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Casting Everyman Theatre's 2013-14 season. Season includes: "The Glass Menagerie" (Tennessee Williams, writer; Vincent M. Lancisi, dir. Rehearsals begin Aug. 5; runs Sept. 6-29, 20...more

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Males & Females, ages 20-75, All Ethnicities

Role Description

Equity Actors:

Full Character Breakdown

By Tennessee Williams
Dir: Vincent M. Lancisi
1st reh 8/5/13. Runs: 9/6- 9/29

Laura Wingfield
Female– 20s: Amanda’s daughter & Tom’s sister. Has a bad leg & walks with a limp. Painfully shy, she has largely withdrawn from the outside world & devotes herself to old records & her collection of glass figurines.

Jim O’Connor
Male– 20s: An old acquaintance of Tom & Laura. Was a popular athlete in high school & is now a shipping clerk at the shoe warehouse in which Tom works. Is unwaveringly devoted to goals of professional achievement & ideals of personal success.

The following roles are CAST. Performers considered as possible replacements:

Amanda WIngfield
Female– 50-60: Laura & Tom’s mother. Proud, vivacious woman who clings fervently to memories of a vanished, genteel past.

Tom Wingfield
Male– 25-35: Amanda’s son & Laura’s brother. Is an aspiring poet who works at a shoe warehouse to support the family. Frustrated by the numbing routine of his job & escapes from it through movies, literature, & alcohol.


By John Logan
Dir: Donald Hicken
1st Reh: 10/7/13. Runs: 11/8-12/113

The following roles are CAST. Performers will be considered as possible replacements:

Mark Rothko
Male– 45-60: Based on the real historical figure of the artist. Insists on the demanding, transcendent, serious, & even tragic vocation of the artist. His primary objective is to create serious art, & to be taken seriously as an artist.

Male– 25-35: Young, aspiring but unknown artist, who is attuned to the aesthetics of the new Pop-Art which Rothko despises. Ken functions as the “wave” that “billows” around the “prow” of the mighty ship "Rothko."


By Beth Henley
Dir: TBD
1st Reh: 12/9/13. Runs: 1/10 - 2/2/14

Babe Botrelle
(Female– 20-30): The youngest Magrath sister. Has shot her husband, a powerful & wealthy lawyer. Reveals that the shooting was the result of her anger at his cruel treatment both of her & of Willie Jay, a fifteen year-old boy with whom Babe has been carrying on an affair.

Chick Boyle
(Female– 25-40): The Magrath sisters' first cousin. A very demanding relative, extremely concerned about the community's opinion of her. Is critical of all aspects of the Magrath family & is always bringing up past tragedies such as the mother's suicide.

Doc Porter
(Male– 30-40): Meg's old boyfriend. Now has his own wife & children, but he nevertheless remains close to the Magrath family. Although Meg abandoned him when she left for California, Doc remains fond of her.

Barnett Lloyd
(Male– 25-35): Babe's lawyer. An ambitious, talented attorney who views Babe's case as a chance to exact his personal revenge on her husband.

The following roles are CAST. Performers considered as possible replacements:

Lenny Magrath
(Female– 30-40): The oldest of the three McGrath sisters. Is frustrated after years of carrying heavy burdens of responsibility. Lenny loves her sisters but is also jealous of them, especially Meg, whom she feels received preferential treatment during their upbringing.

Meg Magrath
(Female– 25-35): The middle McGrath sister who, as an 11 year-old child, discovered the body of their mother following her suicide. This experience provoked Meg to test her strength by confronting morbidity wherever she could find it. Meg returns to Mississippi from California, where her singing career has stalled.


By Ronald Harwood
Dir: TBD
1st Reh: 1/27/14. Runs: 2/28 - 3/23/14

(Female–20s): The youngest member of the acting troupe who is eager for promotion to more substantial roles.

Mr. Oxenby
(Male– 45-55): Recent addition to the company who is asked to help out with sound effects during the storm scene, but is not inclined to do so because Sir has declined to read a script which he has written.

The following roles are CAST. Performers considered as possible replacements:

Her Ladyship
(Female– 50s): Sir's wife, she is playing Cordelia. She is desperate for him to cancel the performance & for him to announce his retirement.

