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'Mirror's Image' Pilot

Casting notice expires: May 31, 2014

This listing has expired.

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47Dollar Productions, LLC
Jordashe Braxton, coord.

Production Description

Casting the pilot episode of "Mirror's Image" a scripted series that takes a look into the epidemic of bullying/cyber bullying in schools.



Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots summer 2015 in Baltimore, DC, VA area.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pay is dependant on the final budget. Producer expects compensation to range from $50-200/day. Meals and credit. Please check us out and support us at Follow us on twitter Like us on Facebook


Seeking submissions nationwide/worldwide Sign up or Log In to apply.

Walter Leighton Sides

SIDES: Walter reliving the day his mom and best friend died. As he tells the story to Jessica.

Oh, you’re waiting for
me to-- we had just
gotten our report cards.
I get A’s and B’s so
that’s not a story, but
Nate got one D, and
if you know Nate get-
ting only one D on his
report card is a big
deal. My mom was so
proud of him. When
she got home from work
she took us out to din-
ner and we got to see
the midnight showing
of-- I can’t remember
what we saw. I remem-
ber on the way home
my mom saying, “put
your seatbelt on, put
your seatbelt on, Wal-
ter put your seatbelt
on.” I didn’t put my
seatbelt on. What was
the name of the movie.
We get outside of my
neighborhood and a car
runs a red light and
crashes into us.
I go flying through the
window and hit the
street. I broke my col-
larbone, leg, and got a
concussion. My mom died
instantly. Nate died a
week later from compli-
cations, so not a cat.
And that’s not the
worst part of it.
I lost my father to
drugs, so I know death
happens. What pisses
me off is my stepfather
signing a contract waiv-
er that gets me a lit-
tle money now and a lot
of money when I turn
eighteen, for any physi-
cal and emotional damage,
but prevents me from
telling anybody who was
responsible for killing
my mom and best friend,
or I face jail time.
Ain’t that a bitch.
You’ll probably pass
Nate’s little brother in
these halls so many
times and he won’t even
know who you are, be-
cause everybody settled,
and nobody went to court.
All so your boyfriend’s
brother can keep being a
football star.
And what else pisses me
off is that I know you
weren’t driving the car
that crashed into us.
I was concussed, but
I know what I saw--

Jessica Sang Sides

SIDES: Jessica instructing Walter how to fight.
If you’re right hand-
ed you want your right
hand to be your back
hand so you can use it
for power. Your off
hand is out in front
closer to your oppo-
nent to jab with.
Spread your legs
shoulders width apart.
Relax. Left foot up,
slide your back foot
over. Put most of
your weight on your
back leg. Not too
much. Chin tucked in.
Look straight ahead.
Hands up. Loosen up,
don’t grip too tight-
ly, elbows in, relax.


SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Arturo "Artie" Boltares Sides

SIDES: ARTIE and Walter escaping a confrontation with the bully.

ARTIE What are you doing, my
locker is upstairs?

WALTER So is mine. We’re tak-
ing the long way. How’s your arm?

ARTIE Not as bad as my face.

WALTER Have you seen your
friend yet?

No. You?

WALTER He said hi to me

ARTIE Did he hurt you?

WALTER No, just talked,
this but I don’t want you
to have that talk, so try to
avoid him and his friends.

ARTIE For how long? Forever?

WALTER No, just until he grad-

Mac Neil Glaus (Pronounced Glass) Sides

SIDES: Mac Neil confronts Walter after both return to school after being suspended.

MAC NEIL: What’s up? I wanted to be the first to
welcome you back. Is it your first day back?
Sorry, I don’t want to crowd you. It looks
like I’m a bully. I haven’t seen your boy-
friend yet. Tell him I said hello.

Walter gets unnerved and has to turn away. Mac Neil adjusts his backpack. Walter flinches.

MAC NEIL (cont.) You okay? You seem
jumpy. That usually happens when you
don’t get enough sleep. Get enough
sleep. It's going to be a long year.

Brighton H. Anders Sides

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Donevan T. Huggins Sides

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Dawn H. Huggins Sides

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Dr. Cynthia Newirth Sides

SIDES: Dr. Cynthia in one of her sessions with Walter.

