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Portland Center Stage 2014-15 Season

Casting notice expires: June 28, 2014

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Portland Center Stage
Harriett Bass, casting.

Production Description

Casting Portland Center Stage 2014-15 season. Season includes: "Dreamgirls" (Henry Krieger, music; Tom Eyen, book-lyrics; Chris Coleman, dir.; Rehearses and performs Aug. 26-Nov. 2); "The Typographer's Dream" (Adam Bock, writer; Rose Riordan, dir.; Rehearses and performs Sept. 9-Nov. 16); "Twist Your Dickens" (Peter Gwinn and Bobby Mort, writer; Rehearses and performs Nov. 11-Dec. 24); "Santaland Diaries" (Rehearses and performs Nov. 18-Dec. 28); "Mojada" (Luis Alfaro, writer; Juilette Carillo, dir.; Rehearses and performs Dec. 16-Feb. 4, 2015); "Threesome" (Yussef el Guindi, writer; Chris Coleman, dir.; Rehearses and performs Dec. 30-March 8, 2015); "Other Desert Cities" (Jon Robin Baitz, writer; Timothy Bond, dir.; Rehearses and performs Jan. 27-March 22, 2015); "The People's Republic of Portland" (Rehearses and performs March 17-April 19, 2015); "Cyrano" (Edmond Rostand, writer; Michael Hollinger, translator; Michael Hollinger and Aaron Posner, playwright; Jane Jones, dir.; Rehearses and performs March 10-May 3, 2015); "The Lion" (Benjamin Scheuer, writer; Rehearses and performs April 7-June 14, 2015); "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" (Christopher Durang, writer; Rose Riordan, dir.; Rehearses and performs April 28-June 21, 2015).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and performs in Portland, OR.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $812 min./wk.; $600 min./wk. Equity LORT Non-Rep B and D contracts.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Role Breakdown


Track 1 – Effie
Track 2 – Deena
Track 3 – Curtis
Track 4 – Jimmy
Track 5 – Lorelle
Track 6 – Marty
Track 7 – CC
Track 8 – Stepp Sister 1/Michelle
Track 9 – Stepp Sister 2/Reporter/Photographer
Track 10 – Stepp Sister 3/Reporter/Photographer
Track 11 – Tiny Joe/Stage Manager/Reporter/Photographer/DJ/Mr. Morgan
Track 12 – True Tone 1/Reporter/Photog/Tuxedo/Wayne
Track 13 – True Tone 2/Reporter/Frank/Tuxedo
Track 14 – Little Albert/Jerry/Reporter/Photog/Tuxedo/Dwight
Track 15 – Emcee/Announcer
Track 16 – Charlene/Joann



This show has been fully CAST



Track 1 – Male. Scrooge - CAST
Track 2 – Male. Cratchit and others - CAST
Track 3 – Male. Heckler/Christmas past/Others - CAST
Track 4 – Male. Marley/George Bailey/Others - CAST
Track 5 – Male. Christmas Present/Baggins/Santa – ROLE AVAILABLE
Track 6 – Female. Smedley/Belle/Tiny Tim/Others - CAST
Track 7 – Female. Girl Scout/Girl/Mrs. Cratchit/Others - CAST

This complete send-up of the holiday classic, fully festooned with the improvisational genius behind the legendary comedy troupe The Second City, is never the same show twice! Scrooge, Tiny Tim and those know-it-all ghosts find themselves hopelessly mixed up in zany holiday sketches with anachronistic characters, uproarious improv and an ever-changing stable of drop-in local celebrity guests. Updates for 2014, and the audience’s input, means this show changes with every performance and will be a fresh experience for the new season.



This show is fully CAST




Medea, 20’s
Jason, 30’s
Acan, 10 year old boy
Tita, 60’s
Josefina, 30’s
Armida, 50’s

Following the dream for a better life, a family risks the dangers of illegal immigration to leave Mexico for Chicago. But adapting to a new life in America and escaping a past filled with betrayal is hard for Medea, even while husband Jason is succeeding—dangerously so. As Medea struggles to adapt to a new culture and fights to keep her family from splitting apart, the intense love she feels for her husband and child fuels desires that are destined for tragedy. Playwright Alfaro’s stunning modern take on the Euripides classic tackles immigration, family, tradition, mysticism and the explosive moment when they all collide.



