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Reality TV Pilot, Angry Low Wage Girls

Casting notice expires: August 9, 2013

This listing has expired.

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Almost van Gogh
Doug Smith, coord.

Production Description

Casting attractive, angry girls with low paying jobs for a reality TV pilot.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots fall 2013 in L.A.


Seeking submissions nationwide/worldwide Sign up or Log In to apply.

How to shoot a great audition video

Audition video needs to be less than 1 minute.

Three parts to audition video, the classic three-part story format;
1) Beginning – 10 to 20 seconds - Character development – what and/or who has made you mad and desperate?
2) Middle – 10 to 20 seconds - Character reacts - setting goals and/or revenge strategy
3) End – 10 to 20 seconds - Character states their Action Plan to get out of current pathetic life and become the girl in charge admired by all – Not Taking Any Prisoners

The quicker you can move through all 3 parts the better.

So here is the point: what kind of a character would a cable channel executive sign off on and want in a reality TV show? Someone you can count on to stir the pot. The above instructions are what you are thinking or being. But we have not talked about the visual aspects of the TV medium. Can the background behind you be interesting? And/or; Instead of standing still and “performing”, might give some thought to doing something simple: either still.. and making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich…(and finding out mid-way through Audition video there is only one piece of bread in bag!) or, moving around folding clothes or (pretending) looking for something in your bedroom and finally finding it…. An old banana peal… Can you have one of your friends help with holding the camera/cell phone? Must have good lighting and sound.

PS: of all the hundreds and hundreds of interviews I have seen on TV, the one that stands out the most is one with Ozzy Osbourne. And all it was, was, he was being interviewed at his home while he made breakfast, he we frying bacon and other typical, standard breakfast activities. That’s all… and that was enough.


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