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'Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire,' LA

Casting notice expires: April 10, 2013

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The Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre
Adriana Kelder, prod.

Production Description

The Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre is casting "Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire," a new experimental musical. Company states: "The Caravan Stage Company is a touring non-profit theatre (not cruise) ship that performs original shows with singer/actors, aerial artists, a giant puppet, video displays, and full music score on the deck and rigging of a 90-foot sailing boat, the Amara Zee. Created right off the headlines and news of the international media conglomerates, 'Hacked' is an operatic theatre fantasy featuring a band of virtual pirate hackers who have 'revoked' the 'Treasure of the Empire.'"

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses July 16-Sept. 13; performs Sept. 14-17 in New Orleans, LA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Stipend, plus room, board, and travel expenses provided.


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Hacked, 2013 Show description

Hacked…the treasure of the empire!

Hacked…the treasure of the empire! is a new Caravan experimental musical
created right off the headlines and news of the international media conglomerates.
Hacked…is an operatic theatre fantasy featuring a Band of Virtual Pirate Hackers who have “revoked” the “Treasure of the Empire”. The show opens with the Pirates running into the audience space, chased by the Security Surveillance Police (SSP). They see this Mammon Corp Vault in front of them…trapped between the Mammon Vault & the SSP. They decide to climb the front face of the Vault, hoping to escape on the other side. Near the top of the Vault, they are suddenly confronted by a grasping, gurgling gargoyle.
The Hackers are sucked into the mouth of this ghastly gargoyle. This huge creature is the Infamous, All-powerful Monster Mammon ~ a multiple toothed, multiple eyed, multiple tentacled, singularly orificed Monster with three humanness’ singing heads ~
“Raptura & Verita & Tradgia”.

ALL THREE Welcome to the House of Mammon...
RAPTURA I Raptura your sweet Dreadman!
ALL THREE Welcome to the Court of Mammon…
VERITA I Verita, your sneed Swangman!
ALL THREE Welcome to the Wall of Mammon...
TRADGIA I Tradgia, your scruff Wareman!
ALL THREE Welcome to the House of Mammon!

The Hacked plot revolves around the machinations of the Mammon trying to find the “Treasure of the Empire”…the whereabouts known only to the Hackers. The Mammon must find the Treasure of the Empire or else the Mammon Corp Regime will collapse.
This new Caravan show explores the quest for freedom of expression, in political & social discourse, within the multiverse world of the internet & virtual media; examines the ubiquitous presence of the machinations of surveillance; and probes the ethics of the dissolution of the public, democratic control over the justice and penal systems.

Hacked is set on the Caravan Ship, the Amara Zee, wrapped in large video screen upon which an array of image-projections play inside and outside the overall set design of a Vault Dungeon Networks. The Hacked characters/performers include the following:
Three singers playing the voice & manipulating the physicality of the Mammon; Two aerial artists executing the “Orders” of the Mammon; One singer/actor playing a mysterious, invisible, ancient prisoner inside the Mammon Dungeon Networks; and Four singer/actors
playing the members of the Merry Band of Hacker Pirates.

Hacked features the entire pallet of Caravan theatrical sceneographic treats such as passionate characters, poetic lyrics, exotic and melodic music, multiple video screens with a global array of imagery and visual trickery, unique aerial acrobatics, surreal lighting and sound, and a giant mega puppet that spies, swags, savages, swears, swoons and sings.

Caravan ship, Amara Zee

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