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Kansas City Repertory Theatre
Kyle Hatley, assoc. artistic dir.

Production Description

Casting the Kansas City Repertory Theatre's 2014-15 season. Season includes "Our Town" (David Cromer, dir. Rehearsals begin Aug. 12; runs Sept. 12-Oct. 5); TBA Show (Eric Rosen, dir. Rehearsals begin Sept. 23; runs Oct. 24-Nov. 2); "A Christmas Carol" (Kyle Hatley, dir. Rehearsals begin Oct. 31; runs Nov. 29-Dec. 26); "Santaland Diaries" (Jerry Genochio, dir. Rehearsals begin Nov. 14; runs Dec. 12-28); "An Iliad" (Jerry Genochio, dir. Rehearsals begin Dec. 30; runs Jan. 30-Feb. 15); "Angels in America Parts 1 & 2" (Gary Griffin, dir. Rehearsals begin Jan. 20, 2015; runs Feb. 27-Apr. 12); TBA Show 2 (Eric Rosen, dir. Rehearsals begin Feb. 24, 2015; runs Mar. 27-Apr. 18); and "God Hates Sticky Traps" (Kyle Hatley, dir. Rehearsals begin Mar. 24, 2015; performances begin Apr. 24).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and performs in Kansas City, MO.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $812/wk (LORT B); $600 wk. (LORT D). Equity LORT B & D Non-Rep Contracts.


Seeking submissions from: Kansas City, MO Sign up or Log In to apply.

Character Breakdown

NOTE: Some roles will fall into tracks so that one actor plays multiple roles.

OUR TOWN Directed by David Cromer
Tech: Aug 30
Dress: Sep 4
1st Prev: Sep 5
Theatre: Spencer Theatre
PLEASE NOTE: The characters are straightforward, hard-working people, who keep their complex emotional lives to themselves. It is not the culture of the town to express oneself.

STAGE MANAGER: male, over 30. An emotionally inscrutable man with the authority to stop & start the play at will.
DOC GIBBS (FRANK): male, 40s. Frank is the town doctor in Grover’s Corners. Respected & heeded, he is emotionally distant & secretly afraid that he may have no idea what he’s talking about. Like almost all citizens of Grover’s Corner, he avoids, & is embarrassed by displays of emotion, not least of all, his own.
MRS. GIBBS (JULIA): female 40s. A housewife & mother of 2, Julia is embarrassed that she harbors a secret desire to see Paris, France. Rather than discuss it with her husband (who tends to speak dismissively of anything in which he himself is not interested) she hints at it for many years & dies never having actually stated her wish. She is a thorough & practical wife & mother. MRS. WEBB (MYRTLE): female, late 30s at beginning of play. A hard-working & effective housewife & mother of 2, Myrtle had no idea she would eventually fail to execute a fairly significant parental duty: that of informing her daughter what to expect on her wedding night. She probably benefits from living in a culture in which a parent’s rightness is rarely questioned.
GEORGE GIBBS: ages over the course of the play from 16-30. Cast.
EMILY WEBB: ages over the course of the play from 14-27. Cast.
EDITOR WEBB (CHARLES): male, 40s. The owner & publisher of The Grover’s Corners Sentinel with all the attendant authority that carries. Charles seems a little more interested in the emotional lives of his children than most. One might call him a bit of a smartass.
SIMON STIMSON: male, old enough to have seen a peck of trouble. Must play piano. Simon is the organist & choir director of the Congregational Church. He is the town scandal with a commonly known but never spoken of drinking problem. He can only articulate his sadness & rage and isolation after his
MRS. SOAMES (LOUELLA): female, over 40. A Grover’s Corners woman who attends weddings as it presents an opportunity to publicly display emotion.
HOWIE NEWSOME: male, over 25. Howie is the Milkman & the absolute, final, & unimpeachable authority on all things related to the weather in Grover’s Corners. Howie must have the exact same conversation with almost everyone he meets almost every day.
REBECCA GIBBS: female, ages from 11 to 25. George’s little sister. She loves money. She worries the moon may crash into the earth. She does not want George to get married.
WALLY WEBB: male, 10 or so. A bizarre little boy.
PROFESSOR WILLARD: male, 40s. A professor at the local University, Professor Willard is an authority on the geological history of Grover’s Corners. He is not much of a speaker in or out of the classroom.
CONSTABLE WARREN (BILL): male, 40s-50s. An ordinary, efficient but unhurried man. Duties include; checking doors after sundown, flood watch, & dealing with that gang that hangs out down by the gulley.
JOE CROWELL: JR. male, mid teens. A very bright young man who will graduate first in his class, be granted a scholarship to MIT but die in France in WW I. He is resistant to change.
SI CROWELL: male, mid teens. Si delivers the Grover’s Corners Sentinel in 1904, after his older brother retires. Si, like all the Crowell boys, is resistant to change.
JOE STODDARD: male, over 40. Joe is a very typical Grover’s Corners citizen; informed about people’s business, disinterested in emotional displays & therefore expert at circumventing indulgent behavior. The town undertaker
SAM CRAIG: male 20s. A Grover’s Corners boy who left town to go out west.

