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J&M Stage Productions
Marcus Graham, dir.-writer; Joshua Hunter, exec. prod.

Production Description

Casting "Here I Go," an original play. Synopsis: "Here I Go" will focus on four characters' marriages and relationships and how their lives are affected by the choices they are making to either fix their relationships, end them, or begin anew. Within this, it will also dives into the “moving on” process during marriage and divorce, with raising children.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals begin Aug. 5 (every Tues. & Thurs., 6-9 p.m.); tech rehearsals Sept. 8-11 (6-11 p.m.); runs Sept. 12 (7 p.m.) and Sept. 13 (2 p.m. & 7 p.m.) in NYC. Must be available for all dates.


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SUMMARY: This scene takes place midway through Act One. This is the pivotal kiss that happens between both characters. It establishes the building chemistry between them but also becomes important in Emily and Carl’s marriage.

BETHANY You sound like you really miss the ad game.

CARL Nah; I’m good. The kids make up for it.

BETHANY I know but…for the last few weeks, you’ve looked so unhappy. Everything alright?

CARL You noticed…

BETHANY We’ve only been neighbors for the last three years; trust me, I noticed. Talk to me.

CARL Every time Emily brings up me deciding to be a stay at home father, I loose my mind. She kind of forced me into it.

BETHANY I didn’t know that. The way you guys talk about it, I always thought it was something you decided to do on your own.

CARL If I had, I wouldn’t be so angry at her. It’s like I watch her go off to work every day doing something she loves and I’m just…stuck. I know I shouldn’t even complain; I love my kids, trust me; but…I miss my career.

BETHANY You ever try to talk to her? Maybe come to an agreement?

CARL It’s not even worth it. It’ll just…become a fight. It’s whatever.

BETHANY I think you should talk to her. You never know…

CARL Forget I said anything about it.


[CARL reaches over and kisses BETHANY. The kiss lasts a decent while and then finally breaks]

CARL Bethany...


SUMMARY: This scene takes place during the climatic ending of Act One in which all of the characters stories begin to take center stage. Bethany and Carl discuss the kiss that happened between them.

BETHANY Look, I know I shouldn’t have come here but I wanted to talk to you.

CARL About what?

BETHANY About the kiss.

CARL Bethany, I told you—it was a mistake!

BETHANY See, I don’t think that’s true. I’ve been tossing and turning in my sleep all night about this. You kissed me, remember?

CARL I know I kissed you and it was a mistake.

BETHANY After everything you told me, I don’t think so. That’s the part that gets me.

CARL What are you trying to do right now?

BETHANY I’m trying to figure out where your head is.

CARL Well I already told you. I made a mistake and it’ll never happen again. It was one kiss…and for you to show up here like this—

BETHANY What the hell was I supposed to do when you’ve been avoiding me all day. I had to find out.

CARL [Frustrated] Alright so you got your f**king answer—it was mistake. Can you leave now?

Enter EMILY.

EMILY Bethany…

BETHANY Emily, hi!

EMILY What are you doing here?

BETHANY Oh, I was just—I was passing through and I saw Carl out here so I just wanted to say hi. I was just leaving anyway. [Exits]


SUMMARY: This is the first scene between this couple. It immediately goes from nice and cool to tense when the topic of Kayla’s father comes up.

A simple living room is set up. KAYLA sits with a magazine and a glass of wine. RYAN enters a moment


KAYLA Hey; I didn’t think you’d be home this fast.

RYAN I know; traffic was pretty good. The kids asleep?

KAYLA Yup; even though Byron had a little temper tantrum.

RYAN What’s gotten into him lately?

KAYLA I don’t know but I hope this resisting sleep phase ends really fast. I’m tired of having to wrestle him into bed.

RYAN [Kissing her on the neck] Well, aren’t you glad when we wrestle in bed, it gets sexy?

KAYLA Oh God, I know you’re all buzzed from drinking and all but I’m way too tired.

RYAN That’s fine; you can just lay there and let me do all the work.

KAYLA I’m too tired to even just lay there. I had an exhausting day.

RYAN Damn, babe. You’d really let this go to waste right now?

KAYLA Well, it’s because I wanted to talk to you about something. My parents called.

