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Production: 'Hamlet Resurrected' Reading (See all 3 roles)

Graverobber (Supporting)

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Production Details

Casting a reading for "Hamlet Resurrected," a sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet. This will be performed before a large audience that is to include key people from the industry.

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Male, ages 18-64, All Ethnicities

Role Description

Graverobber : (Supporting) a former thief, bastard born brother of Hamlet, although at first ignorant in speech, he is later educated sufficiently to mingle with the elite.

Hamlet Resurrected - from Act 1, Scene 3

Scene 3

SETTING: In another portion of the graveyard, at the reopened grave of LAETRES.

RISE: The scene begins with a poorly dressed gravedigger facing the audience, and two even lesser dressed GRAVEROBBERS facing him. One or two fresh bodies are partially sticking out of the nearby open grave.

GRAVEDIGGER: (He cackles wildly without stopping for a prolonged period. He then suddenly ceases cackling, and begins to speak.) HAMLET is alive! These words, I know, confuse more than tell; yet burdened heart from me to thee must spill. Yea, ’though this madness follows hard from depths of inky grave. Oh, ho, usurping heart, behave, behave! ’Tis so!

’Tis so! He lives!! HAMLET lives!!

Oh, I tell it! I tell it!

'Twas twice a morn beyond invaded shores; bodies filled the streets! Stench of death possessed the wind, and sailed 'pon pools of blood. Ah, the royal nose was filled! King of Denmark, Prince of Norway - FORTINBRAS! Conqueror of the kingless crown!

Swift was decree, so nimbly borne, so well directed, so frighteningly phrased that e’er the sun did fall, the still and rotting flesh lay deep within the ground, save corpses three - king… queen… and… and…

LAETRES laid here, the rigid regals sent elsewhere to oily hands, but princely pride was joined to mine; and I went ‘round to digging, digging, digging, digging, like an earthworm in the Rhine; until the thing and I combined, guest and guide fetching down; until the moon turned me around and…

I saw death looking back at me!

'Twas but a variant of movement, like painted eyes not as they seem. And then it blinked, and then it twitched, and then it spoke… and then it screamed! And up the ladder for the living, the thing… escaped into the dark!

Today, they found me; my fellows pulled me out; we gained permission to unearth this other tomb; and this body of friend LAETRES was exhumed.

His eyes horrid, frozen, opened; his lips twisted in a shout; his bloody fingers, nails newly ripped, with those splinters sticking out. Ah… oh, a vision then I saw, a vision I shall ever see, words gory gouged inside the coffin, “Remember me! Remember me!!” (He begins wildly cackling again.)

GRAVEROBBER #1: Cut his throat!

GRAVEROBBER #2: But that name!

GRAVEROBBER #1: Cut his throat!

GRAVEROBBER #2: Look! The tombstone – It’s ‘im! It’s ‘im!!

GRAVEROBBER #1: Cut his throat, before he tells it again…

GRAVEDIGGER: (Abruptly stops cackling.) HAMLET is alive! These words, I know, confuse more than tell; yet…

GRAVEROBBER #1: Enough!!

(GRAVEROBBER #1 grabs the knife from GRAVEROBBER #2, and slits the gravedigger’s throat.)

GRAVEROBBER #1: There! Now throw ‘im in the ditch with the other two!

GRAVEROBBER #2: You mean the other three! It’s ‘im in that coffin! It’s ‘im!

(GRAVEROBBER #1 slaps the other GRAVEROBBER, and grabs him by the collar.)

GRAVEROBBER #1: “It’s ‘im; it’s ‘im!” I know it’s ‘im; the dandy what bought sleeper juice for poison! It means both he and HAMLET was buried alive, they was… and nobody else knows! It means the bounty is all ours, ye fool! See?

GRAVEROBBER #2: But… but he’s the Prince of Denmark!

GRAVEROBBER #1: Hah, hah! He’s the hunted of Denmark; and now we’s the only hunters… eh!

GRAVEROBBER #2: But a prince!

GRAVEROBBER #1: A prince? What is a prince, but a devil in a costume; a hag perfumed with youth; who plucks the head off of his people, like a baby plucks his dolls!

GRAVEROBBER #2: But it’s Prince HAMLET!

GRAVEROBBER #1: Aye, the very one indeed; the madman who drove Ophelia to drown in a shallow pond; the murderer that stabbed her father from behind a curtain drawn; the unmerciful that sent his playmates to the executioner’s axe at dawn; the prince who’ll soon make me a prince, as I slit his quivering throat; and send the murderer to the murdered, the ghost maker to his ghosts.

GRAVEROBBER #2: Ah, I get it; so we’ll be the royal ones, eh?

GRAVEROBBER #1: Yeah! You the Prince of Mountebanks; me the King of Graverobbers! And now, your highness, uh – please roll yer loyal subject in to, er – yer royal courtroom. And cover ‘em up so no one’ll ever find ‘em again!

(GRAVEROBBER #1 and #2 begin deviously laughing together, as they shovel dirt back into the open grave.)



Hamlet Resurrected - reading, part 2 of 3