsals January 16- March 1
Performances February 19- March 29
Arnolphe: Also known as Monsieur de la Souche. Male, 25-50.
Agnès: Female. 18 - 30.
Horace: Male. 18 - 38. ---CAST
Alain: Male. 25 - 60. ---CAST
Georgette: Female. 18-50 ---CAST
Chrysalde: Male. 25-50. Need to be able to grow a beard or a moustache.
Enrique: Male. 25 - 60. ---CAST
Oronte: Male. 30-60 ---CAST
A Notary: Any gender. 18-80 ---CAST

MEDEA (Kalita Humphreys Theater- basement)



ELDER BOY and YOUNGER BOY. 2 Males. 6 - 10 years old.

COLOSSAL dir. Kevin Moriarty (Wyly Theatre)
Rehearsals May 3- April 10
Performances April 2- May 3
MIKE: 22. Approximately ten months removed from a catastrophic football injury that’s left him in a wheelchair.

YOUNG MIKE:16-21, at various moments in the play. A dancer, a football player, and an extraordinary physical specimen.

DAMON: 40s/50s. Mike’s father. Runs a modern dance company, and still a beautiful mover, though past his prime.

JERRY: 30s. Responsible for Mike’s rehab. A specialist in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychology.

MARCUS: 21: Young Mike’s closest teammate and co-captain of the University of Texas football team.

COACH: 40s/50s. Head Coach of UT’s football team. Cares deeply about his players and believes deeply in the game of football.

PLAYERS: Early 20s. This is our chorus. At times, they represent Young Mike’s teammates at UT; at times his opponents; at times his teammates in high school. There should be at least six players, though ideally the number would be nine.

*DAMON SHAW DANCE COMPANY:20s/30s. A modern dance company.

**DRUMLINE:3-5 players.

SENSE & SENSIBILITY (Jon Jory adaptation) dir. Sarah Rasmussen (Kalita Humphreys Theater- mainstage)
Rehearsals March 27-May 1
Performances April 23- May 24
John Willoughby ---CAST
Elinor Dashwood
Marianne Dashwood
Mrs. Dashwood ---CAST
Henry Dashwood
John Dashwood
Fanny Dashwood ---CAST
Edward Ferrars
Robert Ferrars
Colonel Brandon
Sir John Middleton ---CAST
Lady Middleton
Mrs. Jennings
Charlotte Palmer
Mr. Palmer
Miss Sophia Grey
Anne Steele
Lucy Steele