RYAN Oh boy.

KAYLA And they want to come visit next weekend.

RYAN Kayla—

KAYLA I know you’re not too fond of my dad—

RYAN You’d think after five years of marriage and eight years of us being together, he’d have warmed up to me by now.

KAYLA I wished he had but my father’s a man who is firm about his feelings. I mean, obviously I don’t care about what he thinks but—

RYAN That’s a lie. Do I need to bring up the fact that you were ready to leave me standing at the altar because of what he told you?

KAYLA Okay, you’re right, but that was then; this is now. I’m not that woman anymore.

RYAN Thank god.

KAYLA So, are you okay with them staying here? They’ll sleep here on the sofa, they don’t mind.

RYAN Your mom can sleep on the sofa; he can sleep outside.

KAYLA Ryan--

RYAN I’m kidding. Fine, he can stay but I don’t want him discussing my career choice.

KAYLA He’s going to; you know he is. I’ve asked him to lay off about it, but he has a point, Ryan. Have you seen our finances lately?

RYAN Yes and I told you, I’m working my ass off for one of the books to get picked up for publishing!

KAYLA Yeah, but how much longer? I’m not pulling in a lot substitute teaching and every time I do, I have to call a sitter. I don’t want to ask my parents for any more money.

RYAN I don’t see why you’re asking them at all.

KAYLA If I don’t, we’d be out on the street.

RYAN Look, I’m pushing my literary agent as hard as I can. She’s working on getting me a deal with Bloomsbury or Scholastic.

KAYLA That deal needs to kick in now. Anyway, I’ll call my parents in the morning and let them know they can stay with us.

RYAN So now that I agreed to let your dad stay within the confines of these walls, I think a little reciprocation is in order.

KAYLA Fine! [Playfully] I hate you.

RYAN I know. [Kisses her]

RYAN & KAYLA (Side 2)

SUMMARY: This scene takes place in the climatic ending of Act One. By this point in the story, Ryan and Kayla’s marriage has taken a turn for the worse as she cannot handle watching their family struggle any longer. This is a very dramatic scene.

Rise on KAYLA who is on the phone.

KAYLA No—I’m here at a friend’s house right now, Dad. I don’t want to do this now—

Enter RYAN.

KAYLA Okay, I’ll just…I’ll just call you back. [Hangs up]

RYAN Who was that?

KAYLA That was my father.

RYAN Of course it was. Was that another one of your secret conversations that you both are so keen on having when I’m not around?

KAYLA It’s not like that, Ryan—

RYAN Then what the f**k is like?

KAYLA Can you not talk to me like that?

RYAN I don’t know what other way to talk to you, Kayla. If you haven’t noticed, ever since he stayed with us last month, there’s been this invisible f**king wall between us that I can’t seem to get through because you’re not letting me.

KAYLA I want to let you but—

RYAN But what? Daddy’s got a hold over you again like he did when we first started seeing each other?

KAYLA Look, he’s my father and only wants the best for me.

RYAN Right; of course he does. And that best means he thinks you deserve someone better. Someone with a corporate job…that can buy you diamonds and cars and take you on vacations every other second.

KAYLA There’s nothing wrong with a father who just looks out for his child. You’d do the same for Byron and Angie in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?

RYAN Of course but you know what, I’d let them make their own f**king choices if they were adults. You’re thirty four years old—he shouldn’t have a say so in your life at this point.

KAYLA What do you want from me, Ryan?

RYAN I want to know what the hell is going on inside of that head of yours!

KAYLA Nothing. That’s what’s going on inside of my head. But inside my heart, it’s confusion…and anger. You’ve been chasing this dream of writing since the day I met you and now, nine years later, you’re not even a step closer to getting anything financially worth it. We barely make it by and thank god that my parents loaned us money—we’d have lost the house a long time ago…I just can’t stand by and watch you chase this anymore.

RYAN So what are you saying?

KAYLA I just need some time away from you. The kids and I are going to stay with my parents for a while, until I can get my head together.

RYAN [Hurt] Kayla—

KAYLA I need to do this, Ryan. Because if I don’t, I’m going to end up hating you and I don’t want to do that.


