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Riverside Theatre Season Musicals

Casting notice expires: September 10, 2014

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Riverside Theatre
Allen D. Cornell, artistic dir.; Wojcik/Seay Casting, casting dir.

Production Description

Casting the Riverside Theatre's 2014-15 season. Season includes: "The Bikinis" (Ray Roderick, dir./choreo. Rehearsals begin Oct. 9; runs Oct. 28-Nov. 16); "Crazy for You" (James Brennan, dir. Rehearsals begin Dec. 29, 2014; runs Jan. 13-Feb. 1, 2015); "Side by Side" (Rehearsals begin Feb. 19; runs Mar. 10-22, 2015); and "Westside Story" (DJ Salisbury, dir. Rehearsals begin Jan. 26; runs Feb. 17-Mar. 8).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses and performs in Vero Beach, FL.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $812/wk (D) and $600/wk. (B) Equity Non-Rep LORT D (Second Stage) & LORT B (Mainstage) Contracts.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

"The Bikinis" Synopsis

That girl group from the sixties everyone loves is bringing back the sun, fun and all the great songs they sang down on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore, all to raise money for the good folks at Sandy Shores Mobile Home Beach Resort on Florida's Gold Coast. "The Jersey Girls" relive their heyday and beyond, beginning the summer of 1964.

Full Character Breakdown

Director/Choreographer: Ray Roderick
MD: Anne Shuttlesworth
First Rehearsal: Thursday 10/9/14
Opening: Tuesday 10/28/14
Closing: Sunday 11/16/14

Back together after 20 years! That girl group from the sixties everyone loves is bringing back the sun, fun and all the great songs they sang down on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore... all to raise money for the good folks at Sandy Shores Mobile Home Beach Resort on Florida's Gold Coast.
With a show that promises to get everyone dancing in the aisles, THE BIKINIS, or "The Jersey Girls," relive their heyday and beyond, beginning the summer of 1964, This is a nonstop celebration of song filled with hits like IT’S IN HIS KISS, YELLOW POLKA DOT BIKINI, HEAT WAVE, MAMBO ITALIANO, UNDER THE BOARDWALK, THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN’, MIDNIGHT BLUE, WHEN WILL I BE LOVED, LAY DOWN CANDLES IN THE RAIN, SIMPLE SONG OF FREEDOM, I WILL SURVIVE, IT’S RAINING MEN and many more!
It’s New Year’s Eve 1999…Y2K looms.


That “one-hit-wonder” Girl Group from the Jersey Shore

40s - 50ish. Annie’s sister. Originally from Paramus, NJ. Manager of THE BIKNIS. In control and a bit passive aggressive. A Corporate success with a failed marriage. Vocally, gravitates to the pop world.

40s - 50ish. Jodi’s sister. Still a bit of a hippie. Also, originally from Paramus, NJ. Never married. Took care of her parents at Sandy Shores Mobile Home Beach Resort in Florida. Folk Rock and Roller, and lover of causes.

40s - 50ish. Jodi and Annie’s “fun loving” cousin from Philly. As a teenager, she was wild. And she still likes to stir it up. Loves her husband of 25 years. Vocally, lives in the rock/pop world. All ethnicities

40s - 50ish. Their best friend from Staten Island. Says what she thinks with no apologies. Never thought she could love anything more than THE BIKINIS and R&B, until she met her husband, Benny. All ethnicities.


Director: James Brennan
Choreographer: Deanna Dys
MD: Ken Clifton
First Rehearsal: 12/29/14
Opening: Tuesday 1/13/15
Closing: Sunday 2/1/15

Bobby Child
Attractive and charismatic leading man in the Astaire mode. Mid 20’s- Mid 30’s with a strong comic flair.
Strong vocal and dance skills a must. Tap and partnering. A true star performer

Polly Baker
Charming, energetic leading lady mid 20’s-30’s. Spunky and full of life. Can hold her own as the only woman in a town full of men. Strong vocal and dance skills a must. A star performer.

Bela Zangler
Cultured, European Impresario in the Ziegfeld mode. Mid 30’s- early 40’s. Solid comic skills.

Lank Hawkins
Attractive, rough-hewn cowboy/saloon keeper in his 30’s. Tall and gruff. Strong comic skills a plus.

Irene Roth
Pampered, cultured play-girl mid 20’s- early 30’s. Should have a comic flair. Accomplished singer-dancer.

Everett Baker
Polly’s father. Kindly befuddled charmer. Character man mid-50’s.

Lottie Child
Bobby’s business oriented and controlling mother. Early - mid 50’s.

Eugene Fodor
Prototypical Britisher. An intrepid adventurer of indeterminate age. Comic.

Patricia Fodor
Intrepid British adventuress of indeterminate age. Comic.

Ditsy show girl. A knockout comedienne. Strong dance skills a must. Accomplished singer and dancer.

Attractive career girl in the Eve Arden mode. Mid 20’s-30’s. Accomplished singer-dancer.

Featured singer/musician with strong dance skills. Masculine. A cowboy. Seeking a guitar player. Please specify on resume.

Physically impressive back-woodsman. Comic skills a plus. Bass playing a BIG plus. Please note on submission.


Director: DJ Salisbury
MD: Kim Steiner
First Rehearsal: Thursday 2/19/15
Opening: Tuesday 3/10/15
Closing: Sunday 3/22/15

Male or Female, 45-60, all ethnicities. Actor who sings, baritone or alto, elegant, erudite, clever and articulate. The liaison between the audience and the material.

Female 1
30s – 40s. Strong alto with soprano abilities, the personification of class, clipped speech, crafty mind. The more sophisticated of the two ladies with a sardonic sense of humor and a sly delivery. All ethnicities.

Female 2
30s – 40s. (Supporting) High belt with strong soprano, attractive and impetuous with a strong sense of humor, is a bit more overt then her counterpart as well as a bit more crass, but her charm is her greatest attribute. All ethnicities.

30s – 40s. (Supporting) Strong high baritone, handsome, dashing and sexually ambiguous, bright, quick and witty. A bit of a narcissist with a healthy dose of harm, has vitality and an endearing sense of entitlement. All ethnicities.


Director: DJ Salisbury
Choreographer: Alex Sanchez
MD: Ken Clifton
First Rehearsal: Monday 1/26/15
Opening: Tuesday 2/17/15
Closing: Sunday 3/8/15

18 & up to play late teens - late 20s. Young man, charming and optimistic, but can be goaded into violence stemming from rage and grief. Strong actor with an excellent tenor voice. Must be able to solidly sing a high B flat.

18 & up to play late teens - late 20s. Must have a young girl quality, but with an uncommon grace and wisdom beyond her years. Innocent and beautiful. Excellent soprano to a high C. Strong actress.

mid 20s - early 30s. Sexy, vivacious, & full of life, but also empathetic when necessary. Must be an excellent dancer and an actor with great depth. Strong belt to C#.

18 & up to play late teens - late 20s. All-American look, strong, a young man of principle. Strong bari-tenor and strong dancer.

early 20s - early 30s. Latin, masculine; always on the verge of ‘boiling over.’ Must be a strong dancer and actor. Singing is a plus.

Male, 50s +. Excellent actor who can convey enormous warmth and strength; a survivor.

Male, 40 - 50s. The strongest voice of authority, seasoned, cynical and capable of unexpected volatility.

Male, 30-50s. Comic actor. Must be able to make broad choices and possess excellent comic timing.

Male, 30 - 50s. Beat cop, sees nothing wrong in using the nightstick to make his point