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Institutional Not-For-Profit Off-Broadway Theatre Companies
Oskar Eustis, artistic dir.; Jordan Thaler & Heidi Griffiths, casting dirs.

Production Description

Casting the upcoming season of The Public Theater. Season includes: "The Fortress of Solitude" (based upon the novel by Jonathan Lethem. Itamar Moses, book; Michael Friedman, music & lyrics; Daniel Aukin, concept-dir. Rehearsals begin Aug. 19; runs Sept. 30-Nov. 2, with possible extension through Nov. 23), "Father Comes Home From The Wars," (Suzan-Lori Parks, writer; Jo Bonney, dir. Rehearsals begin Sept. 9; runs Oct. 14-Nov. 16, with possible extension through Dec. 14), "Pericles" (William Shakespeare, writer; Rob Melrose, dir.; Michael Thurber, composer-music dir. Rehearsals begin Sept. 23; tours Oct. 21-Nov. 2 and performs Nov. 11-30 at the Public Theater), "Straight White Men" (Young Jean Lee, writer-dir. Runs Nov. 7-Dec. 7), "Hamilton" (Thomas Kail, dir.; Lin-Manuel Miranda, music & lyrics; Alex Lacamoire, music supervisor; Andy Blankenbuehler, choreo.; Bethany Knox, Telsey + Company, casting dir. Rehearsals begin Nov. 24; runs Jan. 20-Feb. 22, 2015 with possible extension through May 10), "The Total Bent" (Stew, text; Heidi Rodewald & Stew, music; Joanna Settle, dir. Rehearsals begin Feb. 3, 2015; runs March 3-April 5), and "Toast" (Lemon Andersen, writer; Elise Thoron, dir. Rehearsals begin March 10, 2015; runs April 3-19).

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season runs in NYC.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pay provided. Equity Off Broadway Contract (various tiers/minimums).


Seeking submissions from: New York, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Full Character Breakdown

Book: Itamar Moses
Music & Lyrics by Michael Friedman
Conceived and directed by Daniel Aukin
Based upon the novel by Jonathan Lethem
1st reh: 8/19/14. Runs: 9/30-11/2/14
Extension Closing: 11/23/14

All roles have been CAST

by Suzan-Lori Parks
Dir: Jo Bonney
1st reh: 9/9/14. Runs: 10/14 - 11/16/14
Extension Closing: 12/14/14

All roles have been CAST


by William Shakespeare
Dir: Rob Melrose
Composer/Music Director: Michael Thurber
1st Reh: 9/23/14
Tour Runs: 10/21 - 11/2/14
Public Theater Runs: 11/11 - 11/30/14

Seeking a diverse group of collaborative, language-oriented actors who enjoy working in a physical style. All roles will double with multiple characters. Please submit qualified actors of all cultures and ages, disabled and non-disabled. The soundscape of the piece will be created entirely by actors’ voices, so we are especially interested in actors who are comfortable singing a cappella and/or harmonizing in a group.


PERICLES AND ENSEMBLE. 30s. Any ethnicity. Male. Prince of Tyre. Intelligent, capable, confident, and bold. When these traits put him in a dangerous position, he’s forced to flee and is set off on a journey that tests his character, patience, and luck. Naturally resilient and unflagging, the trials he faces in losing his loved ones eventually wear him down, leaving him despondent and world-weary, until his ultimate redemption restores his inherent good character. This role will also participate in the ensemble storytelling as a part of the collective voice of GOWER.

THAISA AND ENSEMBLE. 30s. Any ethnicity. Female. Princess of Pentapolis, daughter of Simonides, eventual wife of Pericles. Bright and warm, also determined and self-aware. A kind, intelligent woman who knows what she wants and asks for it. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to BAWD. Proprietress of a brothel in Mytilene. Commanding, goal-oriented, vulgar. Also likely to double with others including PHILOTEN and lords.

MARINA AND ENSEMBLE. 20s. Any ethnicity. Female. Pericles and Thaisa’s daughter. Virtuous, graceful, well-bred. Young, innocent, and committed to her values. Strong in the face of adversity. Has the brain, mouth, and charisma to change hearts and minds. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to LYCHORIDA, Thaisa’s nurse, who accompanies her from Pentapolis to return with Pericles. Dutiful and loyal. Also likely to double with others including ANTIOCHUS’ DAUGHTER, knights, and lords.