(Female– 35-50): The stage manager of the travelling Shakespeare company who has been them for almost 20 years.

(Male– 60-75): The actor-manager who typifies the all-powerful tyrannical figure who demands hard work, devotion & loyalty. He is about perform for the 227th time as Lear, but he is completely worn out & has disappeared with only a couple of hours to curtain up having had a suspected breakdown.

(Male– 40s): Sir’s dresser of long-standing who it is revealed is truly holding the creaking company together. Coaxes Sir back from the abyss of desperation & exhaustion to once again give, what turns out to be, one of his finest performances of Lear, albeit a performance that costs Sir his life.

Geoffrey Thornton
(Male– 65-75): Elderly actor who is persuaded to play Lear’s Fool because the actor who normally plays the role is in jail.


By Lynn Nottage
Dir: TBD
1st Reh: 3/17/14. Runs: 4/18-5/11/14

Lottie McBride / Carmen Levy-Green
(Female– African-American 25-35): Lottie: Roommate of Vera Stark who is also an aspiring actress. Has a hard, funny edge, but seems resigned to the types of roles in which African-American actors are cast. Carmen Levy-Green: Professor of Media & Gender Studies in the year 2003 who is a panelist in a discussion on the roles of African-American artists in the cinema.

Anna Mae Simpkins / Afua Assata Ejobo
(Female– African-American 25-35): Anna Mae: A roommate of Vera Stark. Tries to pass as Latina, & she hopes to get a rich husband. Afua Assata Ejobo: Journalist, poet & performer in the year 2003 who is another panelist in the discussion on the roles of African-American artists in the cinema.

Maximillian Von Oster / Peter Rhys-Davies
(Male–30-45): Von Oster: European director of the Hollywood Southern epic who feels that it is time for films to “capture the truth”, by which he means real people in their strife & struggle. Rhys-Davies: Groovy British rocker who is also a guest on the 1970’s talk show.

The following roles are CAST. Performers considered as possible replacements:

Vera Stark
(Female– African-American 30-40 – Must play character at age 27 & 67): The maid of starlet Gloria Mitchell, she is also an aspiring actress. Lands a role in a major Hollywood Southern epic & is catapulted to fame. We also see her some 40 years later being interviewed on a 1970’s talk show.

Gloria Mitchell
(Female–30-40 – Must play character at age 27 & 67): A starlet in 1930’s Hollywood. Auditioning for a major Hollywood Southern epic & is assisted in her preparation by her maid, Vera Stark. Lands the plum role, & we see her later on a 1970’s talk show when she’s brought on to surprise her old employee & then fellow actress.

Mr. Slasvik / Brad Donovan
(Male–50-65) Slasvik: Producer of the Hollywood Southern epic. Feels the film should be, “a romance with pretty girls in corsets & hoop skirts.” Donovan: Host of the 1970’s era talk show who interviews Vera & Gloria.

Leroy Barksdale / Herb Forrester
(Male– African-American 25-35): Barksdale: Von Oster’s chauffer & an aspiring jazz musician. Flirts with Vera, & later marries her. Forrester: Filmmaker, musician & entrepreneur & the moderator of the panel in 2003 that is discussing the roles for African-American artists in the cinema.


By Nina Raine
Dir: Vincent M. Lancisi
1st Reh: 4/28/14. Runs: 5/30-6/22/14

(Female– 55-65): Wife of Christopher, & mother of Billy, Ruth & Daniel. An aspiring novelist who does her best to be supportive of her entire family.

(Female– 25-35): Billy’s older sister. Struggling to find her “voice”, & she believes she may have found it as an opera singer.

(Male– 55-65): Billy's domineering father. Writer & academic who spurns the deaf community & doggedly insists that Billy should be treated exactly like anyone else.

(Male- 20-30): Deaf since birth, he has never learned sign language because he has been sheltered by relatives who refuse to accommodate or accept his deafness.

The following roles are CAST. Performers considered as possible replacements:

(Female– 25-35): Born with hearing but now rapidly going deaf, she & Billy fall in love, & she guides him into the expansiveness of sign language as well as the comfort & politics of the deaf community.

(Male– 25-35): The underachieving oldest brother. Has a very close connection with Billy. When Billy moves out, his depression & childhood stutter return as he tries to find a center to his life.