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Sequential Narrative Photography Project

Casting notice expires: September 11, 2013

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Six Word Productions
T.G. Wilkinson, director.

Production Description

Casting a fine art photography project consisting of staged narrative scenes. Writer-director T.G. Wilkinson states: "The photo series tells several interlocking short stories using still images ordered in a specific sequence. The same set of characters weave in and out of the pictures over the course of several dozen still images, slowly creating the sense of a whole world beyond the frame. The story functions like reading a graphic novel or comic, but with the standalone quality and emotional resonance of a painting you'd see in a museum. While this is a still photography project, it will involve all the components of a movie production (i.e. costumes, sets, lights, locations, cameras, and makeup). Actors will need to be able to develop the arc of their character through posture, gesture, and expression over several images rather than through dialogue. You can see some of the images we shot for our last project a year-and-a-half ago at, as well as behind the scenes material of the new batch of images we're making now."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots 10-20 days between Sept. 2013-May 2014 in and around the NYC area.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

No pay. Producer's compensation note: "Travel will only be covered for shoots taking place outside of NYC. Craft service is provided, but set meals are not generally covered."


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.


Sally hangs the last few pieces of a new “welcome back to school” mural on her classroom bulletin board. Her boyfriend LIAM, 36, dressed in a tuxedo, waits off to one side for her to finish. Sally holds up several pieces of construction paper cut to look like various figures and objects as she eyes how to arrange them on the board. Liam¬ holds additional shapes in one hand and a stapler at the ready in the other. On a student desk nearby and spread out on the floor by Sally’s feet are supplies of construction paper, glue, cotton balls, and markers of various sizes. In the background by the students’ cubbies hangs a clear plastic garment bag with an evening gown inside. The classroom is brightly decorated with posters and student artwork. Next to the bulletin board hangs a September calendar, a five-day weather forecast, and all of the students’ names listed in a “classroom helper” chart. Sally’s desk sits in one corner covered in quirky toys and knickknacks, half-finished crafts, and gifts from students, along with a small pile of jewelry for tonight.


Marc sits at his usual table along the wall sketching in his notebook. On the table are a pot of tea and an empty bowl flecked with dried bits of oatmeal. He lifts his pen and pauses to turn toward Sally sitting alone at the next table over with her back to him as she quietly cries, but his gaze has dropped to the scarf on the floor behind her chair, fallen from the corner where her purse still hangs. Several customers in the café steal curious and embarrassed glances as she wrings her hands in her lap and strains to maintain her composure. In addition to her cup of coffee, another cup and a barely-eaten Danish sit across the table at an empty seat. Out of focus but visible in the background Liam hurries out of the café.


Liam and Sally stand in a darkened corner of the yard. Liam holds a large, two-tier circular cake out for Sally as she finishes lighting the 30-ish candles on top. Liam looks affectionately at her and the way the soft glow of the candles beautifully illuminate her face. Behind them Marc is having a good time as he dances with a few of Sally’s friends including Rose, Hannah, and their friend ZACH, 20, while Margaret playfully grinds against Derek. Phil has cornered Cheryl over by the food table as she fixes herself a drink and Cheryl smiles demurely as Phil whispers seductively in her ear. Avoiding the dance floor, Clarence, DAN, 32, and some of Liam’s other friends stand off to one side engrossed in a lively discussion.


Sally and Liam sit on the floor leaning against the couch in front of his coffee table. Sally has dressed down since teaching and her hair is casually pulled back in a loose, messy bun. Liam’s blazer is draped over the arm of the couch, the top button of his shirt open, his tie loosened and sleeves rolled up. He has his arm around Sally as she applies a sticker to the top paper in a stack of math worksheets from her third graders. On the table are the remains of their dinner, a few unfinished bites of thin-crust pizza, nearly empty wine glasses, and cloth napkins, as well as a bouquet of fresh flowers and an open velvet necklace box. The jewelry box is empty, but Sally is wearing a simple sapphire necklace. A beautiful hardbound book, with a card tucked into its pages, lies open on Liam’s lap and next to him a carefully removed and folded pile of hand-decorated wrapping paper. Above the couch hangs a large vintage map. Several lamps bathe the room in soft, warm light.


SALLY, 28 and dressed like an aspiring Audrey Hepburn, sits with her co-worker MARGARET, 28, wearing bold colors and large jewelry, her roommate CHERYL, 27, beautiful and delicate, and her sister ROSE, 20, at a table on the back patio of a bar on the Lower East Side. Rose stares into her drink, lost in thought, absently running her finger along the outside of her cocktail glass as Sally reaches across the table for Rose’s hand to comfort her. A fresh round of drinks has just arrived at the table, in addition to the drinks the girls are still in the middle of finishing and several small plates of tapas; a WAITRESS walks briskly out of frame. Margaret and Cheryl are quite animated, whispering back and forth as they flirt with a GROUP OF GUYS in t-shirts and jeans playing darts toward the back of the bar. SEAN, 31, smiles flirtatiously at the girls as he leans on a high top table and raises his glass to them in a mock toast. Next to him, his friend DEREK, 29, raises his glass and takes a swig of his beer but doesn’t take his eyes off of Margaret.


Liam argues with Clarence and his friends as they sit in a cluster of folding lawn chairs and smoke cigars. Derek has gradually warmed up over the course of the evening and is heartily engaged in their drunken discourse, which Liam acts like he’s winning but the other guys are having none of it. Next to him Margaret smokes her cigar like a pro and watches Derek with pleasure as he finally engages with her friends. The smoke from their cigars hangs in a small cloud twisting around the twinkling lights above them. The alcohol has made Rose sleepy and she’s laid her head in Hannah’s lap as they listen to their esoteric debate. On the edge of the circle, Sally nibbles on some leftover cake as she vents to Marc about her drunken boyfriend’s behavior. Marc leans in to listen and tries to be supportive. Cheryl has disappeared from the party, as has Phil. In the background two last couples slow dance, clinging to each other for support while a third makes out along the back wall of the apartment building.


Marc sits trapped on the inside of the table, Sally and her newly minted fiancé on one side, Rose and Hannah on the other. Sally is very touchy with Liam and rests her head on his shoulder as he opens a small stack of engagement presents from their friends. Rose holds a guestbook handmade by Sally for the occasion and coaxes a reluctant Hannah to sign their names together. Marc looks stiff and uncomfortable, forgotten by Sally and ignored by Rose, and he leaves a foot of space between himself and each of the happy couples. On the other side of the table, Margaret reads a funny engagement card being passed around the table with Derek and Cheryl. Clarence and Dan sit at the end of the table debating each other once again. The restaurant has a warm, rustic farmhouse aesthetic with distressed wood and candles everywhere. The waitress has placed a basket of country loaf on the table with a dish of butter and several people have started to dig in.