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Jessica Thomas (Supporting)

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Casting "Here I Go," an original play. Synopsis: "Here I Go" will focus on four characters' marriages and relationships and how their lives are affected by the choices they are mak...more

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Female, ages 24-40, All Ethnicities

Role Description

Jessica Thomas: (Supporting) to play 32 years old, an old friend of Ryan’s; in town for a few weeks staying with her parents (her mother is ill); she runs into Ryan and the two reconnect; however, their reconnection becomes more than just two friends rekindling and ultimately leads to a breakdown in Ryan's marriage.


SUMMARY: This scene takes place in the beginning of Act Two and is the first time Jessica and Ryan have seen each other since they were in about eight years. They used to be very close friends; strictly platonic.


RYAN Oh my god; Jess!

JESSICA Holy shit! [Embraces him] I kept looking and saying to myself “is that Ryan?”

RYAN Wow, what are you doing here?

JESSICA Just a pit stop for a few nights. My show’s heading to Boston but our bus broke down so here I am!

RYAN Of all the cities in the world—

JESSICA Right? That’s what I said. So how are you? You look good!

RYAN Thanks! I’m…okay.

JESSICA Uh oh, I know that ‘okay’.

RYAN Nah, it’s really okay…

JESSICA What’s going on? You and Kayla having problems?

RYAN That easy?

JESSICA You’re like an open book; haven’t changed since college. What’s going on?

RYAN Just some issues about our careers and all, nothing I can’t handle. At least I’m trying to handle it. She’s staying with her parents and took the kids.

JESSICA Oh no, I am so sorry.

RYAN It’s okay, but I’m trying to just give her space and time but it’s been two months. I’m going crazy. Can you tell I’m going crazy?

JESSICA I can see it in your eyes. Well, I’m pretty sure everything’s going to blow over. You guys have been together for too long to let something like this get between you.

RYAN Everyone keeps telling me that but somehow, it just seems like there’s no end in sight to this tunnel of darkness I’m driving through. Anyway, I need happy news; what’s going on with you? Theater career taking off?

JESSICA Actually, yeah! I’m playing Galinda in Wicked; well, national tour.

RYAN Get out of town! Angie loves that show; I took her to see it when it stopped in Boston a few years ago. Congratulations!

JESSICA Thank you! It’s actually fun being blonde!

RYAN I bet! So where are you guys staying?

JESSICA The Hilton. The company put us up there; I’m not complaining…room service galore!

RYAN Nice!

JESSICA Hey, you know what, if you’re not too busy tonight, maybe I could come by and make you dinner. You look like you need a home cooked meal.

RYAN That actually sounds great; give me your number, I’ll text you the address.

They exchange numbers.

JESSICA It was really good seeing you.

RYAN Right back at you!


SUMMARY: This scene takes place midway through Act Two and serves as the ultimate breakdown in Ryan’s marriage as he and Jessica ultimately sleep together in this scene.

JESSICA Okay, so I’ve come over here three times and made dinner and still cannot figure out how to handle that dishwasher!

RYAN I’ve lived in this house for how many years and still can’t figure it out? I just wash dishes the old fashioned way!

JESSICA The old fashioned way is actually considered character building—or that’s what my dad used to say to get me to wash the dishes!

RYAN I think it’s f**king tacky that he used theater to manipulate you!

JESSICA Hey, whatever you have to do to get your kids to listen to you, I say go for it!

RYAN Right; I sometimes tell Byron that he has to eat his vegetables or else Batman won’t hire him as a sidekick! Works every time!

JESSICA Your kids look great; I can’t get enough of these pictures!

RYAN Thanks! Proudest moment of my life being in the delivery room both times when they were born…

JESSICA Yeah, this picture right here says it all; you and that damn smile.

RYAN Angie calls it “the smile that can make the sun jealous”.

JESSICA She’s not wrong! But I confess that I had a hidden motive for wanting to pop by this third time!

RYAN I knew it!

JESSICA Okay so the last two times, I avoided having you talk about Kayla but since this is my last night in town, I figured that I’m not leaving til you get it all off your chest so you guys can fix what’s going on!

RYAN Damn; here I was thinking you were never gonna bring it up.

JESSICA Remember when you used to bring up Tyler Black everyday for like three months?

RYAN The idiot who lit his own head on fire for a hazing ritual?

JESSICA That would be him! Thank god I had the sense to break it off with him. Hey! Don’t try to change the subject to me; this is about you. Talk!

RYAN Okay, okay…uh…well, I already told you kinda what’s going on but it got deeper over the last few months. She wants me to give up writing and get an actual job that pays. Her dad’s been saying that he has a job for me in his company; six figure salary, blah blah; but I just don’t want it.

JESSICA Alright, I get that. I mean writing has always been your thing since college. All those short stories and stuff…

RYAN Right! I mean, I know I could easily get a part time job or even take the job her dad’s offering me and still write but…I feel like its going to take away from what I’m doing.

JESSICA I understand that, trust me…but you gotta remember now, Ry; you’re 35, not 25. You’re not at the age where you can just not work while pursing your dream. You have a wife and kids.

RYAN I know, I know. F**k…why does getting older suck so much?

JESSICA Our parents never warned us about this part of our lives.

RYAN I miss my kids. A lot. It’s so weird being in this house and not seeing them…not hearing them…and Kayla…[Emotionally] I feel like I just ripped my family apart and the only person I can blame is me.

JESSICA Don’t say that! You did not rip your family apart. They aren’t gone; you can still get them back. You just have to…decide what’s more important right now. Or find a way to figure out how to balance the two. Bottom line is, I know you can fix this. You’re Ryan Madison…remember how much shit you’d help me get through?

[RYAN leans over and kisses JESSICA. For a moment, the kiss does not break but JESSICA backs up.]


RYAN I’m sorry.

JESSICA It’s okay. You’re…vulnerable. I get it.

[JESSICA then kisses RYAN and they do not stop; the kissing gets very intense and the lights fall]