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Production: DC, Studio Theatre 2013-14 Season

All Roles Open (Supporting)

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The Studio Theatre is casting its 2013-14 season. Season includes "Torch Song Trilogy," by Harvey Fierstein (Rehearsals begin July 29; runs Sept. 4-Oct. 13, possible ext. through N...more

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Males & Females, ages 18+, All Ethnicities

Role Description

All Roles Open: (Supporting)


Torch Song Trilogy

Arnold: Male, Late 20's- Early 30's, singing female impersonator. Jewish, witty, and personable. Actor needs great comedic timing, depth, and emotional range. Is looking for love and respect.

Ed: Male, 30's, Arnold's bisexual ex-lover and best friend. He's handsome and masculine with a disarming boyish charm. He plays the field with guys and girls but when Arnold adopts David he realizes the thing he wants is a family with those he truly loves.

Lady Blues: Female, Lounge singer at the club where Arnold works.

Laurel: Female, 30's, Married to Ed (in the second play), rather unfancy in appearance. Thoughtful and bright though she shows a girlish enthusiasm. Claims to be accepting of Ed's affairs, but isn't as accepting as she thinks she is.

Alan: Male, 18-22, Shamefully beautiful, is in love with Arnold (in the second play), very naïve, childish but pretends to be tough and a hustler. He knows he is a commodity and is just looking for the next best thing.

David: Male, 15, the gay adopted son of Arnold, handsome, bright, witty and spunky with a mature street smart.

Ma: Female, 50-60, Arnold's Jewish mother, feisty with a wit to match Arnold. A comic ability and powerhouse of heart. Judgmental towards Arnold's lifestyle and ideas of family. Is concerned that her son's lifestyle will affect his ability to be a good parent to David.

Red Speedo

Ray: (Male, mid-20s, open ethnicity) A professional swimmer preparing for the Olympic trials. If Ray makes the team, he'll get a deal with Speedo; if he gets the deal with Speedo, he'll never need a real job. Ray has never been able to hold down a job; swimming is the only thing he's ever been good at; the stakes of succeeding are incalculably high. Singularly focused on getting what he needs in order to succeed. Might seem narcissistic and cocky, but really he's just young and direct. Not a wildly sophisticated schemer, but capable of being manipulative, cutthroat, and aggressive in order to get what he wants.

Peter: (Male, late 30's, open ethnicity) Ray's older brother. A lawyer; acting as legal representation for his brother. Very much enjoys the sound of his own voice. A focused, aggressive, assertive, and articulate shark when it comes to getting his brother the best deal. Wants to ensure Ray's qualification in the Olympics and promotional deal with Speedo in order to guarantee his own family's financial security. Just as desperate and cutthroat as Ray, but feels he has more to lose; he's a family man after all.

Lydia: (Female, late 20s-early 30s, open ethnicity) Ray's ex-girlfriend. A former sports therapist who used to deal pharmaceutical drugs on the side – and lost her license because of it. Strong willed, assertive, and won't be taken for a fool.

Coach: (Male, 40's, open ethnicity). A swim coach. Has put all his effort into Ray with the hope that he would one day make it to the Olympics and win big for the two of them. Willing to make significant ethical compromises in order to get what he wants.

A note on style: There's no subtext in this play. Language is a direct extension of thought; think on the line, not before. The text should be handled swiftly and fluidly, not staccato.

The Apple Family Plays

General Note: The Studio Theatre will be producing two of The Apple Family Plays to be performed in rep, That Hopey Changey Thing and Sweet and Sad. Descriptions of both plays are below.

Play one: That Hopey Changey Thing is set on Nov. 2, 2010.Before the play begins, Uncle Benjamin Apple, a well-known actor, has had a heart attack, which sent him into a coma.When he came out, he had serious amnesia. By the beginning of the play, he has retired, and moved into his niece Barbara's home in Rhinebeck, New York.

Play two: Sweet and Sad is set on Sept. 11, 2011. Months before the play begins, Marian's twenty-year-old daughter, Evan, committed suicide, for reasons unknown. Since then, Marian and her husband, Adam, have separated, and Marian now shares Barbara's house with Barbara and Benjamin.

Benjamin: 70's or older, a retired professional actor and Uncle to the Apple Family Siblings. Has recently suffered a heart attack and is losing his memory. Lives with Barbara in the family home in Rhinebeck, NY (understudy only).

Richard Apple: late 50's, second oldest of the Apple siblings, Manhattan lawyer. Is a strong, warm, loving man that his sister's adore. He has a genial gravity. He works in the NY State Attorney General's Office. He is considering leaving government work for a corporate job, which would be a betrayal of his families liberal politics/

Barbara Apple: 60; oldest Apple family sibling, High School English teacher, she is the main caretaker of Benjamin. She lives in the family home in Rhinebeck, NY. She's strong and maternal. Her life in centered around taking care of her ailing Uncle and keeping her family together however taken for granted she maybe.

Marian Apple: Early-Mid 50's; second grade teacher, third oldest Apple family sibling. She separates from her husband and is living with her older sister after the tragic loss of her daughter. She is a very strong presence in her family (sort of a bull in the china shop), however, is very selective about her exposure to the outside world. At the beginning, she is the one with the least political convictions and becomes the keeper of the liberal flame. Can get ferociously rankled.