SUMMARY: This scene takes place about a month after Nancy and Tori re-connect at the bar. Tori is Nancy’s son’s sixth grade teacher. This scene establishes the romance that they are building.

Stage is cleared and we see now that a table and two chairs are set up. NANCY enters. A moment later TORI enters.

TORI I am so sorry I’m late, I spilled coffee all over myself and thought I had a decent change of clothing but apparently, this is all I keep in my car.

NANCY An Aerosmith shirt? I guess you need a reminder from time to time about that dream!

TORI A girl can still dream, can’t she?

NANCY Of course! So, I got your note from Victor. You wanted to discuss his grades?

TORI Yes. Victor is a good kid; I know it in my heart which is why I’m surprised that he’s doing so poorly in my class.

NANCY That surprise is shared, trust me.

TORI So I thought this meeting between us could help to break through some very rough waters and find out what can be done to get him to improve. I would hate to see his potential go to waste.

NANCY Thank you for that; I really appreciate it. Like I said, it surprises me that he’s doing poorly. I review his homework almost every night that he’s with me and it always looks fine.

TORI He hasn’t turned in any homework at all so far. [Shows her a sheet of paper]

NANCY This can’t be right. I swear, I see his work—

TORI I know you’re not lying; but he’s in jeopardy of failing and I don’t want him to go that route.

NANCY Is there anything Victor can do to make up the work?

TORI He can make up this exam on Monday and I’ll give him this study material. Also, there’s an essay that’s due at the end of the marking period that counts for a huge percentage of his grade. Doing that essay can help.

NANCY I’ll make sure he does it. Thank you.

TORI It’s my pleasure. As I said, Victor is a good kid. I don’t want to see him flunk out.

NANCY I swear, I wish I could dive into his head and find out what’s going on. If he’s not turning in the work that I see, then what’s he doing with it?

TORI Forgive me for asking but…is there anything going on between you and your ex husband?

NANCY Nothing that Victor hasn’t seen before; the usual spats but I try my best to be cordial in front of him.

TORI What’s his father’s home situation like?

NANCY Apparently he’s seeing some new woman; a young bimbo; excuse my language.

TORI I wonder if that has something to do with it. Sometimes, they say that when a parent begins to move on, children don’t often react positively to the change.

NANCY You could be right. I’ll call his father tonight and talk to him about it.

TORI Listen, while you’re here, I wanted to ask you if you’d like to go out for a drink some time?

NANCY As in a date?

TORI Unless you’re not the same woman you were in collage.

NANCY No, I’m still wild and free. I just…I haven’t been with any woman since college.

TORI [Humorously] Well, it’s a lot like riding a bike.

NANCY [Laughs] I’m sure it is. Sure, I’d love to go for that drink then.

TORI Great; how’s Saturday night?

NANCY Sounds perfect. I’d better get going. [Before she exits] Favorite song by Aerosmith?

TORI “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”.

NANCY Good choice. [Exits]

Lights fall.


SUMMARY: This scene takes place midway through the second act and takes place about two and a half months after Tori rekindled with her ex, ultimately abandoning Nancy. This scene begins their reconciliation.

NANCY [On the phone] Phil, I don’t have time for the back and forth. This is my weekend…you can’t just plan things without telling me in advance; I was going to take him to Boston. Fine, whatever, I guess. Bye.

TORI Hey, Nancy.

NANCY Tori, hi.

TORI I’ve been hoping to run into you. I’ve tried calling you…

NANCY I know.

TORI Listen, I owe you an apology, okay? I know what happened was f**ked up and I felt like we just needed to sit down and clear the air.

NANCY There’s no air to clear. I’m over it.

TORI But I’m not.

NANCY Clearly you were, if you ex was able to just pop into town one night and then whisk you off into the sunset.

TORI Okay, I deserved that. But the history between she and I…it’s complicated.

NANCY [Coldly] I’m sure it is. I already have a complicated life and I don’t need a complicated romance.

TORI Nancy—

NANCY I didn’t even have an attraction to women for years…I was married to Paul and happy and then we divorced and I somehow still maintained a certain level of happiness. And then you come…and in an instant, you make me pretty much fall head over heels for you like some love sick puppy in a cheesy romantic comedy…And then you drop me like a sack of f**king potatoes and wait this long to want to apologize…

TORI Because I didn’t know how to explain everything. Like I said, what happened with me and my ex was complicated. I loved her…and I thought she’d changed from the woman she was when I lived in New York. She hasn’t. She’s still that same woman who doesn’t know how to love properly…

NANCY Well, good for her.

