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Taproot Theatre Company 2015 Season

Casting notice expires: September 16, 2014

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Taproot Theatre Company
Karen Lund, assoc. artistic dir./casting dir.

Production Description

Seeking actors for Taproot Theatre Company's 2015 Season. Season includes "The Explorer's Club" (Nell Benjamin, writer. Rehearsal begins Dec. 29; runs Jan. 30-Feb. 28), "Best of Enemies," (Mark St. Germain, writer. Rehearsal begins Feb. 23; runs Mar. 27-Apr. 25), "Jeeves Intervenes" (Margaret Raether, writer. Rehearsal begins Apr. 13; runs May 15-June 13), "Godspell" (John Michale Tebelak & Stephen Schwartz, writers. Rehearsal begins June 1; runs July 10-Aug. 8), "Dracula" (Nathan Jeffrey, writer. Rehearsal begins Aug. 24; runs Sept. 25-Oct. 24). To find out more, visit

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Runs in Seattle, WA.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $332/wk. Equity SPT SPT 4 (Transitional)-min. Contract.


Seeking submissions from: Seattle, WA Sign up or Log In to apply.


"The Explorer's Club"
Lucius Fretway - a botanist, lacks confidence.
Phyllida Spotte-Hume - anthropologist, sees herself as an equal in the science world.
Harry Percy - intrepid explorer, charming, confident, good with the ladies, thinks highly of himself but not of others.
Luigi - tribesman of the NaKong, eager to learn, trusts Phyllida.
Professor Cope - herpetologist, studies snakes, not great socially.
Professor Sloane - archeo-theologist, rude, stern, believes women to be inferior.
Professor Walling - zoologist, devoted to and very protective of his guinea pigs, not great with people
Sir Bernard Humphries - Private Secretary to the Queen, all business.
Beebe - explorer, was left behind by Percy on an exploration.

"The Best of Enemies"
C.P. Ellis - white, middle-aged. A KKK leader. Husband to Mary and father of three. Owns a gas station.
Ann Atwater - black. Single mother of two. Outspoken; not afraid of anyone.
Bill Riddick - black. Community organizer. Brings C.P.
Mary Ellis - white. C.P.'s pretty, but very tired wife. Not a member of the KKK.

"Jeeves Intervenes"
Bertie Wooster - a high society gentleman; one of the "idle rich." Easily flustered. Relies on his valet, Jeeves.
Jeeves - Bertie's valet. Unflappable. Knows everyone.
Eustace Bassington-Bassington - former schoolmate of Bertie and nephew of Sir Rupert, whom he relies on for money. Infatuated with Gertrude.
Gertrude Winklesworth-Bode - Agatha's god-daughter. Intended as Bertie's betrothed. Very wealthy. Studies Nietzsche.
Agatha Spencer-Gregson - Bertie's aunt. Very direct and has no patience for Bertie's silliness. Has a history with Sir Rupert.
Sir Rupert Watlington-Pipps - Eustace's uncle. A proud former military man. Has a romantic history with Agatha.
Andromache Glamorgan - countess, twin sister of Phyllida, very no nonsense.
Irish Assassin - not really great at his job.

Jesus - charismatic, gentle but strong, a leader.
John the Baptist/Judas - charismatic, rebellious, loyal, doubter.
Jeffrey - energetic, playful.
Lamar - not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Herb - class clown.
Robin -sweet, open, a tomboy.
Joanne - confident, show-off.
Peggy - shy, earth-mother.
Sonia - sassy, cynical, sexy.
Gilmer - goofy, very funny.

Jonathan Harker - age 30, wholesome, smart, recently made solicitor.
Mina Murray - age 20-29, studious, smart, centered.
Lucy Westenra - age 18-25, feminine, kind, vulnerable.
Arthur Holmwood - age 25-29, a man's man.
Jack Seward - age 30-35, lonely, reserved, skeptical, a scientist.
Abraham Van Helsing - age 55-59, passionate, knowledgeable, a man of faith and science.
Count Dracula - age fluctuates, charming, disarming, mysterious.
Renfield/Peasant Woman/Sister Agatha - age 40-59