Jane Apple: 50; Youngest Apple family sibling, a divorced writer who lives in NYC with her boyfriend Tim. She is writing a book about American manners. She is the sister who has the most life outside of the family circle.

Tim: mid 40's; Jane's boyfriend, an erratically employed actor in NYC.


Billy: early 20's, British, deaf, youngest child. Born deaf to a hearing family. Never learned sign language because his parents didn't want him to feel handicapped, in doing so they made him feel like an outcast in his own home. He is strong willed and confident, yet sensitive. Trying to find where he fits in the world. Learns ASL over the course of the play.

Christopher: 50-60's, British, Billy's father. A charismatic writer and intellectual who believes he is thinking and living outside and above the box, when in truth he is confined by his own sense of superiority. He is a combative, robustly argumentative person who believes that to be an appropriate way to communicate with his family.

Beth: 50-60's, British, Billy's mother. Warm and empathic. Not very effective. Wants to do the best for her children, but sometimes lets her husband's overbearing nature override her intentions. Is writing a "marriage breakdown detective novel."

Ruth: mid 20's, British, middle child. Pursuing a career as an opera singer, unsuccessfully. Argumentative and egotistical, but entertaining. Still lives at home with her parents whom she feels like she can't connect with.

Daniel: late 20's, British, oldest child. Angry and argumentative. Doctoral candidate with a long unfinished thesis. Suffers from chronic, sporadic mental health issues. Tries to match his father's intellect but always chooses the wrong way to prove himself. He has a strong almost incestuous connection to Billy, and starts to crumble when Billy pulls away from the family.

Sylvia: 20's, British, going deaf. Born hearing to deaf parents. Grew up signing and in the deaf community. Struggling with the loss of her hearing. Smart, opinionated and sophisticated. Meets Billy and introduces him to the politics and life of the deaf community.

Water by the Spoonful

Odessa Ortiz: Female, 39, Latina, Elliot's birth mother. Ex-addict and founder of a chat room for ex-addicts under the name "Haikumom". A little more "street" than the rest of her family. Works odd janitorial jobs, lives one notch above squalor. Warm, irreverent, funny, kind; fierce temper. As indicated in the script, this role requires some nudity.

Elliott Ortiz: Male,24, Latino. Odessa's birth son, Yasmin's cousin. Built and attractive. An Iraq vet with a slight limp, now running a Subway sandwich shop in North Philly. His hard, tough exterior masks his huge heart and giving soul. Struggling with what he did and saw in the war and trying to reconcile his past with his present.

Yazmin Ortiz: Female, 29, Latina; Elliot's cousin and closest confidant. In her first year as an adjunct professor of music, she's the cool, hip teacher. She's super smart, articulate, educated, and level headed. Carries the burden of her family's struggles and her own problems with her relationship and career.

Fountainhead: Male, late 30's-40's, Caucasian, His real name is John. Newest member of the addiction chat room. A very smart, very successful computer programmer and entrepreneur. A soccer dad who hides his addiction from his wife and kids. His swagger and self- deprecating wit mask the shame and despair he feels. Actor also plays a CUSTOMER.

Chutes and Ladders: Male, 50-60's, African American. Ex-addict. His real name is Clayton. He is a no-nonsense member of the chat room. Average looking, out of shape, drives a Tercel and should look like it. Works a middle management position in the IRS and has for decades. Struggles with, but is successful at keeping his life simple, enjoying the simple pleasures, and keeping from falling back into destructive patterns. Warm, steady, sardonically funny.

Orangutan: female; 20-30's; Japanese. Another ex-addict on the chat room. Her real name is Madeleine. Not an optimist by nature. Recently clean and sober, she has moved to Japan to teach English and start a new life. Fiercely independent and strong willed, she still searches for answers to her life and most importantly ways to understand the darkness she feels inside.

Professor Aman/A Ghost: Male, 30's, Middle Eastern. "Ghost" is the soul of a man Elliot killed in war. Professor Aman is Yasmin's colleague at Swarthmore College. Smart and worldly-he knows his stuff.


John: Male, Early-mid 20's, British, bisexual. Scrawny. Desired center of a love triangle that includes M and W. Young, naive and very confused about what he wants in his life. He has been out for many years, however, when faced with making a choice, he becomes paralyzed and can't see a way out.

M: Male, late 20's, British, John's more secure boyfriend, a stock broker. Very put together, handsome, masculine, and very certain and comfortable about his identity as a contemporary gay man. Extremely witty and cunning. Always seems to have a snide remark waiting for any occasion.

W: Female, late 20-30, British, a divorced teacher's assistant. She is the woman that John has been sleeping with while "on a break" from his relationship with M. Strong and not afraid to deliver her opinion to whomever does or doesn't ask for it. Her physical presence should be felt but not overwhelming.

F: Male, late 40-50's, British, father of M, very modern father of a contemporary gay man. Comes to the defense of his son's relationship during an already awkward dinner party. Witty and funny with seamless comedic timing.