TORI I’ve been thinking of you every day since she left me a month ago. I know it’s a long shot, Nancy, but I really want to continue where we left off and see where it goes. I loved spending time with you.

NANCY I can’t. I can’t play this yo-yo game. I’m too old for that.

TORI I’m not trying to play any games, I promise you.

NANCY I need to think about it. I just can’t right now…

TORI That’s fair. I can let you think about it. I don’t wanna pressure you—I just wanted the chance to explain. I felt like you deserved that at least.

NANCY Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I need to go.

TORI Yeah, sure, go. Sorry again. I was…just desperate, I guess.

NANCY [After a pause] It’s okay. [Exits]


SUMMARY: This scene takes place in the beginning of Act Two and is the first time Jessica and Ryan have seen each other since they were in about eight years. They used to be very close friends; strictly platonic.


RYAN Oh my god; Jess!

JESSICA Holy shit! [Embraces him] I kept looking and saying to myself “is that Ryan?”

RYAN Wow, what are you doing here?

JESSICA Just a pit stop for a few nights. My show’s heading to Boston but our bus broke down so here I am!

RYAN Of all the cities in the world—

JESSICA Right? That’s what I said. So how are you? You look good!

RYAN Thanks! I’m…okay.

JESSICA Uh oh, I know that ‘okay’.

RYAN Nah, it’s really okay…

JESSICA What’s going on? You and Kayla having problems?

RYAN That easy?

JESSICA You’re like an open book; haven’t changed since college. What’s going on?

RYAN Just some issues about our careers and all, nothing I can’t handle. At least I’m trying to handle it. She’s staying with her parents and took the kids.

JESSICA Oh no, I am so sorry.

RYAN It’s okay, but I’m trying to just give her space and time but it’s been two months. I’m going crazy. Can you tell I’m going crazy?

JESSICA I can see it in your eyes. Well, I’m pretty sure everything’s going to blow over. You guys have been together for too long to let something like this get between you.

RYAN Everyone keeps telling me that but somehow, it just seems like there’s no end in sight to this tunnel of darkness I’m driving through. Anyway, I need happy news; what’s going on with you? Theater career taking off?

JESSICA Actually, yeah! I’m playing Galinda in Wicked; well, national tour.

RYAN Get out of town! Angie loves that show; I took her to see it when it stopped in Boston a few years ago. Congratulations!

JESSICA Thank you! It’s actually fun being blonde!

RYAN I bet! So where are you guys staying?

JESSICA The Hilton. The company put us up there; I’m not complaining…room service galore!

RYAN Nice!

JESSICA Hey, you know what, if you’re not too busy tonight, maybe I could come by and make you dinner. You look like you need a home cooked meal.

RYAN That actually sounds great; give me your number, I’ll text you the address.

They exchange numbers.

JESSICA It was really good seeing you.

RYAN Right back at you!


SUMMARY: This scene takes place midway through Act Two and serves as the ultimate breakdown in Ryan’s marriage as he and Jessica ultimately sleep together in this scene.

JESSICA Okay, so I’ve come over here three times and made dinner and still cannot figure out how to handle that dishwasher!

RYAN I’ve lived in this house for how many years and still can’t figure it out? I just wash dishes the old fashioned way!

JESSICA The old fashioned way is actually considered character building—or that’s what my dad used to say to get me to wash the dishes!

RYAN I think it’s f**king tacky that he used theater to manipulate you!

JESSICA Hey, whatever you have to do to get your kids to listen to you, I say go for it!

RYAN Right; I sometimes tell Byron that he has to eat his vegetables or else Batman won’t hire him as a sidekick! Works every time!

JESSICA Your kids look great; I can’t get enough of these pictures!

RYAN Thanks! Proudest moment of my life being in the delivery room both times when they were born…

JESSICA Yeah, this picture right here says it all; you and that damn smile.

RYAN Angie calls it “the smile that can make the sun jealous”.