WORLD PREMIERE and Co-Pro with ACT in Seattle


early to mid 30's. Egyptian America. A strong character. There's a fearlessness about her. This is someone who leads with her head, not her heart necessarily. Or tries to keep the latter in check, for fear it might betray her. She tries to keep a tight lid on her terrors and insecurities. A writer.

early to mid 30's. Egyptian American. Emotionally together for the most part. The word "cool" comes to mind. He definitely has his ego and vanity, but when he flips out, or gets testy, it's as much about trying to find his feet in unchartered territory as anything else. Grounded, cool, supportive, sexy. A photographer.

late 20’s to mid 30's. A mixture of bravado and insecurities. Lots of insecurities. He's someone who's worked to get himself in shape and be appealing. Quirky. A photographer.

Leila and Rashid attempt to solve their relationship issues by inviting a relative stranger into their bedroom to engage in a threesome. What begins as a hilariously awkward evening soon becomes an experience fraught with secrets and tension, raising issues of sexism, possession and independence. El Guindi’s play Pilgrims Musa and Sheri in the New World was the winner of the prestigious Steinberg/American Theater Critics Association’s New Play Award in 2012, and he is also the recipient of the 2010 Middle East America Distinguished Playwright Award. Threesome was a JAW selection in the summer of 2013



seeking 2 men, 3 women



This show has been fully CAST



late 30s to late 40s. Energetic, impulsive, emotional, a wizard with words as well as swords -- a warrior-poet.

late 20s to mid-30s. Beautiful, elegant, smart, romantic. An impetuous heart and a deep soul. (Doubles as Masked Actress.)

late 20's. Handsome, proud, bold with men but shy with women. Aware of his expressive shortcomings. (Doubles as Masked Actor, Angry Subscriber and Fighter.)

40s to late 50s. Captain of the Gascony Guard and Cyrano's best friend. Moderate, sympathetic, articulate, but not flashy. Our guide to the play.

40s to early 50s. Aristocratic, enamored of Roxane. An intriguer who is literally married to power. Alternately resents and admires Cyrano. (Doubles as Gambler and Fighter.)

late 30s to early 40s. Big-hearted pastry-chef and lover of poetry, to the point of obsession. (Doubles as Man, Philippe and Fighter.)

early 30s. Aristocratic, stylish, vain, an expert swordsman. (Doubles as Etienne, Fighter, and possibly Sister Marthe.)

30s. A drunken poet, or poetic drunk. Occasionally removes the bottle long enough to stick his foot in his mouth. (Doubles as Citizen, Jean-Pierre, and possibly Sister Marthe.)

40s. Roxane's old nurse and current chaperone. Watchful over

The romantic comedy classic Cyrano de Bergerac, in a fresh translation and adaptation by Michael Hollinger (Opus) and Aaron Posner (Sometimes a Great Notion, The Chosen). Set in 17th century France, Cyrano tells the story of a great swordsman with a beautiful soul, who is handicapped by a huge nose that makes him believe he is incapable of being loved by the beautiful Roxane. When he learns that Roxane and a handsome young soldier named Christian are infatuated with each other, he writes beautiful love letters for her suitor that lead to a tragic love triangle. Filled with swordplay and wordplay, Cyrano is beloved for its affirmation of love, friendship, and the power of a well-developed sense of humor.


This is a one-man show and is fully CAST

Written and Performed by Benjamin Scheuer
One man, six guitars, and a true story of love, loss, family loyalty and the redemptive power of music. Direct from an award-winning run at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, writer/performer Benjamin Scheuer (winner of the ASCAP Cole Porter Award for songwriting) shares his gripping coming-of-age tale. Directed by Sean Daniels, whose work has been seen at The Kennedy Center and Actor's Theatre of Louisville, The Lion is a candid, poignant, charming offering from a next-generation troubadour.



seeking 2 men, 4 women