LYSIMACHUS AND ENSEMBLE. 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Male. Governor of Mytilene. While not an entirely virtuous man, his interaction with Pericles’ daughter, Marina, causes him to reevaluate his practices. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to CLEON, Governor of Tarsus. Ruler of a land that is facing famine. Worn down and doing his best to lead his people. Pays his debt to Pericles by raising Marina alongside his own daughter and providing her education, but ultimately, passive, submissive, and disloyal. Also likely to double with others including ESCANES, pirates, lords, sailors, and gentlemen.

DIONYZA AND ENSEMBLE. 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Female. Cleon’s wife. Deceptive and selfish. Willing to do for others until it affects her own life negatively. Calculating and controlling. Hires an assassin to murder Marina in order to elevate her own daughter’s status. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to DIANA. The Roman virgin goddess. Appears to Pericles in a vision to guide him to find his lost wife. Also likely to double with others including knights and thugs.

HELICANUS AND ENSEMBLE. 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Male. A lord of Tyre and Pericles’ most trusted advisor. Intelligent, pragmatic, and wise. Watches over Tyre while Pericles is away, and remains loyal throughout, with Pericles’ best interests always at the forefront. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to fishermen, knights, sailors, servants, and pirates.

ANTIOCHUS AND ENSEMBLE. 40s. Any ethnicity. Male. A king who is carrying on an incestuous relationship with his daughter and who does not hesitate to have anyone who guesses his secret assassinated. Proud, cunning, and quick on his feet. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to CERIMON, A lord of Ephesus and a healer. Restores Pericles’ wife, Thaisa’s, life when her body is washed to shore and aids her in finding a home in Diana’s temple. Kind, selfless, and helpful. Also likely to double with others including LEONINE, BOULT, gentlemen, fishermen, knights, and lords.

SIMONIDES AND ENSEMBLE. 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Male. King of Pentapolis. A respected and beloved leader. Boisterous, generous, optimistic. Committed to the happiness of his daughter, Thaisa, and his entire kingdom. This role will double with others, likely including but not limited to THALIARD, King Antiochus’ lord, sent to track and kill Pericles. Serves his king out of fear and intimidation, not loyalty. Also likely to double with others including PANDER, TYRIAN, gentlemen, pirates, and sailors.

By/Diretor: Young Jean Lee
Runs: 11/7/14 - 12/7/14

This will be cast and performed by Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company


Dir: Thomas Kail
Music/Lyrics: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Music Spvsr: Alex Lacamoire
Choreo: Andy Blankenbuehler
Casting: Telsey + Company/Bethany Knox
1st reh: 11/24/14. Runs: 1/20 - 2/22/15
Extension Closing: 5/10/15

GENERAL NOTE: Looking for people of all ages and all ethnicities for these roles. This storyline spans 25 years+, so age is not literal - like Aaliyah said, it’s nothin’ but a number.


AARON BURR: tenor/baritone, sings and raps in equal measure. Our narrator. A cool, steely reserve. An orphan raised in wealth, plays his cards and opinions close to the vest. Slow to anger, but when he gets there, look out. Javert meets Mos Def.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: tenor/baritone, sings and raps in equal measure. Authoritative, regal, aloof, aware of his place in history at all times. John Legend meets Mufasa.

HERCULES MULLIGAN/JAMES MADISON (dual role): Tenor/baritone, MUST be able to sing and rap well.
MULLIGAN is the life of the party, dripping with swagger, streetwise and hilarious. Joins the revolution to get out of being a tailor’s apprentice, and befriends Laurens, Hamilton and Lafayette. Busta Rhymes meets Donald O’Connor. MADISON is incisively intelligent, quiet, professorial. A former Hamilton ally, he becomes Jefferson’s detail man concerning all matters—he gets things done. RZA meets Zach from Chorus Line.

KING GEORGE: tenor, British accent. The King of England. Entitled, pouty nihilist. Sees the American Colonies as a deluded former lover, who will come crawling back. Rufus Wainwright meets King Herod in JCS.

PEGGY SCHUYLER/MARIA REYNOLDS (dual role.): Mezzo-soprano. PEGGY SCHUYLER: sweet, shy, youngest of the three Schuyler Sisters. The Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child. MARIA REYNOLDS: sultry, young, calculating. Affects the role of a damsel in distress to seduce Hamilton. Jasmine Sullivan meets Carla from Nine.

All other roles have been CAST.