JESSICA She’s not wrong! But I confess that I had a hidden motive for wanting to pop by this third time!

RYAN I knew it!

JESSICA Okay so the last two times, I avoided having you talk about Kayla but since this is my last night in town, I figured that I’m not leaving til you get it all off your chest so you guys can fix what’s going on!

RYAN Damn; here I was thinking you were never gonna bring it up.

JESSICA Remember when you used to bring up Tyler Black everyday for like three months?

RYAN The idiot who lit his own head on fire for a hazing ritual?

JESSICA That would be him! Thank god I had the sense to break it off with him. Hey! Don’t try to change the subject to me; this is about you. Talk!

RYAN Okay, okay…uh…well, I already told you kinda what’s going on but it got deeper over the last few months. She wants me to give up writing and get an actual job that pays. Her dad’s been saying that he has a job for me in his company; six figure salary, blah blah; but I just don’t want it.

JESSICA Alright, I get that. I mean writing has always been your thing since college. All those short stories and stuff…

RYAN Right! I mean, I know I could easily get a part time job or even take the job her dad’s offering me and still write but…I feel like its going to take away from what I’m doing.

JESSICA I understand that, trust me…but you gotta remember now, Ry; you’re 35, not 25. You’re not at the age where you can just not work while pursing your dream. You have a wife and kids.

RYAN I know, I know. F**k…why does getting older suck so much?

JESSICA Our parents never warned us about this part of our lives.

RYAN I miss my kids. A lot. It’s so weird being in this house and not seeing them…not hearing them…and Kayla…[Emotionally] I feel like I just ripped my family apart and the only person I can blame is me.

JESSICA Don’t say that! You did not rip your family apart. They aren’t gone; you can still get them back. You just have to…decide what’s more important right now. Or find a way to figure out how to balance the two. Bottom line is, I know you can fix this. You’re Ryan Madison…remember how much shit you’d help me get through?

[RYAN leans over and kisses JESSICA. For a moment, the kiss does not break but JESSICA backs up.]


RYAN I’m sorry.

JESSICA It’s okay. You’re…vulnerable. I get it.

[JESSICA then kisses RYAN and they do not stop; the kissing gets very intense and the lights fall]


SUMMARY: This scene takes place at the beginning of Act Two, two months after the explosive BBQ. This scene serves as a gateway toward Sam’s eventual moving on from Adam but also gives Christian a chance to really tell his side of the story.

Enter SAM after the stage has been cleared. He’s texting as usual. Enter CHRISTIAN.


SAM Christian…

CHRISTIAN How are you?

SAM I’m fine…

CHRISTIAN I was actually thinking about you a couple of weeks ago.

SAM Is that right?

CHRISTIAN Yeah. I wanted to talk to you again.

SAM About what?


SAM I’m a little tipsy right now so the last thing I want to talk about is Adam.

CHRISTIAN I broke up with him.

SAM [A little interested] Really?

CHRISTIAN Yeah; maybe about a month now.

SAM Why?

CHRISTIAN Uh…well…he was cheating on me.

SAM Well, look at that. Karma.

CHRISTIAN I guess you can sort of say that. What about you?

SAM Me? I’m…okay, I guess.

CHRISTIAN How’s everything going with that guy you brought to your BBQ?

SAM That…didn’t work out so well.

CHRISTIAN I’m sorry.

SAM It’s fine; I’m moving on. There’s nothing for me to do about it, you know?

CHRISTIAN Still, I’m sorry. Actually, like I said to you two months ago, I’m sorry about everything. I really didn’t mean to come into your marriage and destroy it.

SAM Look, I know you’re probably saying this so that you don’t carry around some type of guilt but it’s better to just not say a word about it at all. It is what it is.

CHRISTIAN I really mean it.

SAM You never told me exactly why you continued seeing Adam even after you knew he was married.

CHRISTIAN [After a pause] The truth is…I didn’t care. It was easier for me to kind of just say ‘f**k everything else’. I liked Adam, a lot. And I know he liked me. I didn’t care what his personal life was like. All I cared about was what went on between me and him.

