Film: Student Films

Production: 'O! Emotion!'

2 - aka Rage (Lead)

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Production Details

Casting an independently financed short student film, "O! Emotion!" in which a single person is portrayed by five different actors all personifying a different emotional state. The...more

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Male, ages 16-28, Hispanic, Asian, South Asian, Native American, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race

Role Description

2 - aka Rage: (Lead) referred to as "2" in the script, this character symbolizes rage, attempts to control his ever bubbling anger with little ticks such as blinking rapidly, or pulling his leg hair (visible leg hair required for this role), manages to control himself despite a self-centered friend and obnoxious drunk girls jabbering in his ear, goes into a fit and attacks a kid drug dealer when ripped off; has two "transition" scenes, in which he speaks to other emotional manifestations: specifically Joy and Fear.


Seeking submissions from: CT; New York, NY; NJ Sign up or Log In to apply.

2's Primary Scene

(2 sits on a couch blinking rapidly. It’s a mechanism to control his bubbling rage. Next to him, two teenagers canoodle and flirt, pushing into 2’s personal space. He pulls his leg hair as a means to keep from exploding. They are kissing and touching right over 2’s lap. He is a second from exploding until he gets up and walks away. The couple doesn’t notice.
2 walks through a tightly-spaced basement where a quasi-party is taking place. There are just enough people there drinking and dancing to be more than a simple hangout. Music is playing. Everyone is paired off except for 2, who stops at various points and just stares at people. A couple grinding. Three guys talking loudly. Four teenagers playing truth-or-dare or some shit. Someone smoking weed in the closet.
2 approaches four guys playing beer pong)
2: Hey Chris.
Chris: What’s up?
2: Hey, I think I’m gonna leave man.
(As he talks, the pong ball flies back and forth in front of 2’s face)
Chris: Why would you do that? I haven’t seen you in ages. Nobody’s seen you in fucking ages.
2: I don’t know. I’m just feeling kind of tired.
Chris: That’s stupid. Just sleep here. It’s fine.
2: You know, I’m not really feeling sleeping on a couch right now. I’d rather just head home. Can you drive me?
Chris: Really? It can’t wait?
2: Just… I’d like to go.
Chris: Okay, can you give me a minute to finish this game? It’s almost fucking over.
2: Yeah okay.
(2 waits, watching the ball fly back and forth. The ball throwing seems to get faster and more intense as 2 becomes more and more irritated until…
He reaches out and grabs the ball mid-air. The guys who threw it yell angrily at him)
2: You know, I really need to go now.
Chris: What the fuck, man? Really? It’s that goddam urgent?
2: Yes, please. Please just do this for me.
Chris: Okay, jeezus. Let me just get one more drink and then we’ll go.
(2 and Chris walk over to the liquor table. 2 still has the ball. Chris pours himself a drink)
Chris: So what have you been up to, man? I haven’t seen you around in ages. And now you’re leaving? What’s that all about?
2: Uh… you know, I’ve just been working a lot.
Chris: Sure sure. I’ve been working a lot too. Just got a job caddying at the golf course. Over at Clyburn.
2: (Trying to be interested) Oh shit. Is that hard?
Chris: Nah, not really. Plus, if you get some really rich fucker, he’ll give you a ridiculous tip without even thinking. How’s stuff at home?
2: You know, it’s fine. Uh… yeah. It’s uh… Yeah it’s fine. All good.
Chris: Good good. Things couldn’t be worse at my place. My dad’s pissed off cause he found a bag of weed hidden beneath my floorboards. I was like “What the fuck were you doing looking under my floorboards?!” But yeah, that’s not good. I’ve been under strict supervision since then.
2: But… you’re at a party.
Chris: Yeah I am.
(Chris turns to get another drink)
2: You know I think I’m gonna grab the bus instead.
Chris: Dude, just give me a second and I’ll take you.
2: No no no. Really, it’s fine. I need a walk too.
Chris: Dude. You still have the pong ball.
(2 throws it to Chris who catches it)
2: Wait… can I see that again for a second?
(Chris hands it back. 2 immediately drops it and walks away)
Chris: (shouting after him) Dick!