This is good. There is
therapeutic value in re-
turning to a familiar
routine. This is a pos-
itive step. But understand
it will be difficult. The loss-
es you’ve suffered are
enormous and something
most people you encount-
er won’t be able to un-
derstand completely.

Kamden "Big Sexy" Barclave Sides

SIDES: Kamden is looking around for the girl of his dreams (right now)

Yes. There’s a girl in
my second period. Oh,
my goodness. I was hop-
ing she had third lunch.

Something off camera also catches Walter’s eye.

Walter POV: Mac Neil, Brighton, and Donevan stand in line behind Artie. Artie says something. It doesn’t seem to go over well.

KAMDEN (cont.)
Yes. There's a girl in my
second period. Oh, my
goodness. I was hoping she
had third lunch.
(mouth full of lunch)
This chick is a quarter
black, a quarter Ameri-
can Indian, a quarter
French, and a quarter
Spanish. I don’t think
you understand the se-
verity of a combination
like that bro. That is
a quarter of everything
sexy. I didn’t think
that was possible--

Dylan Paulus Sides

SIDES: Prepare a one minute comedy monologue of your choice.

The Geometry Teacher Sides

SIDES: Walter has interrupted her class.

I assume this is a new
school to you correct.
And because of that I
gave you a pass for
being tardy to my
class, even though you
were probably hanging
out until the last min-
ute. But no talking
is not a new concept.
It applies to every
classroom across A-
Including the ones at
your old school, and
you’re talking in mine.
Get out of my classroom
and go stand in the
hall, both of you.

Mr. Leighton Sides

SIDES: MR. LEIGHTON was just disrespected by Walter

(quiet, sternly)
Don’t ever undermine me
in front of you sister
again. Like it or not
I’m the only parent
you’ve got, and I demand
order in my home. When
you turn eighteen you’re
welcome to stay and
you’re more than welcome
to stay, but until that
decision needs to be
made. My house. My
rules. Do I make myself

Mrs. Leighton Sides

SIDES: Prepare a one minute dramatic monologue of your choice.

Principal Parker

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Sophia Leighton

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Spanish Teacher


The class bell rings. The students pack up and exit.
Your first assignment, due on
next Monday, you will be asked
to prepare a Spanish dish and
bring it into class for your class-
mates to sample. Be creative,
no tacos, quesadillas, or any
other Americanized foods.
Authentic Spanish dishes. This
will be for a grade. Easiest A you
will receive in my class. Take

Teagan Gabner

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue of your choice.

Li-June-Sang (SIFU Sang) American name is Hal Li

SIDES: Prepare a one minute monologue in both English and Chinese.

Detailed Synopsis

Jan 24, 2014: It's report card day, and to celebrate his grades Walter's mother takes him and his BFF (Nate) out to dinner and a late movie. Once the movie is over the three of them hop in the car and head home. They get just outside their neighborhood when a group of drunk teenagers run the light and smashes into their car. Walter is thrown from the car and suffers a few broken bones, his mom dies on impact, and Nate dies on the way to the hospital.

Seven months later...

Sept 3, 2014. Because of a school added to the district Walter transfers to a new school where he can get a fresh start. On the bus headed to school Walter runs into an old friend (sarcasm). Her name is Jessica, another transfer from his old school, who is also looking for a fresh start at a new school. The bus arrives at school, and Walter and Jessica go their separate ways only to find out they have first period together. It is in this class that they confront one another. Jessica reveals that she and her friends got drunk and killed a family, and Walter reveals it was his family killed. Jessica apologizes, but Walter is not ready to accept.

The rest of the day goes pretty smoothly, Walter runs into old friends at lunch, he makes new friends in his classes. Then the final bell rings...

On his way to the buses Walter spots a friend being attacked by a bully. He intervenes, but he is also beaten up and loses a precious necklace in the process. That night the Walter and his family have dinner, Jessica arrives at the door to return his lost necklace, and to offer a few tips on how to defend himself (she has a background in martial arts). Walter reluctantly learns.

Friday when Walter returns to school from suspension for fighting his only goal is to make it through the day without running into his tormentor, and he does that.

It's Friday night and the first football game of the year. Walter and his friends are there, so is Jessica, and so is the bully. Later in the night the bully and his friends catch Walter alone, and a fight ensues. Walter has no chance... until Jessica comes to his rescue.