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Production: FL, Orlando Shakespeare Theater 2013-14 Season

Equity Principal Roles (Lead)

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Casting the 2013-14 season to include "Taming of the Shrew," "Dracula," "It's a Wonderful Life: a Live Radio Play," "Julius Caesar," "The Cortez Method," "Pluto," and "The Life and...more

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Males & Females, ages 18-64, All Ethnicities

Role Description

Equity Principal Roles: (Lead)



Petruchio: male, 30s-40s. Strong commanding comic leading man with plenty of experience with Shakespeare. Begins the play as an opportunist who marries Kate for the money, but falls in love and both tames and is tamed by her.

Lucentio: male, 20’s. Young leading man. Very handsome and a little simple. Falls in love with Bianca.

Tranio: male, 20s-40s. Crafty servant who impersonates his master. Looking for very funny, quick witted comic.

Grumio: male, 20s-40s. Comic servant of Petruchio. Lots of slapstick comedy and bad jokes, Lou Costello type.

Kate: female, 30s-40s. Strong comic leading female with plenty of experience with Shakespeare. She bites, scratches and terrorizes her family and the entire town until “tamed” by Petruchio, when she finds other outlets for her wit and strength besides her fists.

Baptista: male, 50s. Comic character man. Beleaguered father of Kate and Bianca. A poor widower suffering with one daughter who is a goody two shoes and another who is a bully.

Gremio: male, 60s. ‘Pantalone’ commedia style old man clown. Crafty and sly, he angles to win the young Bianca for himself.

Hortensio: male, 20s-30s – Comic Suitor for Bianca’s love. A nice guy and friend of Petruchio, but a weak suitor.


Actor: male, 25-40. A very versatile actor who plays Jonathan Harker (innocent young English gent), Dracula (master vampire), Arthur Holmwood (husband of Lucy), Van Helsing (doctor who pursues Dracula), Quincy Morris (a Texan with a big accent and big heart), and others. Need a Tour de France actor who can be comic, romantic, thrilling and commanding.


Note: All of the actors play multiple roles in a live 1940s radio broadcast of the holiday classic. All must be strong character actors.

Freddie Filmore: male, middle aged or older. Jolly older character actor. Plays many of the older men, including the iconic Mr. Potter (the bad guy) and Uncle Billy, and is the WBFR announcer. Must have an impeccable 1940s “announcer” voice.

Jake Laurents: male, 20s-30s. Young, handsome. An idealistic looking Jimmy Stewart type. This actor plays George Bailey.

Sally Applewhite: female, 20s-30s. Young and sweetly beautiful. Sally is a recently crowned Miss Ohio. Plays Mary Hatch Bailey, George’s wife.

Lana Sherwood: female, 30s-40s. A glamorous older character actress. Must be able to play the small town siren with relish, while at the same time playing the various matronly characters.

Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood: male, 30s-40s. Likeable and lovable. Another strong character actor who must capture the iconic charm of Clarence, the Angel who saves George’s life on Christmas eve.


Cassius/Ensemble: male, 40-50s. blunt, forceful, prone to passionate outbursts and Machiavellian scheming. A leader of the conspirators who murder Caesar, Caius Cassius embodies contradictory characteristics: an unscrupulous cynic, courageous general and loyal friend. Seeking excellent Shakespearean actor with great language skills.

Brutus/Ensemble: male, 40-50s. A thoughtful man and one of Caesar’s best friends. Tortured with the idea of assassinating him for the good of Rome. Seeking excellent Shakespearean actor with great language skills.

Julius Caesar/Ensemble: male, 50-60. Ruler of Empire. Proud, regal. Seeking excellent Shakespearean actor with great language skills.

Casca/Ensemble: male, late 30s to early 50s, vain, cynical, sardonic, and a bit of a coward when put to the test. Seeking an actor with strong comic skills who can also carry off the duplicitous, scheming aspect of this character as well.

Marc Antony/Ensemble: male, 20s-30s. Strong presence, an athlete and warrior. Revenges Caesar’s death.

Octavius Caesar: male, 20 - 30 cold, reserved. Seeks revenge on Brutus and Cassius for the death of Caesar.

Note: role of Portia/Calphurnia has been cast.


Bill: male, mid 40s. Sara's husband. Pilot flying packages with a courier company, and maybe smuggling some illicit drugs, too. Trying to make his wife's dreams of the perfect home come true. Masculine. Military past.

Walter: male, 40s/50. Bill's older brother by two years. No traction in life. Substance abuser. Schemer/scammer. Strong, fast-talking, could be charming if he weren't such a redneck.

Sara: female, mid 40s. Bill's wife. Five months pregnant. General's daughter. Hated the itinerant life. Wants a stable home and a family, desperately. Single-minded. Manipulative.

Odette: female, 30s. A Pillbilly, meaning a hillbilly who sells under the counter pills. Supplies Bill for his smuggling venture. Possible meth addict. Bad teeth. Wily in a hillbilly kind of way. Knows how to move goods. Maybe has an unhealthy obsession with Sara.


Elizabeth Miller: female, 40s, a widow, a single mother; strong, steadfast, capable, but not the best communicator; honestly trying to do right by her son and make this day like any other.

