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NYFA, 'Madam Sarina's'

Casting notice expires: June 25, 2013

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New York Film Academy
Donnie Hobbie, & Daniela Azuaje, casting

Production Description

Casting "Madam Sarina's," a student film for New York Film Academy about Issy, a promising high school senior in the running for a full ride academic scholarship to the college of her choosing. Tonight the head of the scholarship committee, Rick, is coming over to meet her family. There’s just one problem--Rick doesn’t know that Issy’s mom, Madam Sarina, is a fortune teller. A few more things that Rick doesn’t know, there’s a whore who sleeps on Issy’s couch, Issy’s grandma, who also lives with them, is a violent, senile, drunk, and Issy’s father, is a complete fabrication altogether. After persuading her mother to go along with her story and finding a fake father for the night, Issy finds herself caught in a dizzying display of awkwardness which exposes everyone for who they truly are and teaches her that there are more important things in life than scholarships.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals will be held for two weeks prior to shooting (probably four times/wk. for lead roles); shoots for seven days between July 1-13 (hiatus July 4 & 5) in CA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Possible deferred payment provided. SAG Student Film Agreement.


Seeking submissions from: North Hollywood, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.

Syd Sides

SYD So, this guy’s not like a cop is
he? Cuz I got warrants.
ISSY What? No, I told you, he works for
the school. Look, just try not to talk too much okay Syd?
SYD Whoa, It’s Dad, remember.
SARINA He’s right baby. You should
SYD Hey, can I get a beer.
ISSY You can have coffee Syd.
SARINA I coulda done worse.
SYD Hey, Sarina, so if this guy asks
about sex, how often do we,... do it?
SYD So, after the girls finish their
chores, I’ll help, Isabella,... (winks to Sarina) with her homework. She’s awfully smart for a woman I tell you what. Gives me a run for my money. Alright, next question...
Photos of where Syd wallet.
Syd with riffle and deer. Issy and Sarina enter leans over Rick showing him photos from his
SYD Deer, Ducks, pigeon, squirrel, you
name it I’ve killed it. (to Issy) Issy you didn’t tell me that Rick here is a hunting man.
Rick smiles for the first time. Issy places Syd’s coffee in front of him.
RICK Wow, that’s the biggest buck I’ve
ever seen.
SYD Oh him, yeah, I actually hit him
with my pick up truck, yeah, I’ve been pretty lucky.
RICK Just amazing, wow.
SCENE Sarina places a plate of food in front of Rick. Syd spreads
overly generous portions of butter on a dinner role.
SYD That’s why I’m trying to get Issy
to focus on the medical field. Doctors today. I don’t need you to nit-pick my lifestyle doc. I need medical advice. I mean I can hardly hold down a meal. I lost most of my taste buds Rick. There’s just gotta be some connection, some medical explanation for all these health problems. Honey, do I have time to step out for a smoke?

Gramma/Lexi Sides

Cut to: OFFICE.
ISSY She just loves helping people. We
often have house guests. Our doors are always open. It is the christian way.
Cut to: SARINA’S. Sarina walks in carrying a vibrator and some handcuffs.
SARINA Lexi The Whore, this is not whore
house. We’re happy to have you, but please, clean up after yourself?
LEXI THE WHORE Oh, yeah, sorry, it was a long
SARINA How long till they rebuild your
LEXI THE WHORE I dunno. It was a bad fire. I was
lucky to get out alive. Act of god.
Flash to a newspaper article of burnt building, strippers cover their faces in the foreground, Lexi waves un-ashamed.
SARINA Lexi, it was your crazy boyfriend
who lit the fire.
LEXI THE WHORE (smiling) I know, he loves me so
much. He gets out next week.
Cut to: OFFICE.
ISSY My Gramma lives with us as well.
It’s so nice to have her perspective on things. She’s so sweet.
Cut to: SARINA’S. GRAMMA (??) wearing a bathrobe, walks out of the bedroom into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of wine. She walks past Lexi on the couch.
GRAMMA Hello Whore.
Hi Gramma.
SARINA Mamma the judge said you’re not
supposed to be drinking?
GRAMMA Mind your business gypsy. Jeez you
get into a couple bar fights and you’re a criminal, Americans.
Lexi Monologue
LEXI THE WHORE My name is Lexi, and I’m a
prostitute. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but let me tell you, the life of a prostitute is not as glamorous as it sounds. I mean sure, it has its perks. I make my own hours, usually pretty late nights though. I mean a really put my time in. and Ill tell you, the worst part, is finding a health care provider that will acknowledge me as a self employed individual instead of an independent contractor. I mean, Im not building skyscrapers here. My boyfriend kinda has a hard time with my line of work. He thinks I should be an actress. But Hollywood is so corrupt. I’m currently Living with my friend Sarina. And her daughter Issy. Their really good people. Even though Sarina is a gypsy, and a fortune teller. But Ill be moving in with my boyfriend as soon as he gets outta the joint. He’s serving time for arson. He burnt down my brothel. He’ll be out any day now, I cant wait.
Gramma monologue
GRAMMA Well, what can I say. My daughter
is a Gypsy and I live with a whore. Does that about sum it up? The only
GRAMMA (cont’d) good thing in my life are my
programs, my wine, and my little grand daughter, Issy. She’s a sweet little thing. She wants to go to college. I don’t know what that’s about. She’s becoming americanized which has me quite worried. Everyone’s gotta go to college. Well, I didn’t go to college. I was to busy raising a family. Thats the womans job. Hell if she goes to college, by the time she gets out she’ll be well past her firtility. I mean she’s 18, when I was her age I had 3 kids already. I was my husbands favorite wife. He slept with me three days a week. Any ways, I gotta get going. Do you know where the nearest bar is? I need to get a drink before my doughter comes back to pick me up.

