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NYFA, 'Spectrophobia'

Casting notice expires: May 9, 2013

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New York Film Academy
Juliana Isa Biondi, coord.

Production Description

Juliana Isa Biondi (coord.) is casting "Spectrophobia" a short for the New York Film Academy. "Spectrophbia" is the story of two friends who delve into the world of hallucinogenic drugs and embark on paranoia fueled adventure through the streets of NYC. Producer states: "Patrick Angelo is in his early 20’s and invites his friend Terell over to experiment with a bag of mushrooms. The boys decide they want to create a certain ambience for their “trip.” So they begin decorating the apartment with an assortment of different types of lights to enhance their psychedelic experience, such as black lights, strobe lights etc. At some point Patrick climbs up on a chair to adjust some of the lights. His cat Johan Sebastian Bach climbs onto the chair and begins walking between Patrick’s legs causing him to trip and fall off the chair. Patrick sprains his ankle badly. The two of them then decide Patrick is need of medical attention. Fearful of calling an ambulance because of the consequences of having drugs and the fact they were just smoking marijuana, they decide it would be a better solution to hail a cab to the hospital. The drugs are just beginning to take hold as Patrick and Terrel hail what they think is a livery cab. Unfortunately for them this cab is run by a scam artist who robs tourists. The cab driver can tell the two boys are on drugs and not exactly aware of what’s going on. So instead of taking them to the hospital he drives them to the Bronx. He then pulls a gun on them and robs them. Patrick jumps from the car. The cabbie speeds off with Terrel still in the back seat.
Patrick decides he needs to find help and comes across a house party. He asks the party goers for help and they invite him inside. He feels slightly out of place because he is the only white person in a very ghetto party full of thugs and other criminal types. The party goers begin smoking pot with him causing him to trip harder. Terrel escapes from the cab driver a few blocks away and begins searching for Patrick. The mushrooms combined with the mugging cause him to become extremely paranoid and hallucinate very hard. He begins to believe he’s being chased by members of the K.K.K. He begins running for his life and finds the same party Patrick found and bursts in the door screaming or help because the K.K.K is chasing him. After a brief commotion the two of them leave the party and head towards a hospital. They decide to take the subway. Patrick begins having several visions. Once at the hospital Patrick begins having extremely paranoid hallucinations and believes he’s having a heart attack and because of the drugs believes he’s dead and has a sort of near death experience where he envisions 5 different fates."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses Mar. 18- Apr. 22 in NYC.


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