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Pioneer Theatre Company 2014-15 Season

Casting notice expires: May 28, 2014

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Pioneer Theatre Company
Karen Azenberg, artistic dir.; Rich Cole, casting dir.

Production Description

Casting Pioneer Theatre Company 2014-15 season. Season includes: "The 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee" (Karen Azenberg, dir.; Rehearsals begin Aug. 18; runs Sept. 12-27); "One Man, Two Guvnors" (TBA, dir.; Rehearsals begin Oct. 6; runs Oct. 31-Nov. 15); "The Rocky Horror Show" (Karen Azenberg, dir.; Rehearsals begin Oct. 13; runs Oct. 24 & 25); "Peter & the Starcatcher" (TBA, dir.; Rehearsals begin Nov. 10; runs Dec. 5-20); "Alabama Story" (Karen Azenberg, dir.; Rehearsals begin Dec. 15; runs Jan. 9-24, 2015); "The Crucible" (TBA, dir.; Rehearsals begin Jan. 19; runs Feb. 13-28); "I Hate Hamlet" (TBA, dir.; Rehearsals begin Feb. 23; runs March 20-April 4, 2015); "The Music Man" (Rehearsals begin April 7; runs May 1-16).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and performs in Salt Lake City, UT.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $812 min./wk. Equity LORT Non-Rep B Contract.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Role Breakdown



CARL DAD - Schwarzy's main trainer, the more intense and competitive of Schwarzy's fathers. G3 - D5

CHIP TOLENTINO - Athletic, social, boy scout, champion of last year's spelling bee. C4 - B5

DAN DAD - The more laid back and ineffectual of Schwarzy's fathers. G3 - D5.

DOUGLAS PANCH - The Vice Principle. Frustrated with his life, he finds the drive of the young spellers alien to him

LEAF CONEYBEAR - Has severe Attention Deficit Disorder and spells words correctly while in a trance. A3 - A5

SCHWARTZY - The youngest and most politically aware speller, driven by a desire to please parents. A3 - F5

MARCY PARK - She speaks six languages. She is also not allowed to cry. C4 - E5

MITCH MAHONEY - The Official Comfort Counselor. An ex-convict. E4 - A5

OLIVE OSTROVSKY - She starts enormously shy, and shyly blossoms. B3 - F5

OLIVE's DAD - A fantasy version of Olive's dad coming to the bee from work. E4 - B5

OLIVE's MOM - A fantasy version of Olive's mom at her Ashram in India. D4 - E5

RONA LISA PERETTI - The number-one realtor in Putnam County. B3 - F5

WILLIAM BARFEE - His famous “Magic Foot” method of spelling has boosted him to spelling glory. E4 - B5.




CHARLIE - 50s, Brighton based but originally London; PAULINE - Charlie's daughter

HARRY DANGLE - 60s, crooked attorney; ALAN - The son of Dangle

DOLLY - 30s. An employee of Charlie's; LLOYD BOATENG - 50s. A friend to Charlie, Ex-London/Jamaican

FRANCIS - Essex boy; RACHEL - Mid-20s. London

STANLEY STUBBERS - Mid-20s. Privately educated.




USHERETTE/MAGENTA: The maid who seems to be up to something. Vocal range Bb3-Eb5

BRAD: A hero. All-American type with a bit of nerd to him. Vocal range C3-G4

JANET: Damsel in distress. Vocal range A3-E5 (G5)

NARRATOR: Collegiate/Masterpiece Theatre storyteller. Does not sing

RIFF RAFF: Frank N. Furter’s shady butler sidekick. Vocal range A3-Bb4

COLUMBIA: Fan girl/groupie of Frank N. Furter. Vocal range G3-E4

DR. FRANK N. FURTER: Pan-sexual affably evil mad scientist. Vocal range C3-G4

ROCKY: The “perfect man” creation of Frank N. Furter. More brawn than brains. Vocal range A3-A4

EDDIE/DR. SCOTT: Biker bad boy/aging college professor. Vocal range F#3- F#4.




BOY: A nameless 13-year-old Orphan, deeply mistrustful of adults

MOLLY: A 13-year-old apprentice Starcatcher desperate to prove herself to her father

BLACK STACHE: A highly intelligent but malapropism-prone Pirate chie

SMEE: Black Stache's faithful first mate

LORD ASTER: Molly's father, A Starcatcher on a secret mission for Queen Victoria

TED: One of the Boy's orphan companions, nicknamed "Tubby Ted."

PRENTISS: One of the Boy's orphan companions. Pompous and sarcastic

MRS BUMBRAKE: Molly's faithful Nanny, a prim and proper Englishwoman prone to alliteration

ALF: A salty and flatulent sailor on the Neverland

FIGHTING PRAWN: The fierce chief of the tribe of Mollusk Islanders

BILL SLACK: The nasty, greedy and cruel captain of the Neverland

CAP'N ROBERT FALCON SCOTT: Captain of the Wasp, and Lord Astor's old friend from their schooldays.


ALABAMA STORY (World Premiere)


GARTH WILLIAMS, 50ish, a white writer and illustrator from the East Coast, who also assumes the roles of OTHERS LILY WHITFIELD, 30, a white woman from small-town Alabama privilege

JOSHUA MOORE, 30, a middle-class African-American man, who left Alabama when he was 20

SENATOR E.W. HIGGINS, 50ish, a white Alabama State Senator

EMILY WHEELOCK REED, 50ish, a white librarian, born in North Carolina and raised in Indiana

THOMAS KINCAID, 28, a white reference librarian, an Alabama native




PARRIS - Minister of Salem's church; TITUBA – Cares for the children; Parris’s slave.

ABIGAIL- 17. Parris' niece. In love with Proctor; SUSANNA – A nervous and hasty girl

ANN PUTMAN – A woman who has lost many children

THOMAS PUTMAN – Ann’s husband. A land owner of questionable morals

BETTY – 10. Parris’s daughter; MERCY – The Putnam’s servant. “Sly and merciless."

MARY WARREN – Housemaid of the Proctors after Abigail. A lonely girl

JOHN PROCTOR – Farmer who is accused of witchcraft following an affair

GILES COREY – Friend of Proctor. A no-nonsense old man

REBECCA NURSE – A pious older woman accused of witchcraft

HALE – A respected minister who compounds a local dispute

ELIZABETH – Proctor’s long-suffering wife; EZEKIEL – A stooge of the court

WILLARD – A reluctant temporary bailiff; JUDGE HATHORNE – A “hangin’ judge."

JUDGE DANFORTH – A Christian rule-bearer.



ANDREW – Young TV star offered the role of Hamlet

DIERDRE – A young chaste actress

FELICIA – A woo-woo Real Estate agent

BARRYMORE – A dead pompous stage star

LILLIAN – A crude but regal agent

GARY – Stylish Hollywood man.



HAROLD HILL – 25-35. A con man who falls in love. Ab2 - F4

MARCELLUS – 40ish. Harold's old chum who is trying to settle down. G2 - A4

MARIAN – 30ish. A stuffy librarian and music teacher. G3 - A5

MAYOR SHINN – 55ish. A blustery politician; MRS. PAROO – 60ish. Cheerful and plotting. Ab3 - Eb5

TOMMY – 20. An attractive man from the wrong side of town. Dancer

WINTHROP - Marian's shy, lisping baby brother. C4 - Eb5

ZANEETA SHINN – 17ish. The Mayor's fresh-faced daughter who loves Tommy

EULALIE MACKECKNIE SHINN – 50ish. Mayor Shinn's peacock wife. D4 - D5.