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Second Stage Theatre Season

Casting notice expires: August 1, 2014

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"Institutional" Not-For-Profit Off-Broadway Theatre Companies
Carole Rothman, artistic dir.-co-founder; Christopher Burney, assoc. artistic dir.

Production Description

Casting the upcoming season of Second Stage Theatre. Season includes: "Lips Together, Teeth Apart" (Terrence McNally, writer; Peter DuBois, dir. Rehearsals begin Sept. 9; runs Oct. 7-Nov. 3, with possible extension through Nov. 3), "American Psycho—a New Musical Thriller" (based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis. Rupert Goold, dir.; Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, book; Duncan Sheik, music & lyrics. Rehearsals begin Dec. 22. Previews begin Feb. 3, 2015; runs late Feb.-March 29, with possible extension through April 12), and "The Way We Get By" (Neil LaBute, writer. Runs Spring 2015).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season runs in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $766/ min./wk. Equity Off Broadway Contract, Tier C.


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Full Character Breakdown

Playwright: Terrence McNally
Director: Peter DuBois
1st Rehearsal: 9/9/14
1st Performance: 10/7/14
Opens: 11/3/14
Max run through: 11/30/14

All roles have been CAST. Actors will be considered for possible replacements.

CAST. Female, late 20s – early 30s. Married to SAM. Recently inherited a beach house in a gay section of Fire Island from her late brother who passed away from AIDS. A kind, artistically inclined, still and sensitive soul; but the waters run deep. Honest, but with secrets of her own. Sally has a huge heart, and a good sense of humor, but is still grieving the loss of her brother and trying to find meaning in his death and in her own complicated life and loves. ROLE HAS BEEN OFFERED AND ACCEPTED.

CAST. Male, late 20s – early 30s. Married to SALLY. Identifies himself as “a humble Trenton, New Jersey homeowner”, the alpha male taking strong care of his family, but under his sometimes gruff and overbearing veneer Sam harbors deep insecurities. Often unable to perform small tasks like tying a bowtie, Sam can become aggressive and confrontational to mask his vulnerability. ROLE HAS BEEN OFFERED AND ACCEPTED.

CAST. Female, late 20s – early 30s..SAM’s sister. An endearingly high-strung, oftentimes silly chatterbox; queen of the local community musical theatre. Seemingly in her own eccentric little world, CHLOE actually misses nothing, and uses her incessant talking and frequent bursts into song and dance to deflect/skim the surface of her pain. Underneath she is a deeply feeling soul aware of how silly she has become, and why; arguably, she possesses the most inclusive and mature take on life of the four. ROLE HAS BEEN OFFERED AND ACCEPTED.

CAST. Male, early 30s – 40. Chloe’s handsome, patrician, somewhat standoffish, domineering but charming-when-he-wants-to-be-husband; has had an affair with SALLY he is still recovering from. Has an acerbic wit, which he most often unleashes on CHLOE. JOHN is suffering silently from his own life-threatening disease, and as the play progresses he must come to terms with his self-loathing and contempt for who he (and what his life) has become --- which means perhaps recognizing how much he might need the wife he so often mistreats. ROLE HAS BEEN OFFERED AND ACCEPTED.


Director: Rupert Goold
Book: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Music/Lyrics: Duncan Sheik
Based on the novel by: Bret Easton Ellis
Rehearsals: December 22
Previews: February 3
Opening: Late February
Closing: March 29, with possible extension to April 12


Male, to play 26. The narrator. Extremely attractive, physically in excellent shape. Has obsessive compulsive disorder. Immaculate, well-groomed, always has the best clothes, the best furniture, the best of everything. Has an aura of self-importance, but actually he disgusts himself. Drug addict. Capable of sadistic humor. Strong pop/rock voice.

Male, to play mid 20s. Extremely good-looking. Immaculate. Patrick's colleague. Handling the most important account at Pierce & Pierce, which Patrick is extremely jealous about. Can never remember who Patrick is; he calls him Marcus, which enrages Patrick. Strong pop/rock voice.

Male, to play mid 20s. Good-looking. Patrick's co-worker. Part of the foursome of friends. Self-obsessed. Chauvinistic. Obsessed with material things. Strong pop/rock voice.

Male, to play mid 20s. Good-looking. Patrick's best friend. Part of the foursome of friends. Has huge anger issues. Highly negative. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, to play mid 20s. Attractive. Dating Luis but secretly having an affair with Patrick. Loves compliments and the expensive things in life. Materialistic. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, to play 20s. Patrick's secretary. In love with him. Pretty. Compared to everyone else, she's the most switched on and normal. The only person who truly understands Patrick. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, to play 20s. Prostitute/escort. Has a threesome with Patrick and Christine, who in turn performs extremely violent acts on her and eventually kills her. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, to play mid 20s. Patrick's girlfriend. Attractive. Self-obsessed like all the others. Never listens to anyone, especially Patrick. Loves the idea of marriage. Highly materialistic. Strong pop/rock voice.

Male, to play 40s. Private Detective investigating Paul Owen's disappearance. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, to play late teens/early 20s. Prostitute. A little trashy. Has a threesome with Patrick and Sabrina, who in turn performs extremely violent acts on her and eventually kills her. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, to play 20s. To play Victoria—Patrick’s neighbor from his building—and Hardbody Bartender. Great physique. Strong pop/rock voice.

Male, to play early 20s. Patrick’s younger brother, a writer, just out of college. Patrick thinks he’s a pain. Strong pop/rock voice.

Female, 50s. To play Mrs. Bateman—Patrick’s mother—and Mrs. Wolfe—a real estate agent. Strong pop/rock voice.

DAVID VAN PATTEN Male, to play mid 20s. Good-looking. Patrick's co-worker. Part of the foursome of friends. Self-obsessed. Chauvinistic. Obsessed with women. Strong pop/rock voice.

LUIS CARRUTHERS Male, to play mid 20s. Not as well-dressed as the others. Patrick's co-worker. Dating Courtney but secretly in love with Patrick. A little effeminate. Strong pop/rock voice.


Playwright: Neil LaBute
Director: tba
Spring: 2015


Female, 20s, independent yet longs to be wanted.

The following role has been CAST. Actors may be considered for possible replacements:

CAST. Male, 20’s, scatterbrained but also charming. ROLE HAS BEEN OFFERED AND ACCEPTED.


NOTE: A fourth production will be announced later in the season.