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Casting notice expires: June 18, 2013

This listing has expired.

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Spork Productions
Geoff Ryan, coord.

Production Description

Casting "Jimmy," an animated series focused on the trials of Jimmy, a boy living in the shadow of his superstar brother and under the thumb of his nagging Jewish mother and bitter father. Six two- to three-minute episodes will be produced for online distribution.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses and records in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $100 per half-day for recording sessions (4 hours)


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY; New York, NY; New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Jimmy Sides

Line #1(Upset at his mom for comparing him to his older brother)
"God, mom! That’s all you ever talk about is Jessy this and Jessy that! Of course he can, he’s great at everything! I’m just an average Joe. [sighs and pauses for a moment, calms down and humbly replies] Sorry mom, let me help. "

Line #2 (Talking to his brother Jessy)
"Did you talk to dad? I don't think he listens to me?"

Jessy Sides

Line #1(On stage trying to work a large crowd into a frenzy)
"Let me hear you! [beat] I’m not hearing it! Come on, let me hear you!!! [he acts like they're not loud enough] Dude, that’s it? We’ve got like five thousand people out here! I guess you don't want to see a show…"

Line #2 (Talking to Jimmy about family problems)
"You just gotta have faith in Dad bro. He'll come through, you'll see. It ain't always easy for me either, bro."

Martha Sides

Line #1 (bragging about her oldest son Jessy)
"Francine told me Jessy was the talk of the town again today. She says he saved an orphan. [beat] He’s such a good boy."

Line #2 (Upset that Jimmy won't massage her hands)
"Jimmy, I slaved all day on this dinner for you so the least you could do is rub my tired old hands! [to her husband] Joseph, tell your ungrateful son to rub his momma’s hands."

Joe Sides

Line #1 (scolding Jimmy for not helping his mom - grumbling yet forceful)
"Ugh, Jimmy, rub your momma's hands"

Mythra Sides

Line #1 (Complaining to Jonah at Jessy's show)
"I’m sorry Jonah. I don’t latch onto whichever popular trend the hipsters are riding from day to day. You know Blackflag was doing this stuff way before Jessy made it cool... no offense Jimmy."

Jonah Sides

Line #1 (Cheering for Jessy at a concert, and arguing with Mythra)
"Shut up Mythra, just because he’s not dark and edgy like your punk bands, he's not some trend. He's the real deal. [cheering toward the stage] Jessy, Jessy, Jessy!!!"

Lucki Sides

Line #1 (Talking to Jimmy)
"Ah! It is an honor to meet the brother of Jessy. Lucki is a big fan! Does Jimmy think he could introduce Lucki to Jessy?? They could make a fine team, maybe Lucki could become part of the tour Jessy is on? I could open for him, warm up the crowd? It would surely be glorious."