SAM Right. Of course…

CHRISTIAN Anyway, I gotta run. I’ll…see you around. [Exits]

SAM & JAKE (1)

SUMMARY: This scene happens in act one and is the first time Sam and Jake meet each other and instantly connect in the supermarket.


Lights rise. SAM enters with a shopping cart. Enter JAKE from the opposite side. SAM is busy texting and
he crashes right into JAKE

SAM Shit, I am so sorry!

JAKE It’s alright!

SAM This is what I get trying to text and walk at the same time!

JAKE Happens to me all the time, trust me. I can say that you look like a texting pro to me.

SAM [Laughs] When you’ve got a daughter who you’re constantly checking up on with the sitter, you get used to it.

JAKE A daughter? Well, I’m sure your wife is just as crazy as you are about her.

SAM Actually, I’m gay.

JAKE Oh, I’m sorry for the wife comment then.

SAM Its fine, easy mistake. But at the moment, I’m sort of married but we’re filing for divorce. Long story and I don’t want to hold you up.

JAKE I’ve got nothing but time. I’ve no husband to go home to.

SAM Oh; you’re…gay. Well, okay then. But yeah, he cheated so yeah, that’s that.

JAKE What an idiot. A guy who cheats is a dick.

SAM Finally, the universe is on my side about this whole thing.

JAKE Hey, I’m just being real. Anyone who cheats is a dick.

SAM I’m assuming you’ve been cheated on?

JAKE That obvious?

SAM Kinda; but it’s okay. You’re allowed to vent about it. Hey, I just told a complete stranger that I’m getting a divorce…I think it’s only fair to return the venting favor.

JAKE [Laughs] My ex cheated on me after he proposed to me so there went my shot at marriage before I turned thirty seven.

SAM Thirty seven? I think you’re lying about your age. You look younger than mid-thirties.

JAKE I can say the same for you. Should we thank our parents?

SAM We owe them everything at this point, why the hell not?

JAKE I’m Jake; Jake Foster.

SAM Sam Davidson, nice to meet you—well, nice to crash into you.

JAKE Likewise. And with this being my first night in town, I guess I’m a lucky guy.

SAM First night? Where’d you move from?

JAKE California; lived in San Diego but work pushed me east so now I’m here. I’m an architect.

SAM Can you get any more attractive to me right now? Sorry!

JAKE It’s alright! Thank you for that. What about you?

SAM I’m a landscaper. It’s decent—

JAKE A landscaper, eh? So maybe I’ll be in need of your services eventually.

Enter EMILY.

EMILY There you are, I was looking—oh.

SAM Hey, sorry. Uh, this is my best friend Emily. Emily, this is Jake. He’s new in town.

EMILY Nice to meet you, Jake! Welcome to the hell hole of planet Earth.

JAKE Nice to meet you as well and thanks for the welcome; can’t be any worse than San Diego was.

EMILY Give it a month. You’ll be crying to leave.

SAM Oh; so, here’s my card, in case you were serious about the landscaping thing.

JAKE Cool. I’ll call you…even if it’s not about the landscaping thing. Nice to meet you again, Emily. [Exits]

SAM & JAKE (2)

SUMMARY: This scene takes place in the middle of act one and happens about a month or so into Sam and Jake’s growing connection. The * indicates a split scene, as there is a small scene between SAM and ADAM prior to JAKE and SAM continuing.

SAM enters. HE will have gardening tools with him and appear to be dirty. JAKE enters with a beer.

JAKE I figured you could use this.

SAM Thanks! I’m actually done.

JAKE I can’t tell you how great this all looks. You’ve really done an amazing job. Who knew one person could do so much in a month?

SAM Well, I’m considered the superman of landscaping by some people. But it’s something I like to by myself. It relaxes me.

JAKE I couldn’t help but notice how peaceful you looked out here…and I heard you singing.

SAM Ah, you heard that? Don’t judge me.

JAKE Hey, I belt out songs at the top of my lungs in the shower and my daughter laughs at me…so no judging going on here.

SAM She’s great, by the way.

JAKE She’s probably the one good thing I felt I did with my ex.

SAM That’s how I feel about Lily. My whole life revolves around her; anything I do, it’s to make sure she’ll be okay. I want her to have the things I couldn’t have but I want her to know how much I love her.

