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'Hope From a New World'

Casting notice expires: August 2, 2014

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William Paterson University
Casey O'Connell, casting dir.

Production Description

Casting "Hope From a New World," a William Paterson University student project. Synopsis: Mikahba, an alien princess from the planet Exias, flees to Earth after discovering she is the target of a murderous plot. She ends up in Central Park where she meets Celeste, a lonely young woman with a unique past. Together these outcasts try to evade Mikahba's hunters in the world's pre-eminent melting pot--New York City.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses Aug. 7 & 8; shoots Aug. 15, 16, 17, 23, & 24 in various NYC locations TBA and William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Travel expenses will be compensated; food provided.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Hope From a New World - Audition Sides, All Characters

1. Radeth speaks to his followers, and shares his plans of what he hopes will be the future of their planet, Exias. He must take out any and all threats.

RADETH: For centuries we've conquered & harvested other planets for the needs of our people. But now the ungrateful citizens of Exias demand change. Our planet falls apart and they blame us, saying war isn't sustainable. The incompetent new regime has fallen to the will of the weak. They say diplomacy is the new answer. They say free trade is the new answer. Science is the new answer. I say WE ARE THE ANSWER! We've always been the answer.

(He twirls a knife in his hands)

RADETH (CONTD): Today...we show them we'll always be the answer. Our mission is simple. Kill the very symbol of change they adore. Send a message.
1. In an ambush, Radeth and his men attack Mikahba and Agaroth while they plan to escape, but Mikabha gets out just in time. Agaroth is left alone to defend himself, Valom interrogates him until Radeth decides to step in and finish the job.

VALOM: Where is she!

(Agaroth doesn’t answer, Radeth is observing the interrogation.)

VALOM (CONT'D) : Tell us now!

(Agaroth continues to ignore him, so Radeth steps in. Valom steps away as Radeth stabs Agaroth violently.)

VALOM: NO! Why'd you do that!

RADETH: Watch your tone when addressing your superior. You would've never broken him...

(Radeth takes the tracking device locator from a dead Agaroth.)

RADETH (CONTD): But it doesn't matter. This is all we need. Get on the transporter.
1. Erasino is badly wounded after a run in with Mikahba and Celeste. Radeth decides he is not worth keeping around.

ERASINO: She's with a human. A female. She wears some strange red object on her head -- and human clothes.

RADETH: (to Valom, who appears antsy.) Be patient, we're not far behind. Remember we're better conditioned than most species. It's warm so the human will eventually slow her down, then -- we'll catch them.

(Radeth turns his attention to Erasino.)

RADETH (CONT'D): Wait. You hurt your leg.

(Erasino knows what’s coming. Radeth kneels beside him and takes his head in his ands. He ends his life.)

1. Mikahba arrives at Earth. She runs into Celeste, who is drawing in the park and watching women jog at the same time. Mikahba sees her drawing and studies it until Celeste notices, and is startled. They talk while Mikahba tries to adapt to her new surroundings, with Celeste’s help.

CELESTE : Oh my God! You scared me!

MIKAHBA: Where can I find clothes like that?

(Mikahba points to the girls dancing in front of them.)

CELESTE : Actually, there's a vendor like 10 yards down that way, but I must say – I wouldn't change a thing about that costume you have on. It fits you well -- real well.

(Mikahba starts moving. Celeste wants to follow.)

CELESTE: Wait! I didn't get your name!

(Celeste touches Mikahba's shoulder. As a reflex and on accident, Mikahba elbows her in the gut. It is painful.)

CELESTE : Oooh-kay. It was nice meeting you. Have a nice day.

MIKAHBA: I'm sorry. I just reacted.

CELESTE : Who ARE you?

MIKAHBA: I'm Mikahba. Could you show me where to find the clothes?

CELESTE: Do you usually greet people with your elbow Mikahba?


CELESTE: I'll give you a pass. I'm Celeste by the way. Is that an accent I here?

MIKAHBA : I guess -- I'm a long way from home.

(Mikahba takes a few items from the vendor's makeshift setup and walks away. )

CELESTE: Woah woah -- you gotta pay for that!

(Mikahba ignores her.)

CELESTE (CONTD): Now wait a minute -- you just can't...

(Mikahba begins to undress.)

CELESTE (CONTD): Woah! Oh. Okay. So you’re just gonna...I mean right here in the open though?

(Still no answer.)

CELESTE (CONTD): Shit, she really is!
2. Mikabha and Celeste just escaped being caught by Radeth. They stop running so Celeste can catch her breath, and have a small conversation before he finds them again.

CELESTE: Slow down -- we've been running for nine blocks. I need to sit.

MIKAHBA :We need to keep moving.

CELESTE: Do you even know where you're going?

(off Mikahba's blank stare)

CELESTE: Yeah I thought so.

MIKAHBA: You don't understand -- these men are treacherous. Your life is in danger now just for even helping me.

CELESTE: Are you going to go to the cops?

MIKAHBA: I can't draw attention to myself. The authority figures you have here'll only make things worse.

CELESTE: You have no argument from me on that one sister.
(beat) Who's the asshole who punched me in the face?

MIKAHBA: His name is Erasino. He was assigned to protect me.

CELESTE: He's doing a shitty job. What do you mean he was assigned to protect you?

MIKAHBA: Give me this.

(Mikahba takes Celeste's shades off of her shirt, puts them on and slouches in an effort to remain incognito.)

CELESTE: You see them?

MIKAHBA: Yes, but just one though. Their leader, Radeth.

CELESTE: Relax, I know where to go. Look around like the tourist you are. -- and take this thing off.
1. Agaroth overhears Radeth’s plan to get rid of Mikahba. He warns her.

AGAROTH: Mikahba! Mikahba! Princess Mikahba! Listen to me!

  MIKAHBA: One minute Agaroth! Renewable energy doesn't just discover itself.

AGAROTH: Your life is in danger! You must leave! Do you hear me? You must leave NOW!

MIKAHBA: Are we under attacked?

AGAROTH: Yes my dear -- our entire future is under attack...

(They watch surveilence footage of Radeth and his men running from their room, closer to where they are now.)

MIKAHBA: Those soldiers -- surely they'll protect us. They're part of the new Royal Guard.

AGAROTH: Radeth. -- He's part of the conspiracy. Come quick, we don't know who we can trust.

MIKAHBA: I don't understand. Why would they want to hurt me?

AGAROTH: You represent a new period of enlightenment in Exias. Some men still cling to the old ways and view you as a threat -- men like Radeth. I should've seen this coming. With your father away, now's the perfect time to take away his only offspring. Don't worry. It's my job to look after you. I've never failed your father's wishes before -- I won't start now.

MIKAHBA: Where are you sending me?

AGAROTH: Sector 150.1

MIKAHBA: Earth? Agaroth we aren't ready to explore that planet yet. We need to do more research.

AGAROTH: We have no choice. It's no longer safe here. Their planet has the nearest atmosphere you can survive in.

(He notices her panic.)

AGAROTH (CONT'D): Hold it together my dear.

MIKAHBA: What about the humans? I don't know what to expect.

MIKAHBA(CONTD) : (overlapping) Agaroth I can't. I'm no warrior -- I'm just a scientist.

AGAROTH: (overlapping) Yes you can. Believe in yourself. You are a survivor!