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Casting notice expires: November 15, 2013

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Marc Ponthus (coord.)

Production Description

Casting "Fracture," a story about two characters struggling between art and reality. Production states: "Focused on dialogue, a four actor piece, sharply contrasting with preceding finished short. A stand alone short, that will be used towards creating the structure (production and financial) for a full length feature."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals TBD; shoots for three days mid-November in Manhattan & Staten Island, NY.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Sides for "Fracture"

ECU of pages/ Alina
I don’t feel like being serious… play with me!

What do you have in mind?

Whatever you want… (time)

MCU 2 shot/ silence and stillness for a moment.

It’s good writing.

Don’t flatter me.

If you don’t want to hear what I think, don’t ask!

Arthur (time)
Yea, sorry. what else? (no answer) Come on!

Remember, I was in your class, I recognize
good writing, it’s good! take my word for it.

Think critically………Something doesn’t work.

The only thing… the two main characters.

Go on.

They are not believable.

Wow! That’s a big one! Why?

Maybe they don’t connect. …each other.
(Her phone rings, she picks up) [lively voice]
Hey! Great to hear from you… …yes, definitely.
(Arthur is getting annoyed and impatient)
perfect,… …love to catch up,… …see you then. bye!

Arthur (still impatient)
Can we get back… to?


they don’t connect. (time) but why?

Just the obvious (puts paper down) he is much older than her.

Arthur (puts paper down as well)
it creates a situation.

And a disconnection.

Hum! …it happens in cities. People mix, races,
languages, beliefs … age, look at you and I.

Alina (somber)
Yep! Right(catches herself) …I mean, you and me is different.

Arthur (time) (he stands, goes)
How? (out of shot)

Alina (shot on her)
A couple of years less and we connect… differently.

(ECU of notepad) I need to think it through.

Alina (to herself at first)
I need to eat(time)…Do you want to eat? (time)
Magali (walks away glass in hand)
I go up have my nap. Can I take the wine upstairs.

Alina puts sandals, sees a stain on dress, goes upstairs. She goes in a corner, (image on Magali on the futton) Alina appears slightly, side of frame, only arm/head, moving while changing, then looks at Magali.

Magali (Lying on futton, puts her hand out)
Come lie down with me.
(Alina lies down. Magali puts her visage in the neck of Alina)
There are strange noises in your house. A window broke a couple
of seconds after you smashed his glass, exactly the same noise.

Alina (they close their eyes)
You heard it too! But nothing else broke. Since he
lives with his fictitious characters, I keep hearing stuff.