JAKE She knows, trust me. She may be three, but she knows.

SAM Yeah; she’s a real con artist, I can tell you that much.

JAKE They always are at that age. Sophia somehow lets me give her cookies before bed. It’s that smile, I’m telling you…makes me fall apart.

SAM That’s how I am with Lily. I swear, she gives me this puppy dog face whenever she wants something and I just can’t even muster the word no. It’s impossible.

JAKE It should be illegal for children to be so adorable.

SAM We better cherish it now because once they hit pre-teen years, life as we know it is going to be over.

JAKE Ah, I don’t even want to think about it. I’m already dreading having to have the talk with Sophia…I practice it every day.

SAM Oh god. Now I’m dreading the very same thing. Hey, our daughters should have a play date some time. Might be nice.

JAKE I’m free tomorrow.

SAM I am too. This will be great; I know Lily’s going to love her.

JAKE re-enters. SAM ends up throwing something against a wall.

SAM I’m sorry—I didn’t mean to do that—

JAKE It’s okay—

SAM Adam makes me so fucking mad that I become this insane body full of rage whenever I see or talk to him!

JAKE Trust me, I understand completely. He seems like quite the character.

SAM He wasn’t always like this, I swear. I don’t know what’s happened over the years to change him but if I knew this is who he’d become, I wouldn’t have even pushed getting married at all.

JAKE How did you find out…that he was cheating?

SAM How could I not is the real question. I was so blind. But one night, I came home and everything just felt different. Like, the atmosphere in the house felt off. I couldn’t even explain it…but then, he told me.

JAKE Damn. And you wanted the divorce from that point?

SAM Nah, that happened about a month or so later. I didn’t know what to do; one part of me wanted to forgive him but the other part was so hurt…I couldn’t even look at him. It got so bad that I started sleeping in my truck in the driveway because I couldn’t go in the house.

JAKE I’m so sorry, Sam. I’ve been there so I understand. You get to this dark place where you don’t even think there’s any light that could save you from it.

SAM That’s the perfect way to put it. But—I’m slowly getting better I think. It’s a process.

JAKE You’re right. And look, if you wanna reschedule the play date—

SAM Oh, no, no. I’m not rescheduling just because Adam wants to be a dick about the whole situation. Come by. I’ll even toss some stuff on the grill.

JAKE A landscaper and a cook? Wow, there’s just a lot to fall in love with about you, isn’t there?

SAM [After recovering] So, uh, I should get going.

JAKE Don’t forget the check. [Hands him a check]

SAM Thank you. So I’ll see you tomorrow?

JAKE Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Lights fall.

SAM & JAKE (3)

SUMMARY: This scene takes place at the top of act two, two months after the BBQ which ended horribly for SAM and JAKE. This is the first time the two have seen each other since then and it’s tense.

JAKE enters. He see’s SAM first and stops immediately. SAM looks up and they stare at each other.

SAM Hey.


SAM I wasn’t expecting to run into you; how are you?

JAKE I’m good. How about you?

SAM I’m okay; how’s Sophia doing?

JAKE She’s great.

SAM That’s good. [Pause] I should probably go. It was nice seeing you…[He proceeds to exit but doesn’t] Jake listen—I would be an idiot if I didn’t take this chance to apologize about what happened, in person. I’m sorry.

JAKE It’s fine, Sam—

SAM No, it’s not. It’s not fine. I let Adam come in between what we were building—

JAKE Because you weren’t ready, I get it.

SAM I was—am¬—ready.

JAKE Let’s be serious, Sam. You weren’t ready to move on. You’d been married to Adam for four years and dating him for how long? You guys adopted a daughter together; bought a house…trust me, I understand. You can’t—and won’t—let go.

SAM Fine, maybe you’re right. Maybe two months ago, I wasn’t fully ready to move on from him, but you can’t hold that against me!

JAKE I’m not—

SAM Yes, you are. I just—everything about him feels familiar. Even with Lily. So yeah, maybe that got in the way so I’m just gonna be a man about it.

JAKE Well, thanks. [Pause] I’m waiting for someone.

SAM [Forced composure] Oh. You’re…on a date? Wow. Uh…okay, then. Yeah, I’ll just get out of your hair. See you.

SAM exits.