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Casting the Huntington Theatre Company 2013-14 season. Season includes: "The Cocktail Hour" (A.R. Gurney, writer; Maria Aitken, dir. Rehearsals begin Oct. 22; runs Nov. 15-Dec. 15)...more

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Males & Females, ages 18-64, All Ethnicities

Role Description

Actors: (Supporting) See full character breakdown for more information.

Full Character Breakdown


BRADLEY: Male. 70s. Ann's husband. Witty and well bred, he takes delight and comfort in embracing the old traditions, often to the point of stuffiness. Detests having his family's dirty laundry being aired in his son's plays, but still struggles to be a good father. A proper businessman—who understands the culture of country club deal-making and gentleman's agreements.

JOHN: Male. Early 40s. Bradley and Ann's son. A publisher and playwright who writes about his family to deal with the neglect he felt growing up. A bit of an everyman. Honorable, though easily persuaded not to produce his latest play in the interest of keeping the peace - and his parents happy. The product of a privileged upbringing.

ANN: Female. Likely 70s. Bradley's wife. Devoted mother and an especially devoted wife. Once a budding novelist, to the point that she neglected John as a child—but then quickly abandoned her dream. A true WASP in the best and worst sense; who has moments of genuine warmth combined with awkward reserve – extremely proper and droll at the same time – and funnier than she even knows.

NINA: Female. Mid 40s. Bradley and Ann's daughter. Has it all – at least on paper - a good marriage and job and children, but still searching to find true happiness. A good daughter who finds her greatest comfort with dogs, to the point of wanting to devote her life to service animals. Her patrician manner easily unravels into petulance as the evening unfolds.


ACTOR 1: Male. 30s-40s. Plays a variety of characters, including a quick-and-concise-talking polished CNN exec and a peppy and energetic reporter with perfectly blow-dried hair. At one point, speaks in a thick Irish brogue.

SUE RASPELL: Female. 30s. News anchor. Sexy if not for her uptightness and far-too-perfect hair. Professional and relentless. Has an autistic son whose caretaking dominates her life, as well as a failing marriage—but compartmentalizes her personal and professional lives. Lost. Looking to recapture her former sense of freedom and adventure.

JOHN EBBS: Male. 30s. A jovial sportscaster. Wise-cracking, gregarious, and socially needy. Not afraid to share hard truths. Secretly manic depressive.

SCOTT ZOELLNER: Male. 30s-40s. Younger than Charlie Duff, but more powerful. A rising star at the network, and a prick who likes to act humble. Fast-talking, foul-mouthed, and aggressive. Cynical, but a capable leader. Not well-liked, but he gets the job done. Deeply self-loathing, but covers it with a veneer of arrogance. A man of few convictions.

LISA: Female. 40s. Charlie Duff's ex-wife. Lovely, poised, and strong—but forgiving. Has custody of Ricky, her teenaged son with Charlie. Cautious with Charlie, and a bit passive aggressive, but her belief in him remains firm.

JOSEPH ANDANGO: Male. 30s-50s. Nigerian. He is well educated, philosophical, wise, and accepting. A recent immigrant to America. Worked as a janitor at a health club but was laid off. He has AIDS and no health insurance

RICKY: Male. 15 years old. Son of Lisa and Charlie Duff. A basketball player. Reticent and rageful. Protective of his mother. Rebellious against his father, who he hasn't seen in two years.


THOMAS NOVACHEK: Male. Mid 30s-early 40s. A playwright/adapter and first-time director. Handsome but not too much so. More Brooklyn than Upper East Side. Cultivated. Literate. Intelligent. Entitled. Excited by and scared of the ideas his play explores. A bit of a jerk and knows it. Sometimes, vulnerable. Only sometimes.

VANDA JORDAN: Female. 20s. An aspiring young actress. A sexy, articulate, intelligent woman with some classical training and a sense of maturity and manipulation—masked by her sometime ditziness and all the time peculiarities. Able to shift from one mode to the other with ease. She would win any contest she enters with ease.


PYÓTR NIKOLÁYEVICH SÓRIN: Male. 60's. Irína's brother. Retired and living on his farm. Bearded and never married, Sórin worked in a government office for 28 years and now wishes to experience life.