Sarina Sides

We open on an ashtray, several cigarette butts, one still lit in Sarina’s hand. She tries to keep a straight face but eventually bursts out into laughter.
ISSY Mommy please. Can’t we pretend to
be normal for just one night?
SARINA Why can’t you just tell this guy
the truth baby? Personal Counselor. Why are you so ashamed of your family?
ISSY I’m not, this guy is just very
SARINA Well, I don’t think you have a
choice baby. What about Gramma, she’s getting worse, and she hates gringo’s.
ISSY We’ll give Gramma some extra wine,
we’ll put her programs on, she’ll pass out, remember new years? we thought she was dead.
Cut to: Issy putting Gramma to bed with a bottle of wine. Issy then turns on the television to Spanish Soaps.
SARINA That’s not nice Issy. The coroner
almost had a heart attack. And Lexi the Whore? What about her?
ISSY Lexi stays out till like 5am, she’s
a whore... Cut to: Lexi on the street talking to a man in a car.
SARINA Language Issy.. Oh, and last but
not least, a father. Where are we supposed to find a fake father Issy?
ISSY You know men, we’ll call somebody.
Cut to: the pictures and the vibrator again.
SARINA Who do you know that would be dumb
enough to agree to something like this.
ISSY Well, what about Syd?
Cut To: Syd at the satellite dish, very confused.
SARINA Enough Issy.
But mom... Issy, It’s too much Baby.
Okay. Issy frowns, her eyes hazy. Sarina and Issy hug.
SARINA I’m sorry baby.
ISSY Its okay, maybe I don’t belong at
College anyways, maybe I’ll just stay here and become a fortune teller like you.
Sarina’s eyes widen, a few moments pass, SUDDENLY:
MANS VOICE (O.S.) Sarina, can I take this blindfold
off now??
Sarina and Issy look over at the man still sitting with the frog and blind fold. They look back at each other.
SARINA I wonder if Syd has a suit...
SARINA My name is Sarina and I am a
fortune teller. But I am no Gypsy! Okay. That’s a roomer. Started by my crazy mother. She came with my
SARINA (cont’d) daughter and I from Venezuala. We
have an apartment here in Los Angeles. Lexi the whore lives on the couch. Her whorehouse burnt down and she had nowhere else to go. She’s a sweetheart, but, she’s a whore. My daughter Issy, She’s everything to me. She is very smart. She go to college. She has full ride scholarship. She going to become lawyer like Ally Mcbeal. I’m so proud of her. I can’t believe her asshole father created something so beautiful. At least I think he was an asshole. Most of the guys I dated back then were. So chances are, which ever one of them it was, he was probably an asshole. Anyways I’ve gotta get going. I’ve got a client coming in. This guy thinks his dead mom has posessed his dog. What a freak. Everyone knows that women can only possess cats.

Rick Sides

RICK Well Isabella, on paper you seem to
have all the qualities that we look for in candidates for this scholarship. However, we do like to know that our students have a background encouraging strong moral fiber and traditional family values. So Isabella, can you tell me a little about your family?
ISSY Oh, actually it’s just Issy.
RICK Okay, Issy, your family?
ISSY My Family, well, we’re pretty
average. My mom and I are very close. She’s a great role model. Kind, honest, wise. I’m very lucky to have her.
RICK And what exactly does she do?
ISSY Oh,... well...
RICK Okay Issy, this all looks pretty
good. Just one concern. I don’t see anything here about your father.
ISSY Oh yeah, right, well...
SARINA’S. We move across a shelve with several photos of Sarina with different men, then we pass one of Lexi’s vibrators, the last photo is of Sarina Alone with her hands up and shoulders shrugged.
ISSY He’s dead, yeah, he died a long
time ago.
Issy eyes
RICK Single parent household. Hmmm.
That’s what I was afraid of. You see Isabella...
ISSY Oh, well actually, my mom, she got
re-married, a few years ago. Yeah, my step dad, yeah.
RICK Okay Isabella, just one more thing.
In certain cases, like to meet the family’s of the candidates prior to making my decision. Could I stop by tonight?
widen, her face turns white.
ISSY Actually tonight’s not a great
RICK Isabella tomorrow is the deadline.
In order to make an informed decision, I need to see how the family dynamic works. Especially in your particular, situation. Is there a problem?
ISSY No, no problem.
Sarina places a plate of food in front of Rick. Syd spreads overly generous portions of butter on a dinner role.
SYD That’s why I’m trying to get Issy
to focus on the medical field. Doctors today. I don’t need you to nit-pick my lifestyle doc. I need medical advice. I mean I can hardly hold down a meal. I lost most of my taste buds Rick. There’s just gotta be some connection, some medical explanation for all these health problems. Honey, do I have time to step out for a smoke?
SARINA Syd please we’re about to eat.
RICK It’s true, the medical system in
this country is deteriorating. What do you think Issy, is the medical field something you’re interested in?
ISSY Well, I kinda want to keep my
options open. There’s so much to learn out there, I don’t wanna limit myself.
RICK I like that answer Issy.
Can I Issy?
ISSY anyone like anything else?
SYD get my coffee topped off
SARINA Well dig in guys, this is one of
Issy’s favorites. It’s some kinda Meat and canned soup. Gramma makes it, so, there might be booze in it.
Issy walks out of the room but stands where she can hear.
RICK You know, I didn’t know what to
expect coming over here, I mean with Issy’s unique background n all. But you two are a real pleasant surprise.
SARINA That’s so nice of you to say. You
know, Issy’s really depending on this scholarship.
SYD So what of it Rick? You gonna pick
RICK Well, it’ll be a difficult
decision, but, at this point, I can’t imagine why not.