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Gulfshore Playhouse 2014-15 Season

Casting notice expires: May 14, 2014

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Gulfshore Playhouse
Kristen Coury, prod. artistic. dir.; Cody Nickell, artistic assoc.; Michael Cassara, CSA, casting dir.

Production Description

Casting the Gulfshore Playhouse 2014-15 season. Season includes: "The Mountaintop" (Katori Hall, writer; Cody Nickell, dir.; Rehearsals begin Sept. 12; runs Oct. 4-19); "Body Awareness" (Annie Baker, writer; Cody Nickell, dir.; Rehearsals begin Oct. 10; runs Nov. 1-16); "Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol" (Tom Mula, writer; Kristen Coury, dir.; Rehearsals begin Nov. 18; runs Dec. 6-21); "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" (Christopher Durang, writer; TBA, dir.; Rehearsals begin Dec. 29; runs Jan. 17-Feb. 8, 2015); "The Butcher" (Gwydion Suilebhan, writer; Kristen Coury, dir.; Rehearsals begin Feb. 6; runs Feb. 28-March 22, 2015); "The Liar" (David Ives, writer; Kristen Coury, dir.; Rehearsals begin March 13; runs April 4-26, 2015).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and performs in Naples, FL.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $626 min./wk. Equity SPT Contract.


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Role Breakdown

"The Mountaintop"

Synopsis: The night before his assassination in Memphis, TN, Dr. Martin Luther King, JR must confront his mortality, his mistakes, his successes, and his legacy. Camae, a maid at The Lorraine Motel, is much more than she appears to be, and is Dr. King’s guide into this dark night of his soul.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.-39 African-American, Nobel Peace Prize-winning civil rights movement leader. Not necessary that the actor look exactly like Dr. King, but certainly needs to bring the charisma and oratory style into the characterization, though this isn’t the whole picture. This is a Dr. King that shows his fears and exhaustion, his world-weariness.

Camae- 20s, African-American. Lorraine Motel maid. Versatile actress who can play many layers. There is much more to this character than at first appears. Smart, sexy, funny, strong, but at her center, she is a caring and vulnerable woman.

"Body Awareness"

Synopsis: Joyce, a high school teacher, is living with her son and her girlfriend and struggling to make it all work. Her son Jared probably has Asperger’s, and her girlfriend Phyllis is in charge of hosting Body Awareness week at the local collage. Into the mix comes Frank, an art photographer whose pictures are of naked women of all different shapes and ages. The play unfolds as the characters struggle to find a way to live together in a home where tensions are running high.

Joyce 55- Mother of Jared, high school teacher, girlfriend of Phyllis. The play finds Joyce at a crossroads. Joyce feels pulled in many directions and can’t quite figure out where she wants to go. A woman with a strong emotional center, she is currently in a place where she might not be able to be at her strongest. Good humored and openhearted.

Jared 21-Probably has Asperger’s syndrome, though this is not diagnosed. Very smart, very prickly, socially harsh, but inside is a very curious young man with a lot of pain and need.

Phyllis 45- A strong, out-spoken feminist, and PHD professor, Joyce’s girlfriend. Thinks she has all the right answers and is struggling with the fact that these “right answers” don’t seem to be answering anything.

Frank Bonitatibus 59- A photographer who takes pictures of naked women of all shapes and sizes. An earthy, sensual man, who finds it easy to make himself at home almost anywhere he goes. Does not exploit the advantages afforded him because of his race, gender, and age, but certainly has an ease about him because of these things. A generous spirit.

"Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol"

Synopsis: Jacob Marley has died and finds himself in the afterlife being held accountable for the poor life that he led. The only way that he can save his soul is to save Scrooge’s soul. And so his adventure begins. This play follows Marley through heaven and hell and back to earth, the past and the future. With a cast of familiar characters (and some wonderful new additions) all played by one actor, this play is humorous, moving and at times frightening.

Jacob Marley et al- Plays all the characters in the show. Tremendous range and vocal skills needed. Must play from 8 to 80 years old. (This role is cast/emergency replacements only.)

"Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike"

Synopsis: Vanya and his sister Sonia live in their parents house in the country and lead an uneventful, boring life. She may be a little bit in love with him (which is okay, because she’s adopted), but he is gay so he is not interested. Their soothsaying housekeeper keeps warning them of upcoming disasters, that manifest in the arrival of their sister Masha, who is a movie star. Masha brings her new young boyfriend into the home, which she threatens to sell. Hilarious hijinks ensue. With a liberal dose of Chekhov thrown in, this comedy has a lot of heart at its core.

