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'O! Emotion'

Casting notice expires: August 12, 2013

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Acrobatus Productions
Robbie Florian, casting

Production Description

Casting "O! Emotion," an independently financed short student film in which a single person is portrayed by five different actors all personifying a different emotional state. The film will be divided into five vignettes in which each emotion discovers a distinct difficulty communicating with other people.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots for one day late July (three to four hours) in Darien, CT and one day early Aug. (one to two hours) in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

No pay, but food and transportation provided.


Seeking submissions from: CT; New York City, NY; NJ Sign up or Log In to apply.

1's Scene

(1 stands by his car, a huge black SUV, wearing a chauffeur’s outfit. He is in an urban environment, in front of a large brick wall, waiting. He yo-yos by the car, looking content.
Addison exits a residence, struggling with 3 or 4 large pieces of luggage. It is hot out, and he sweats)
1: (shouting) Do you need Help!?
Addison: (shouting back) If you can spare it, yeah!!
(1 runs around to the back of the car and opens the trunk, grabbing something. He runs all the way over to Addison)
1: Here you go.
(1 hands him a vinyl copy of the Beatles’ Help!)
1: You’re lucky I have a copy on me!
(1 gives him a huge smile and walks back to the car. Addison stands there, mouth agape. He struggles, by himself, the rest of the way to the car.
After he puts his luggage in, he gets in the back seat, very sweaty. 1 is already in the driver’s seat)
Addison: You know, I don’t even have a record player.
1: Sorry?
Addison: I don’t have a record player. I can’t use this.
1: Well, you can always save up for it, can’t you?
Addison: I guess. But here, you should have this back.
1: Why don’t you hold on to it for me? I’m more of a Sgt. Pepper kind of guy.
Addison: …thanks.
(There is a long silence. Addison expects 1 to start driving, but 1 just stares beatifically out the window)
Addison: Do you know where we’re going?
1: Yyyyyes sir!
(Another silence)
Addison: Are we gonna go?
1: Noooo. Traffic’s too heavy. We’re gonna wait for it to clear out, and then we’ll go.
Addison: But… but if we moved with the traffic, we’d get there sooner then if we wait-
1: Trust me. It’s much much better this way. We can zoom straight down the highway if all the cars are gone. It’s very exhilarating.
Addison: But I really need to-
1: I’ve been doing this for a long time. Believe me, it’s not when you get there that’s important. It’s how you get there.
(Addison is defeated)
1: So what’s your name anyway?
Addison: Addison.
1: That’s a great name! Add-ee-sun. Three syllables. Succinct and musical. Wish I had a name like that! Need anything to drink, Add-ee-sun?
Addison: I’m okay.
1: Alright. It’s there if you want it. That’s some pretty good tasty water there!
(There is another silence. 1 is enjoying a tune in his head while Addison sits there awkwardly. Eventually, Addison reaches for a magazine in the seat back pocket. He opens it up to find large chunks of hair in between two pages. He shakes the magazine in disgust)
1: Sorry! I got that from a barbershop.
(Addison, frustrated, puts the magazine to one side and takes out his phone. He starts texting)
1: Who’re you texting there?
Addison: My girlfriend.
1: Is she hot?
Addison: I think so, obviously.
1: Is she tall? Nice feet?
Addison: I guess.
1: What’re you texting her?
Addison: Just telling her I’m gonna be late coming home.
1: Listen, I really got a good system going here. You’re going to get home in time. Just sit back and relax.
Addison: If it’s all right with you, I’m actually gonna try to get some sleep. I’m pretty exhausted.
1: Yeah, no problem! Get some shuteye. Do whatever you need to do.
(Addison puts his head back and closes his eyes)
1: Do you ever listen to any Aretha?
(Addison opens an eye)
Addison: No, not really.
(He closes it)
1: Aretha Franklin, I mean. The singer.
(Addison opens an eye)
Addison: I know.
(He closes it)
1: I just can’t stop listening to her lately. She has just an incredible voice. Real power. I tried listening to Alicia Keys and Miriah Carey, and they have great voices, don’t get me wrong, but with Aretha, it’s like you can feel her singing in your gut. I don’t know anything like that. Mind if I put her on?
(Addison opens his eyes)
Addison: Uhhh… kind of, yeah.
1: (a bit heartbroken) Oh. Okay. No problem. Whatever you say, boss.
Addison: Did my parents hire you?
1: Yes, sir. Sent me out here to pick you up.
(There is a long silence. 1 is slightly hurt that he can’t listen to music. Addison is unsure of what to do or say.
1: Alright, I think we can go.
(In a flash, the key enters the ignition, a foot goes down on a pedal, the car speeds off, and suddenly, it has arrived in suburbia. The key is pulled out, the car is put in park, and 1 turns around)
1: Here we are!
Addison: Wow! My god, that really was fast.
1: I told you, boss, I’ve been doing this a long time.
Addison: Well, thank you very much.
1: (pointing) Is that your mom there?
(A woman waits at a door step)
Addison: Uh… yeah.
1: Wow. No disrespect, but she is a fox.
Addison: Okay, well, I’m just gonna grab my stuff and I’ll be out of your hair.
1: Alright then. It was really nice talking to you, Ad-ee-sun! I hope to drive you around again someti-
(Addison is already out of the car. He walks to his mom with all of his luggage and greets her. When she looks toward the car, 1 gives a friendly wave. When they go inside, 1 looks into the backseat. The Help! album sits there, forgotten by Addison. 1, disappointed, drives off)

(1 walks into The Apartment, a single room with a mattress on the floor, a cabinet or two, and not much else. Clothes and random home items are strewn across the floor. 2 is trying to sort through the clothes when 1 enters)
2: Hey, sorry about that kid.
1: It’s okay, he wasn’t that bad.
2: Are you kidding? Guy had an attitude problem. Most kids nowadays do.
1: Really though. I liked him.
2: How could you like him?
1: I don’t know. Good American kid. Nice name. What’s not to like?
2: A lot of things. You should have let me drive. You know I’m the better driver.
1: That’s a bunch of bull. You would have gotten us all killed.
2: Whatever.
(1 tosses his chauffeur’s hat over near the camera and suddenly notices it. He walks over and stares)
1: Is this new?
(2 walks over and joins him)
2: Yep. You like it?
1: Yeah, I really do.
2: I’m not so sure about it.
1: Why not?
2: It’s a bit pretentious.
1: Oh stop it. That’s just a way of saying it’s too complicated for you to understand.
2: No, really. I don’t know why I have to puzzle over something that I don’t get. I feel like it’s looking down at me every time I walk by it.
1: Just give it time. Maybe it’ll grow on you. It reminds me of the wind.
2: Alright, well, I gotta go. See ya.
(2 leaves the room)