TBA Title not yet selected for our Fall slot. Directed by Eric Rosen
Tech: Oct 11
Dress: Oct 16
1st Prev: Oct 17
Theatre: Copaken Stage

A CHRISTMAS CAROL Directed by Kyle Hatley
Tech: Nov 15
Dress: Nov 20
1st Prev: Nov 21
Theatre: Spencer Theatre

Mrs. Cratchit/Fezzi Guest
Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come/Toy Vendor/Fezzi Guest
Solicitor 1, Auntie Fezzi
Solicitor 2, Charwoman, Grandma
Marley/Undertaker/Fezzi Guest
Ghost of Christmas Past
Mrs. Fezzi
Mr. Fezzi/Businessman/News
Ghost of Christmas Present/Rat Catcher
Belle/Mrs. Fred
Joe/Fezzi Guest
Topper/Fezzi Guest/Snuff Box
Scrooge As A Young Man
Fan/Martha/Fezzi Guest
Albert Hall/2nd Young Man
Giggly Sister/Poulterer
Dick Williams/1st Young Man
Tiny Tim
Scrooge As A Boy
Belinda Cratchit
Peter Cratchit

SANTALAND DIARIES Directed by Jerry Genochio
Tech: Dec 2nd
Dress: Dec 4th
1st Prev: Dec 5th
Theatre: Copaken Stage

Crumpet: Cast.

AN ILIAD Directed by Jerry Genochio
Tech: Jan 15
Dress: Jan 22
1st Prev: Jan 23
Theatre: Copaken Stage

The Poet: Cast.

ANGELS IN AMERICAN, Parts 1 & 2 Directed by Gary Griffin
Tech: Feb 14
Dress: Feb 19
1st Prev: Feb 20
Theatre: Copaken Stage

Roy Cohn: 40s – 60. A closeted gay lawyer, based on real life Roy Cohn. Just as in history, it is eventually revealed that he has contracted HIV & the disease has progressed to AIDS, which he insists is liver cancer to preserve his reputation.
Joe Pitt: 30s. Harper’s husband and a deeply closeted gay Mormon, clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, & friend of Roy Cohn. Joe eventually abandons his wife for a relationship with Louis. Throughout the play, he struggles with his sexual identity.
Harper Pitt: 30s. A Mormon housewife with a mild-addition to Valium, which induces hallucinations throughout the play. After a revelation from Prior (whom she meets when his heavenly vision & her hallucination cross paths), she discovers that her husband is gay & struggles with it, considering it a betrayal of her marriage.
Belize: 30s. A former drag queen, he is Prior’s ex-boyfriend & best friend. He later becomes Roy Cohn’s nurse.
Louis Ironson: 30s. Prior’s boyfriend. Unable to cope with Prior’s disease, he ultimately abandons him, meets Joe Pitt and later begins a relationship with him.
Prior Walter: 30s. A gay man suffering from AIDS. Throughout the play, he experiences various heavenly visions. When the play begins, he is dating Louis Ironson.
Hannah Pitt: 50s – 60s. Joe’s mother. She moves to NY after his son drunkenly comes out to her on the phone. She arrives to find that Joe has abandoned his wife.
The Angel/The Voice: A messenger from Heaven who visits Prior & tells him he’s a prophet.

TBA Title has not been selected for our Spring slot. Directed by Eric Rosen
Tech: Mar 14
Dress: Mar 19
1st Prev: Mar 20
Theatre: Spencer Theatre

GOD HATES STICKY TRAPS World Premiere by Nathan Louis Jackson, KC Rep Resident Playwright, Directed by Kyle Hatley
Tech: Apr 11
Dress: Apr 16
1st Preview: Apr 17
Theatre: Copaken Stage

Linda: 50s. Mother of Cameron Pratt, a bi-racial, gay college student who took his own life.
Charlotte: 26. Cameron’s sister & Linda’s daughter. A lawyer whose star is rising. Also bi-racial.
Montrell: 30. Cameron’s half-brother, Linda’s stepson. A police officer in Kansas City, Kansas. African American.
Reverend Wesley Pratt: 50s. Brother of Linda Pratt, uncle to Cameron and Charlotte. Reverend of a Kansas-based church who has organized & is leading a protest with his congregation at Cameron’s funeral.