Bailey Miller: male, early 20s, sarcastic, hipster, a bit sullen, but pleasant enough if pushed. Struggling to find his footing in life. Dissociative. And probably very dangerous.

Maxine Sailors: female, early 20s, beautiful, full of promise, really not as nice as she could be ? but given the circumstances, it’s hard to fault her at this point.

Cerberus: female, laid?back therapist vibe, pretty with a pedigree, but not snooty, the personification of the mythic, three?headed dog guarding the entrance to the underworld.

Radio Voice/Death: male, a “man” by all accounts; good natured with a wry but warm humor to help take the edge off, sharp in look, singular in purpose, but a bit out of sorts from travel; a force of nature.


Nicholas: male, 19. Young romantic lead. Innocent and naïve, but plucky with a strong will and sense of decency.

Kate Nickleby/Jennings/Miss Bravassa: Kate: female, 20-30, Nicholas' sister. Young, naïve, spirited, beautiful. Has a good sense of what is proper. Jennings: male, 7-14. Poor boy sent to Mr. Squeers Yorkshire school. Frightened. Bravassa: female, in the acting company of Mr. Crummles

Ralph Nickleby: male, 50-60, Nicholas' uncle. Mean and stingy. Scrooge-like. The villain of our play, but holds a soft spot for Kate.

Newman Noggs/Handsaw: male, 45-60, Ralph's Clerk. A kind man to Nicholas. A ruined gentlemen, turned alcoholic. Sad but a bit comic.

Smike/Croupier: Smike: male, 20-30. Crippled, slightly retarded boy, beaten by Squeers for many years. Befriended by Nicholas. Croupier: male, works the gambling tables where Hawk abuses Verisopht.

Mr. Squeers/Wagstaff/Sir Mulberry Hawk: male 40-60, Squeers: Evil owner of the Dotheboy's Hall Boys School. Has one eye. Ugly, dirty and mean. Yorkshire accent. Sir Hawk: an evil Lord, sucking money from Lord Verisopht and borrowing from Ralph. Tries to seduce Kate.

Mrs. Squeers/Rich Lady/Mrs. Crummies/Mrs. Snawley: Squeers: female, 40-60, evil owner of the Dotheboy's Hall Boys School. Ugly, dirty and mean to the boys. Viscious humor. Yorkshire accent. Rich Lady: 30-60, rich customer of Mrs. Mantalini. Crummies: female, 50-60 - Proprietress of the acting company. An old leading lady, not playing supporting roles. Grand and theatrical. Nice. Snawley: female, 2nd wife to Mr. Snawley.

Policeman/John Browdie/Hetherington/Lord Verisopht: male, 20-35. Kindhearted country gentleman. Lumberjack type. Big Yorkshire accent. Comic. Verisopht: male, 20-35, weak lord and dupe of Hawk. Drunken victim, but a gentleman, eventually turns to the good, but is killed by Hawk in a duel. Affected Brit Accent.

Mr. Snawley/Mr. Crummles/Opera Singer/Arthur Gride: Snawley: male, 40-60, a weak merchant with a second wife who packs his children of to a horrible Yorkshire school. Self serving. Crummies: male 40-50, the proprietor of the Crummles acting troupe. Theatrical and grand in all things. Kindhearted. Opera Singer: sings at a performance that Kate goes to where she is accosted by Hawk. Gride: 70-90, very old evil rich man. Very Scrooge-like. small and ugly. Tries to marry Madeline Bray.

Mrs. Nickleby/Roberts/Mrs. Curdle/Mrs Snevellicci: Mrs. Nickleby: female, 50-65, Nicholas' mother. Very sweet, but silly and naïve. Easily swayed and misused. Talks too much. Snevellicci: 40-60, mother of Miss Snevelicci.

Fanny Squeers/Miss Snevellicci/Mandeline: Fanny: female, 22, ugly spoiled child. In love with Nicholas, but hates him after he rejects her. Miss Snevellicci: 20-30, elegant ingenue for the acting company. Likes Nicholas. Mandeline: 18-20, beautiful young lady, honest, pure. Sacrifices herself for her father but is saved and marries Nicholas.

Miss La Creevy/Mrs. Grudden/Peg Sliderskew: La Creevy: female, 50-65, a portrait painter. Kindhearted to the Nickleby family. They board at her house for a time. Grudden: female in the acting company of Mr. Crummles. Sliderskew: female, 70-80. Mean,ugly, almost deaf maid to Arthur Gride. Steals the will that will make Madeline Bray rich.

Ned Cheeryble/Policeman/Coachman/Young Wackford/Master P. Crummles/ Mr. Pailey/ Boxkeeper: Cheeryble: male, 50-60, twin brother to Charles. Kindhearted merchant. Very cheerful. Wackford: male, 13, spoiled, fat son of Squeers. Rotten and mean.

Mrs. Wititterly/Coates/Miss Knag/ Mrs. Lenville: Coates: 7-14, poor boy sent to Mr. Squeers school. Frightened. Knag: female, 30-50, works for Madame Mantalini, then buys her shop. Nice to Kate, then very mean to her. Easily flattered, but cruel when crossed. Wititterly: female, 30-40s, Mrs. Wittiterly is a hypochondriac who acts as if a feather would knock her over, but she has a fierce temper when she does not get her way.