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OH, 'Tuning In'

Casting notice expires: March 10, 2013

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University of Akron
George Pinney, dir./choreo.; Terry LaBolt, musical dir.

Production Description

The University of Akron is casting "Tuning In." George Pinney, dir./choreo.; Terry LaBolt, musical dir.

Seeking—Stanley Webb: male, conductor, ladies' man. Clarice Johnson: female, tall and stately, nightclub headliner. Ivory Johnson: female, Clarice's sister, shorter than Clarice, nightclub headliner. Sue Parkhurst: female, country-western singer. Ruby Waxman (Man): male, loud, obnioxious, big ego, vaudevillian. Weston Dewey: male, handsome, polished, former radio crooner. Jimmy Wentworth: male, small in stature, happy-go-lucky, Tin Pan Alley tunesmith. Ethel Ethridge: female, former Ziegfeld girl. Dooley Smithers: male, tough old Broadway character, stage doorman. Millicent Monahan: female, dancer. Vicky Richards: female, great figure, glamorous, seductive, ex-torch singer. Dave Martin: male, mid- to late 20s, station engineer. Annie Abelein: female, Alan's secretary. Alan Jablonski: male, late 40s-early 50s, neurotic, short fuse, station founder/manager. Chris Coffin: male, late 30s, CEO of Harmony Hill, precise in speech, dress, and manners, very GQ. Shannon O'Rourke: female. Molly McGlynn: female, strong dancer. Kevin Schultz: male, strong dancer. Amanda Wiggins: female, strong dancer. Tony Scarfi: male, strong dancer. Matt LaMont: male, Harmony Hill van driver, strong dancer. Nisha Parks: female, stong dancer and singer.


<u>Resident</u> <u>Entertainers</u>

Stanley Webb - conductor, house orchestra, Columbia Records, ladies' man in his day, good sense of humor.

Clarice Johnson - nightclub headliner, sister of Ivory, grew up with the gospel, straight laced and serious,

tall and stately.

Ivory Johnson - nightclub headliner, grew up with gospel music, sister of Clarice, shorter than Clarice, gutsy, outgoing, outspoken.

Sue Parkhurst - Country western singer, AKA " Sunbonnet Sue," good old fun-loving Texas girl.

Ruby Waxman (MAN) - vaudevillian , loud, obnioxious, big ego, always "on," attitude gets him into trouble.

Weston Dewey - former radio crooner, handsome, polished, polite, romantic, long time bachelor.

Jimmy Wentworth - Tin Pan Alley tunesmith, happy-go-lucky, small in stature, never without his little piano on wheels.

Ethel Ethridge - former Ziegfeld Girl, a worrier, turns to tarot cards for answers, married and divorced several times.

Dooley Smithers - stage doorman, Imperial Theatre. tough old Broadway character, loves crossword puzzles, gossipy.

Millicent Monahan - dancer, Broadway chorus girl, still has shape and legs, likes a party and a good time.

Vicky Richards - ex-torch singer, glamorous, seductive, great figure, hated show business,even though she was a star.

<u>Radio</u> <u>Station</u> <u>Management</u>

Dave Martin - station engineer, mid to late twenties, problems dealing with elderly, but a nice guy under it all.

Annie Abelein - Alan's secretary, owns her own fight gym for underpriveliged kids, tough on the outside, but a heart of gold.

Alan Jablonski - station founder and manager, late forties, early fifties, neurotic, short fuse, dedicated to the station.

Chris Coffin - CEO of Harmony Hill, late thirties, dictatorial, precise in speech, dress and manners, very GQ.

<u>College</u> <u>Students</u>

Shannon O'Rourke - student at Otterbein College, phlegmatic, has insight, psychology major, young Ethel.

Molly McGlynn: strong dancer, young Millicent.

Kevin Schultz - strong dancer, young Ruby.

Amanda Wiggins - strong dancer, young Ivory.

Tony Scarfi - strong dancer, young Jimmy.

Matt LaMont - Harmony Hill van driver, strong dancer.

Nisha Parks - stong dancer and singer, street wise, young Clarice.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals begin July 15. Performances run Aug. 8-10 at the university in Akron, OH.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $510 min./wk.


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