(2 sits at a bus stop. It’s nighttime and a single lamppost emits a queasy orange light.
A gaggle of girls comes out of nowhere dressed in very skimpy clothing. One of them is jabbering on and on very drunkenly)
Drunk Girl: Ohmygod, I don’t know. I had three shots of vodka, two beers, a bong hit, and two cups of rum and coke. After the vodka, I was already feeling pretty drunk. I’m such a lightweight you guys.
(2 starts blinking rapidly again and pulling at his leg hair)
Drunk Girl: And we shouldn’t have played so much flip cup. After that I was so drunk I almost kissed Jake right on the spot. I don’t like him, I was just drunk! And I might have sat on his lap for, like, 20 minutes or something. (laughing obnoxiously) I don’t know! It was just there so ready for my cushy butt. (She starts singing) I got a lot of cushioooon for the pushiiiin…
(The other girls are laughing too hard. 2 is close to exploding. This girl will not shut up)
Drunk Girl: I don’t know. Sometimes I can just handle a lot and then sometimes I can’t. Ohmygod, that is such a fucking lie! I’m always a lightweight. I’m like a featherweight. When I have vodka, it’s like, I’m gone before I even get there, you know? Stop laughing at me! You’re one to talk, Ms. Two-Shots-And-I’ll-Blow-You-In-The-Bathroom…
(2 closes his eyes and clenches his teeth… and then the bus comes, just in time)

(2 walks in through the front door of a big beautiful house. He stands in the foyer)
2: (shouting) Hey! Nicolas! You home?
Nicolas: (OS) Yeah! One sec, just stay there!
(2 waits. He notices a collection of canes standing next to him. He picks one up and examines it; it has a dog as a handle, with big green eyes. Inside the dog’s mouth is a large bird)
Nicolas: (OS) Alright! You’re all good, come on up!
(2 heads upstairs)

(2 sits on a couch while Nicolas puts on clothes in the other room. We see flashes of him as he talks to 2)
2: Sorry, man, I know it’s a weird hour.
Nicolas: Nah, it’s not. I was just getting ready to go out. You’re lucky you caught me.
2: Yeah… so, I was wondering if you could help me out.
Nicolas: How much do you want?
2: I don’t know. An eighth maybe?
Nicolas: Maybe? Or is that what you want?
2: Yeah, an eighth. That’s it.
Nicolas: Okay, that’ll be 100.
2: What?
Nicolas: That’ll be 100.
2: You can’t be serious.
Nicolas: That’s how much it costs.
2: It wasn’t last time I bought from you.
Nicolas: Calm down.
2: I am calm. That just doesn’t make any sense.
(Nicolas comes into the room to confront 2 directly)
Nicolas: Look, you bought from me last 2 months ago. You buy frequently and you get a discount, like a Starbucks card. You don’t, and I can’t give it to you. I don’t have enough supply to afford that. I’m trying to do smart business.
2: You sell pot.
Nicolas: And what do you sell? Have you ever worked a day in your life? This is how I make money. At least I’m doing it.
(2 starts to simmer. He pulls his leg hair and blinks rapidly)
Nicolas: Look, I know you’re not sharing this with anyone. You’re gonna buy it, then go home and smoke it all by yourself. I don’t care what you do. But it’d be a lot easier if you could split the bill with some friends, don’t you think? Maybe you should think about that before you come here and complain about the price.
(2 is getting worse. Nicolas should stop talking now)
Nicolas: I’ve had a real tough day and I don’t need to be haggling with you right now. I’ve got a big stinking bag of weed that I had to pick up from some sketchy guy in a fucking duct taped Honda down behind the White Hen, and I, only I, can sell it. To top it off, my parents come sniffing around my room every few hours to see what I’m up to. Imagine if they found a pound of weed in my possession. So before you rage about the price, why don’t you rein in your high horse and think about that shit. Who the hell are you to talk to me like that? Huh? Who are y-?
(2 explodes. He rushes at Nicolas and throws him against the wall. They struggle, 2 getting a few good smacks in. Nicolas crumples to the floor, back against the wall. 2 backs away and looks down at him, breathing heavily. Nicolas stares at 2, frightened and shocked. 2 turns and exits)