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Pratt, Student Film Urban Ballet Dancers

Casting notice expires: April 10, 2013

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Think Inspiration Media
Hayden Hoyl, dir.

Production Description

Think Inspiration Media is casting 5-8 minute short for dancers for the Pratt Institute of Art and Design in Brooklyn.

Director states: "This short dance piece illustrates the growing romance between two young dancers in New York City. Told through one single fluid ballet dance that transitions between scenes, the piece blends the narrative elements of cinema, with the performance and drama of dance. Because the film focuses on storytelling through gesture and form, and there is no dialogue in the piece, Ballet experience is required but acting skills are always a wonderful addition. Because of the nature of this piece and the timeline in which production is scheduled, accepted roles will only be granted to dancers who submit either a reel that displays previous projects, or links to coverage that display the dancer. Basically, we just want to see how you dance!"

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Choreography rehearsal will be held Apr. 6. Additional rehearsals TBD. Shoots Apr. 20-21 in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Copy, meals, and transportation reimbursement provided.


Seeking submissions from: New York City, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Extended Synopsis/Treatment

This short blends the dramatic, narrative style of cinema, with the performance art of Ballet. Set to a melancholic jazz soundtrack, this short illustrates the budding romance of two young dancers who have an unexpected encounter. The film opens with a gang of three young men sitting in a train car. One spots a woman from a few feet down and stares at her intently. She glances at him, noticing that he is staring, and becomes increasingly uncomfortable. As the doors open, she exits the car and walks down the platform. The men quickly exit and follow her closely, picking up speed as they pursue her. Worried, she looks back to see them close by and she steadily picks up her pace, moving into a slight jog. She runs up a set of stairs and looks back at the top, noticing that two of the men have dropped away, and that the staring man is growing increasingly close. She turns away and jogs faster, suddenly being swept up in the air by the man as he carries her a few feet and sets her down. She pushes him away and steps back a few feet, shocked and disoriented. The two circle around one another and she starts a slow, fluid dance sequence and suddenly stops, never breaking eye contact. He starts a slow sequence, short and simple but slightly clumsy. You can tell by his gesture that he is unrefined, lacking the fluidity and grace that she displays. She answers his dance with another sequence, slightly longer, increasing in speed, breaking eye contact and stopping once more. He answers back once again, unrefined and clumsy. They step back a few paces and stare at one another. The shot transitions into another with the same composition but the characters are in the female protagonist's bedroom. They approach one another and begin to dance again, slow and steady at first but gently picking up speed. It is clear that she is teaching him, moving through the motions of the dance and progressing into a faster more intimate sequence. From their proximity, one can infer that they are comfortable with one another. Although we don’t understand the approximate time in which this event takes place, we can infer that significant time has passed and that she is helping him refine his Ballet skills. As the dance picks up speed, the shot transitions into a sequence on a street corner at dusk. The dancers are completely comfortable with each other now, learning a new dance to perform with one another. She is no longer teaching him, as they are now learning choreography together. This sequence cuts to a dark studio. The scene is lit by a single light source, creating heavy shadows between the two dancers. Approached in an almost non-literal way, this scene has no sense of place or time. The characters dance as one with a sweeping sense of mysticism. The light highlights their limbs as the move in unison, moving out of light and into the darkness as they turn with one another. While being inter-cut with shots of the street sequence that eventually cease, the dance increases its full speed and at it’s climax, the characters stop and embrace one another. They sway back and forth for a few moments and stop.