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Pearl Theatre Company 2014-15 Season

Casting notice expires: June 3, 2014

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Pearl Theatre Company
Hal Brooks, artistic dir.; Kate Farrington, artistic assoc.; Jessi Blue Gormezano, artistic asst.

Production Description

Casting Pearl Theatre Company's upcoming 2014-15 season, to include "Uncle Vanya," by Anton Chekov (Hal Brooks, dir. Rehearsals begin Aug. 12; runs through Oct. 12), "Major Barbara," by George Bernard Shaw (David Staller, dir. Rehearsals begin Oct. 7; runs through Dec. 12), "The Winter’s Tale," by William Shakespeare (Michael Sexton, dir. Rehearsals begin Jan. 13, 2015; runs through Mar. 22, 2015), and "Don Juan," by Moliere (Hal Brooks, dir. Rehearsals begin Apr. 7, 2015; runs through June 7, 2015).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season runs in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $600/wk. min. Equity LORT Non-Rep D Contract.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.


Note: For any roles listed as CAST, actors may be considered for possible replacements should they become necessary.

by Anton Chekov
Directed by Hal Brooks
First rehearsal - Closing: 8/12/14 - 10/12/14

Sofya Alexandrovna (Sonya)
(20s-30s) - Vanya’s neice. In love with Astrov.

Ilya Ilich Telegin (Waffles)
(40s-60s) - A longtime servant of the estate.

Ivan Petrovich Voynitsky (Vanya)
(40s-50s) - CAST

Alexandr Vladimirovich Serebryakov
(50s-60s) - CAST

Yelena Andreevna
(30s) - CAST

Mikhail Lvovich Astrov
(40s) - CAST

Maria Vasilevna Voynitskaya
(60s-70s) - CAST

Marina Timofeevna (Nurse)
(60s-70s) – CAST


by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by David Staller
First rehearsal - Closing: 10/7/14 - 12/12/21

(mid 20s) Robust, jolly, and energetic. A Major for the Salvation Army.

Andrew Undershaft
60s - CAST) The great arms industrialist of Europe. He is a man of "formidable reserves of power, both bodily and mental, in his capacious chest and long head."

Adolphus Cusins
(20s-30s) A "slight, thin haired, and sweet voiced" student of Euripides. Shaw describes Cusins as a "determined, tenacious, intolerant person" who presents himself as he is.

Lady Britomart Undershaft
(50s-60s - CAST) A "very typical managing matron of the upper class," a woman with "plenty of practical ability and worldly experience."

Stephen Undershaft
(early 20s) Lady Britomart's only son. Stephen is a "gravely correct young man" who takes himself and his sense of morality very seriously. Throughout the play he finds the strength to stand up to his mother and shake off his "childish habit and bachelor shyness."

Sarah Undershaft
(early 20s) Barbara's younger sister, Lady Britomart’s daughter. Sarah is a "slender, bored, and mundane" society girl who manages to occasionally display moments of clarity and depth...but only occasionally.

Charles Lomax
(early 20s, 30s) A stereotypical "young man about town." Lomax suffers from a "frivolous sense of humor which plunges him at the most inopportune moments into paroxysms of imperfectly suppressed laughter." He is engaged to Sarah, Lady Britomart’s daughter.

Bronterre O'Brien Price
(20s, 30s) An unemployed, and opportunistic "poser" who takes anything and everything he can from the Salvation Army. “Sharp enough to be capable of anything in reason except honesty or altruistic considerations of any kind.”

Rummy Mitchens
(30s-40s - CAST) A "commonplace old bundle of poverty and hard-worn humanity." Like Price, she leans heavily on the Salvation Army for assistance.

Peter Shirley
(50s-60s - CAST) A "half hardened, half worn-out" old-timer and "honest poor man." Not afraid to speak his mind to those younger and more affluent. Does not accept charity from the Salvation Army as easily as Price and Rummy.

Bill Walker
(20s, 30s) A "rough customer" who appears at the Army shelter to collect his newly converted girlfriend. Physically violent. Speaks with a thick Cockney accent. Fight experience a plus.

Jenny Hill
(early 20s) An eager, overwrought "Salvation lass" who ardently supports the mission of the Salvation Army. Fight experience a plus.

Mrs. Baines
(50s - CAST) A Salvation Army Commissioner. Baines is an "earnest looking" middle-aged woman with a "caressing, urgent voice" and an "appealing manner."

Potentially played by one actor:
Bilton (30s-50s) A foreman at Undershaft's armory.
Morrison (30s-50s) The family butler.


by William Shakespeare
Directed by Michael Sexton
First rehearsal - Closing: 1/13/15 - 3/22/15

A six person cast will cover all roles (specific role assignments will be designed to suit the strengths of the ensemble). Looking for versatile, transformative actors that possess a deep knowledge and ease with classical language.

Leontes - (40s) The King of Sicilia
Hermione - (30s-40s) The Queen of Sicilia.
Perdita - (early to mid 20s) The daughter of Leontes and Hermione.
Polixenes - (40s) The King of Bohemia, and Leontes's boyhood friend.
Florizel - (early 20s) Polixenes's son.
Camillo - (40s-50s) A Sicilian nobleman.
Paulina - (late 30s-40s) A noblewoman of Sicily.
Autolycus - (20s-40s) A peddler.
Shepherd - (40s-50s) A sheep-tender.
Antigonus - (40s-50s) Paulina's husband.
Clown - (20s) The Shepherd's son, and Perdita's adopted brother.
Mamillius - (child) The prince of Sicilia, Leontes and Hermione's son.
Cleomenes - (30s-50s) A lord of Sicilia.
Dion - (30s-50s) A Sicilian lord.
Emilia - (20s-30s) One of Hermione's ladies-in-waiting.
Archidamus - (30s-50s) A lord of Bohemia.


by Moliere
Directed by Hal Brooks
First rehearsal - Closing: 4/7/14 - 6/7/15

Actors’ tracks may be composed of several characters – role assignmentsTBD by director.

Don Juan, (30s) son of Don Louis Tenorio
Sganarelle, (30s-40s) his servant
Doña elvira, (20s-30s) wife of Don Juan
Gusman, (20s-40s) a servant
Don Carlos (20s-early 30s) Doña Elvira’s brothers
Don Alonse, (20s-early 30s) Doña Elvira’s brothers
Don Louis, (50s-60s) Don Juan’s father
Charlotte, (20s) peasant girl
Pierrot, (20s-30s) a peasant
The Statue of the Commander (30s-50s)