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Aleksandar Cuk

Production Description

Casting "Hisao." Synopsis: After a failed diamond heist, Hisao deals with his inner demons as he going through the last moments of his life.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots March 21-23 in Burbank, CA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Meals, credit, copy, and online streaming provided.


Seeking submissions from: Burbank, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.

Howard Sides

Hisao is bleeding on the back, obviously in agony but still very lucid and responsive. The driver is silent, and focused. His features can only be seen in the rear-view mirror.
Maurice, where are you taking me?
[Pause] Hey, where the fuck are we going? Larry must’ve called, what did he say?
Now you know that guy doesn’t talk,
don’t you?
The driver stays silent, as Hisao turns his head he sees a guy, one of the robbers, sitting next to him. HOWARD is wearing a suit, but has a large gaping wound on his chest.
It is very bloody, seemingly with a hole where his heart should be, but it is not bleeding nor does he look like he’s in pain. He is smoking a cigarette, and the smoke comes out of the wound.
HISAO Howard?! How did you-
Shut the fuck up. You left me for
dead man, that’s how. I though you were a man of honor. Oh, Hisao, the Yakuza badass... He’s honorable. Well fuck you! You ain’t shit.
No... but you were dead, I saw you.
How are you breathing? You know I don’t leave friends behind, I wouldn’t if I knew...
Oh you knew you shit, but you don’t
want to admit it. Larry screwed us... He’s a traitor, and you’re his bitch.
Shut up! I’m not anyone’s bitch, I
always finish the job. You don’t become a member of-
Yakuza? The yamaguchi gummy-
whatever? Like I give I flying fuck. For all I know you left them too, why else would you be in the US.
I had to leave, I-
I don’t care. I just wanted to call
you a bitch one more time, bitch. I’m out-a here.

Larry Sides

HISAO is lying on his back unconscious from blood loss. LARRY is smoking a cigarette and leaning against his car, while MAURICE is nowhere to be seen; tire-tracks being the only evidence of him ever being there. LARRY finishes his cigarette, and walks over to HISAO who is starting to get around. He leans down and slaps him a few times. He pulls out a gun as HISAO starts to wake up and points it towards his head.
Oh you really are a sleepy fuck
aren’t you? Now is not the time to take a nap.
LARRY kicks HISAO in the side, jolting him into an awake state.
LARRY (CONT’D) Look at me!
LARRY cocks his gun, and HISAO opens his eyes.
HISAO (Coughs)
Howard was right about you.
What the fuck are you talking
about? Howard has been dead since forever, there’s no way he could’ve told you anything... No, I’m pretty sure you figured it. Now hand over that diamond.
You know Larry, you really are too
careless to be in this line of work.
SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t have time
for this, give me that diamond. Give me that thing right now or I-
I gave the diamond to Howard. Who
is, as you definitely know, lying dead on the street.
A look of bewilderment appears on LARRY’s face. Then several different emotions are emulated: anger, sadness, unparalleled frustration and anger. Larry starts having the temper tantrum of the century.
Why...why, why, WHY?! Why the fuck
would you go and do something so fucking random?!
It wasn’t random. I never trusted
you, I don’t trust myself. And we were getting fucked by the police so I thought why not.
Um... Maybe because we had a
fucking deal, because I’m the leader and not that dead bitch Howard. (laughs) All for nothing, months of planning and I have absolutely nothing.
LARRY starts hitting himself with the butt of the gun. He mumbles to himself, starts frothing at the mouth.
Fuck it.
Suddenly he bolts towards HISAO, pressing the against his head and puts his finger on the trigger. LARRY freezes, HISAO is confused.
Seriously? I thought you were a
twisted fuck, I thought you’d enjoy finishing me off. You’re not getting nervous are you?
Suddenly LARRY’s silence is broken by a loud thump. He hits his hand against his chest and squeezes, he does the same with his left arm. He is sweating profusely. A grin appears on HISAO’s face.
LARRY You...fuck! HELP ME!
LARRY slouches a little bit, he is a tree about to fall. As he starts leaning forward more and more, his sweat starts falling on HISAO’s face, who is disgusted but please with what is happening. LARRY fires of a gun and falls over HISAO

Melanie Sides

The blinds are closed, and some light is seeping between them. A man, HISAO, is sleeping when the phone starts ringing. HISAO doesn’t wake up, but does move in the bed. The ringing ends, and a message is heard.
Hisao??? I know you’re there. I
don’t know why you’re doing this to me. I really don’t. Please call me back, make me feel wanted... just a little bit. Don’t run away again. I love you.
He gets no answer, so he turns around and tries to get up. He is too weak to walk, so he starts crawling toward MELANIE. HISAO is feeling much worse than a few moments ago, but he is unusually happy. As he is crawling, he starts falling in and out of consciousness. Finally he is by her side.
HISAO (CONT’D) Melanie... why? How?
Hisao, you know why I am here...
how doesn’t matter
You are right.. Everything is
falling apart, I can’t keep it together.
MELANIE Hisao...
No, listen. This doesn’t matter
anymore. The heist, the honor, Howard, Larry. None of it matters. But I couldn’t keep us together. Forgive me.
I am not here to give you my
forgivness. I’m here so you can forgive yourself and move on.

Detailed Plot

Hisao is an ex-Yakuza, and is a professional robbery. He is sleeping in his bed when the phone rings for the first time. It is his girlfriend, Melanie, who is annoyed and downright hurt by Hisao’s lack of attention towards her. She loves him deeply, but is losing patience as Hisao gives priority to his work. Hisao sleeps through this call, but wakes up at the end. The phone rings again and Hisao springs up immediately, hoping his girlfriend called again. It turns out to be Larry, his business associate and leader of the “gang”. He updates Hisao on the heist they are supposed to pull off later that day. After the conversation, Hisao starts getting ready.

The story switches to the aftermath of the heist. The robbery was mostly a failure, with one team member dead, and Hisao gravely wounded. Hisao is in the back of a car, bleeding, while Maurice drives the car. Before he wakes up, he has flashbacks with Amy, very quick but they show them being happy and show Hisao hurting Mellany emotionally. As he is losing blood, Hisao starts having very vivid hallucinations in the form of people he has hurt. The first one is Howard, who sits next to him with a hole in his chest. He is very angry with Hisao, and dismisses him as an honorable man, instead calling him a coward and deserter. Howard jumps out of the car, and Hisao loses consciousness once again.

When he wakes up, he is out of the car, in the middle of a desert. Maurice and his car are gone, while Larry is there, leaning on his car. Larry is aiming a gun at Hisao, and is expecting a diamond from the heist. Obviously, Larry has deceived Hisao and Howard in some way, maybe even Maurice. Mad with the fact that Hisao gave the diamond to Howard, instead of keeping it as planned, Larry puts the gun against Hisao’s head. As he is about to pull the trigger, the unexpected happens, and Larry suffers a fatal heart attack and falls over Hisao. Hisao is unconscious again.

When he wakes up, and pushes the body of himself, Hisao sees Melanie in the distance. He crawls towards her; she appears like an angel in the horizon. Hisao starts apologizing, realizing his ways, but Melanie is unusually calm. She is not looking forgiveness, but is trying to help Hisao forgive himself. He is not a deserter, but too honorable, putting too much trust into people he shouldn’t. Hisao finally achieves his peace and lays down on Melanie’s lap. She disappears, and Hisao is dead. He looks serene. Death is not the end, but a step forward.