NÍNA MIKHÁILOVNA ZARÉCHNAYA: Female. 19 years old. She lives with her wealthy father and stepmother who is neighbor to Sórin's farm. She dreams of being an actress.

ILYÁ AFANÁSYEVICH SHAMRÁYEV: Male. 50-60's. A retired army lieutenant who manages Sórin's farm.

PAULÍNA ANDRÉYEVNA: Female. 45-60's. Ilyá's wife and Masha's mother.

MASHA: Female. 22 years old. Ilyá and Paulína's daughter. She is in mourning for her life and always wears black.

BORÍS ALEXÉYEVICH TRIGÓRIN: Male. 30's. A rich, famous writer who has talent and charm. Also described of as ordinary.

YEVGÉNY SERGÉYEVICH DORN: Male. 55 years old. The local doctor. He is attractive and was a Don Juan in his younger days.

SEMYÓN SEMYÓNOVICH MEDVEDÉNKO: Male. 20's. A school teacher who supports his mother, two sisters, and brother on his small salary. He is jovial and in love with Masha.

YÁKOV: Male. The hired man.

THE COOK: Male or Female.

THE MAID: Female.


Note: It is important that all actors auditioning for this play understand that even though this play takes place in a time of war, these are people who use a tremendous amount of humor as a means of survival. It's not all doom and gloom; heart and humor are equally as important if not more.

ADELA: Female. 35. Runs a pharmacy; hides in her work. Strict, harsh, and direct. Cares deeply for her family, even though her tension about the world often eclipses any tenderness. Mourning her beloved husband killed in war. Soulful, with an edge. Tries her best to be upstanding and lawful. The daughter of a Cuban man and a Spanish woman, her loyalties are torn between these two warring sides.

MARTINA: Female. 25. Adela's sister. Means well, but is not always the most efficient. A bit frivolous and lighthearted, but open and warm. Sharper and stronger than others give her credit for. When she's not using her humor, she uses her body rather than her mind to get her way with men.

FANCY: Female. 35. Spanish Lady. (Also plays Hatuey's Wife.) Upper class. Wife of Isidore (high-ranking Spanish officer). Formal and haughty, but has moments of kindness. Often frantic and uneasy because of her new home and her husband's philandering.

CHUCHO: Male. 12. Cuban boy. (Also Mambi.) Scrawny, orphan beggar and thief. Constantly tries to smooth talk his way into goods—that he eventually steals.

DAVIS: Male. 40. American reporter. Wants to illustrate the horrors of war for American readers. Adventurous, but perhaps he's not as able as he once was to handle that adventure. Good natured and willing to take on a challenge. Falls in love with Adela.

MANNY: Male. 28. Adela's half-brother, both of his parents were Cuban. Rough, handsome. Escaped rebel soldier. Loving, in a coarse way. Reckless. Strong, but weary from war.

ISIDORE: Male. 40. Spanish lieutenant general to Weyler. (Also Conquistador 1, 2, Teddy Roosevelt.) Polite, urbane, lethal. Ruthless and malicious. Smug in his believed superiority.


VALERIE JOHNSTON: Female. 24. African-American. Recently graduated from the A.R.T. Acting MFA program. Works part-time as a housekeeper. Volunteers for the Obama campaign. Sharp, curious, and driven. A bit insulated and privileged, but certainly not dumb. Generally kind demeanor.

JACKSON MOORE: Male. 28. African-American. Harvard Med School. Surgical intern on rotation. Also works at a clinic. Often has a blunt and brisk manner. Says what's on his mind and what he thinks, even though that can often get him in trouble. Defensive attitude, as a result. Has his moments, but he's typically fairly abrasive.

BRIAN WHITE: Male. 36. White. Professor at Harvard. (title: Assistant Professor-untenured). Neuro-psychiatrist. Studies patterns of racial identity and perceptions. A bit bumbling, but still capable, and very doggedly believes in the work he's doing—even if that work is shunned by most other academics. Practices unconventional teaching methods and research, which his department does not always approve of. Constantly needs to defend himself.

GINNY YANG: Female. 34. Japanese-American. Respected tenured professor of psychology at Harvard. Studies race and identity among Asian-American women. Matter of fact. Confident in her abilities and work-addicted. Refuses to back down. Aggressive and somewhat cold. Has a shopping addiction.