Vanya- 50s, living in Bucks County. Resigned to his life, more or less, at least compared to Sonia.

Sonia-his step sister, early 50s, living with him in Bucks County. Discontent, upset, regretful.

Masha-his sister, 50s, glamorous and successful actress who goes gallivanting around the world.

Spike- an aspiring actor, 29, sexy, self-absorbed, Masha’s new companion.
Nina- lovely, sincere, would be actress, 20’s visiting her aunt and uncle next door. Star struck and energetic.

Cassandra-cleaning lady and soothsayer, any age, probably African American

"The Butcher"

Synopsis: The Butcher tells the tale of two strangers: Jane, an Evangelical Christian struggling with her faith and Massoud, and Iranian Halal Butcher steeped in tradition, who witness a man cut off his own hand with a meat saw. As they and their families try to make sense of this bewildering event, they question their faith, their firmly-held beliefs, and the choices that their cultures have forced them to make.

Massoud Esfahani- a butcher, 44- An Iranian Halal butcher who has been in America for about 20 years. A devout Muslim, he struggles with his wife who wants to assimilate more than he does. A blue-collar man’s man, think Stanley Kowalski, with a very soft heart. Strong.

Sholeh Esfahani- his wife, 43- Iranian. She is in college to get her nutritionist’s degree, and wants to embrace America and its culture more than her husband does. A loving wife who speaks her mind more than her husband might like. Sholeh is torn between the negative aspects of Islam that she sees her son embracing, and the beauty and traditions that she was raised with.

Jane Horvath- a housewife, 29- White. After a recent personal tragedy, Jane is having a crisis of faith. Not sure how to change things up, she wanders into a Halal butcher shop, and the events that transpire there change her deeply. She is very fragile at the beginning of the play, but grows stronger and more sure of herself through the course of the play. (Already cast)

Wes Horvath- her husband, 42- White. Evangelical Christian who isn’t dealing well with the changes that he is facing with his wife. He is deeply grounded in his faith and has hope that it will carry he and his wife through this difficult time. As Jane’s behavior becomes more erratic, he has fewer tools to deal with the situation, but his love for his wife and his faith never waiver.

Deborah Niefeld- a writer, 32 Jewish. A former reporter who left reporting behind because she wanted to include her opinions more in her work. An atheist who firmly believes that religion and zealotry cause terrible problems in the world, she is out to write this story by any means necessary. A smart, opportunistic woman who works every angle to get what she wants.

"The Liar"

Synopsis: Daivd Ives’s new adaptation follows the adventures of Dorante, a man incapable of telling the truth, as he lies his way through the streets of Paris. Falling in love with women at first sight, breaking up engagements, tricking his father into believing that he is already married, dueling with rivals, and causing no end of confusion to his manservant, are just some of the escapades that Dorante gets up to in this fast paced comic romp.

DORANTE, a young man just arrived in Paris- Charming, handsome, fast-talking, fast thinking, and never tells the truth. Must have great comedic skills, language skills and be a very physical actor. 20s-30s All ethnicities may apply.

GERONTE, Dorante's father- Gullible father of The Liar. Wants the best for his son, but is easily gulled by his sons lies. 50s-60s All ethnicities may apply.

CLITON, Dorante's servant- 30s-40s Fun and charming everyman, our narrator for the evening. Always one-step behind The Liar, but always willing to play along, however, he can only tell the truth. Must have excellent language and comedy skills. All ethnicities may apply.

CLARICE, a young lady of Paris-An outspoken beauty, smart and maybe a bit frivolous. She goes where the winds blow her. Must have excellent language and comedy skills. 20s-30s All ethnicities may apply.

LUCRECE, Clarice's best friend- The quieter of the two beauties, Lucrece is much more reserved than her outspoken friend, though passions run deep in this young lady, too. Must have excellent language and comedy skills. 20s-30s All ethnicities may apply.

ALCIPPE, Clarice's secret fiancé-20s-30s An angry young man who flashes hot very easily. All ethnicities may apply.

PHILISTE, Alcippe's friend-20s-30s A stalwart friend. Must have excellent language and comedy skills. All ethnicities may apply.

ISABELLE, vivacious servant to Lucrece } both played by SABINE, puritanical servant to Clarice } the same actress 20s-40s An actress with a wide comic range. Deadpan to ditzy. Must have great language and comedy skills. All ethnicities may apply.