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Forestburgh Playhouse Summer Season EPA

Casting notice expires: April 2, 2014

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Forestburgh Playhouse
Franklin Trapp, prod.

Production Description

Casting Forestburgh Playhouse's summer season. Season includes: "A Murder is Announced" (Trent Blanton, dir. Rehearsals begin June 2; runs June 10-15); "My Fair Lady" (Larry Smiglewski, dir.; Gabriella Perez, choreo.;Trevor Pierce, music dir. Rehearsals begin June 6; runs June 17-29); "Mame" (Dann Dunn, dir.-choreo.; Trevor Pierce, music dir. Rehearsals begin June 19; runs July 1-13); "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (Dann Dunn, dir.-choreo.; Ryan Touhey, music dir. Rehearsals begin July 3; runs July 15-27); "Mary Poppins" (Larry Smiglewski, dir.; choreo. TBA; Ryan Touhey, music dir. Rehearsals begin July 17; runs July 29-Aug. 10); "La Cage aux Folles" (Dann Dunn, dir.-choreo.; Trevor Pierce, music dir. Rehearsals begin July 31; runs Aug. 12-24); and "The Chosen" (dir. TBA. Rehearsals begin Aug. 18; runs Aug. 26-31).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and performs Summer 2014 in Forestburgh, NY.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $502 min./wk. Equity LOA ref. to CORST Contract.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.




Letitia Blalock:
Lead. Beyond middle age, but still a very attractive woman who has clearly looked after her figure and features.

Miss Marple:
Lead. An elderly lady with a very bright, but over-inquisitive mind. Sweet, but not easily intimidated.

Inspector Craddock:
Lead. About 50. Very professional, experienced, and methodical policeman. Pleasant, but business-like.

Dora Bunner:
Supporting. Slightly older than Letitia. Sweet, but a bit frumpy and not overly bright.

Mitzi :
Supporting. About 25-35. Small and dark. Mid-European (Polish, Romanian, Czech), and speaks with an accent. Explosive personality and inclined to believe everyone is against her. Colorful to say the least.




Eliza Doolittle:
20-30, soprano, a cockney flower girl with a fiery personality.

Henry Higgins
40-60, baritone, British upper-class, professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert.

Alfred P. Doolittle:
40-60, baritone, Eliza's father, an elderly but vigorous dustman.

Colonel Hugh Pickering:
45-65, baritone, retired British officer with colonial experience and friend of Higgins.




Mame Dennis:
(role CAST, seeking replacement only), 40-65 mezzo, liberal glamorous, eccentric New York socialite with the wildest of friends.

Vera Charles:
35-55, alto, famous “British Actress” from Pittsburgh. Mame’s best friend, drinks a lot.

Agnes Gooch:
30-45, soprano, awkward straight laced secretary who transforms into a beauty for one night only to end up pregnant.

Dwight Babcock:
45-65, bank President and conservative steamroller who is appointed as trustee for Patrick’s money and upbringing.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside
35-60, Mame’s wealthy southern suitor, outgoing and optimistic




Mona Stangley
(role CAST, seeking replacement only): 35-65, alto, owner and operator of The Chicken Ranch, business woman and a survivor who plays mother to the girls.

Sheriff Earl Dodd:
35-55, baritone, good old boy, gruff and with a soft spot for Miss Mona, tends to shoot off his mouth and gun before thinking.

Melvin P. Thorpe:
30-55, baritone, boisterous, motivational, self-serving preacher-type with show business instincts masquerading as a newsman.

50s, mezzo belt, African American woman character acress. Sassy and respectful. Miss Mona’s housekeeper and confidant at the Chicken Ranch.

Doatsy Mae Grimes:
alto, 40-45, wisecracking waitress, trusting, reliable, treated by the men of town more like a man than a woman. While seen as boring, she has a hidden sexy side as well.




Mary Poppins:
25-35, soprano, pretty, magical, mysterious, wise and nurturing young woman who appears just when she is needed most.

30s, baritone to G, cockney accent, warm and cheerful song and dance man with a variety of occupations and friend of Mary Poppins.

George Banks
baritone, 35-45, severe, serious banker who runs a tight ship, strict at home and softens over time.

Winifred Banks
mezzo, 35-45, a valiant and fervent feminist with a hectic schedule.




40-55, baritone, a drag performer of star quality, great powerhouse of a Broadway voice, fine comic actor.

40-55, baritone, energetic, loving and caring partner of Albin and owner of La Cage Aux Folles, must move well.

35-55, mezzo, friend of Georges and Albin, owns a chic restaurant, charming and very theatrical.

21-40, baritone, African-American male, butler/maid to Albin and Georges, brilliant comedian who sings and moves well.

Mr. Dindon
40-60, baritone, uptight, right-wing radical politician; pompous; quirky; must sing, move well, and be a fine comedian.




Reuven Malter:
35-40, narrator of the play who also plays Mr. Galanter and Jack Rose.

Danny Saunders:
early 20s, attends his father’s Hasidic yeshiva, but reads secular books in secret, a brilliant scholar with a photographic memory and a deep interest in Freud. He is torn between his duty to his father and his own ideas about how to live his life.

David Malter:
45-55, traditional Orthodox Jew, teacher, scholar and humanitarian. He is notorious within the Hasidic community for his controversial Biblical scholarship and support of Zionism.

Reb Isaac Saunders:
45-65, pious and zealous patriarch of a Hasidic dynasty, wise, learned, and deeply religious. He is fervently committed to his strict and limited Hasidic worldview, and imposes his views on everyone around him.