Text by Stew
Music by Heidi Rodewald & Stew
Dir: Joanna Settle
1st Reh: 2/3/15. Runs: 3/3 - 4/5/15

NOTE: As much of the action of the piece takes place inside a recording studio during sessions, in addition to singing, we are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in actors with strong instrumental musical ability to convincingly play band members.


JOE ROY: 40s–50s. African-American. A music visionary and the engineer behind his son’s early success as a gospel singer. A bold, brash personality with a gift for descriptive language and a penchant for fire and brimstone speeches. A Christian sinner with a weakness for women and gambling, he is relentless in his desire to return Marty to the fold and employ his instrument as a “lightning rod” for worship and profit.

ABEE: Mid 20s-Early 30s. African-American. Marty’s longtime friend, a former church bus driver who has joined the band. Acts as Marty’s “psycho-social valet,” a.k.a. Marty’s liaison to the outside world. He is the glue that holds the ensemble together. Loyal and eager to please, he is the first to recognize and diffuse conflict. Would take a bullet for Marty.

All other roles have been CAST


by Lemon Andersen
Dir: Elise Thoron
1st Reh: 3/10/15. Runs: 4/3 - 4/19/15

TOAST ingeniously weaves major characters from black oral narratives into a gripping story about a group of inmates fighting to keep their minds free amidst the 1971 riots that rocked Attica Prison. Honoring the spoken word narratives recited in pool halls, bars and prisons across America by generations of black poets, TOAST is a stunning new play about men trying to live free in a system—and a world—designed to keep them chained.



DOLOMITE: 50s. African-American. The “baddest bad-ass out of San Antone,”and fabled to have been the most dangerous man in the South. He has been imprisoned for 27 years for murder, and is currently the most famous prisoner in Attica. Feared and respected by all, he is a leader within the cell-block, and becomes an unconventional father figure for Hard Rock. Despite his violent past, there’s a weary, settled quality about him. When rumors of a riot spread, he forbids the residents of the cell-block to get involved—until events arise which make violence unavoidable.

HARD ROCK: 20s. African-American. A young Vietnam vet, incarcerated at Attica. Bright, outspoken, magnetic. He has the charm and charisma of a politician, and the spirit of a community organizer. Worldly, educated, and well-read. Determined to correct the abuses inherent in the correctional system, he becomes a spokesperson for prisoners’ rights. His volatile combination of resolve, intelligence and appeal pose more of a threat to the powers that be than violence ever could.

JESSE JAMES: 20s. Biracial (Caucasian and Puerto Rican) from the South Bronx, whose nickname is derived from his criminal history of robbing banks. Determined to be respected and accepted by the rest of the cell-block, most of whom find his efforts at assimilation comical. Energetic, front-footed, unflappable. Impulsive & proud. Refuses to give up, and not afraid of a fight

ANNABELLE: 30s. African-American. A transgender woman incarcerated in a male prison. Strong, tough, unflinching, with a wry sense of humor. A survivor. She’s seen horrors and dangers on the outside as well as behind bars, and she knows what she has to do to stay alive. Loyal, loving, passionate. In love with Dolomite and will do anything to protect him. A role for a strong singer.

SHERIFF JODY: 50s. Caucasian. The Senior Corrections Officer in charge of Attica. A World War II veteran. Brittle, absolute, no-nonsense. Old-school. Relishes the power that he wields within the prison walls, and believes in prisons the way that other men believe in religion. Confident that prisons are a necessity—not only as a form of punishment, but as a deterrent for future crimes. Fears that if the inmates’ demands are met, that it could threaten not only the entire correctional system, but possibly the moral foundation of the country itself. In love with Annabelle, and is willing to use (or abuse) any of the tools in his power to make her love him.

G.I. JOE: 50s. 50s. Puerto Rican-American. A floor officer at Attica. Proud, direct, diligent, reasonable. He has worked hard to carve out an honest and decent life for himself and his family. To him, the job is just a job, and he looks forward to the day that he can move along to something less physically and spiritually taxing. Deeply ashamed and disappointed with Jesse James, whom he feels is damaging the image of the Puerto-Rican community with his criminal behavior.

HOBO BEN: 60s. African-American. The old-timer of the cell-block, but possesses the vigor and fiery of a much younger man. Although he lacks much formal education, he has extremely quick, razor sharp wit, that he wields with ease and enthusiasm. The breadth of his life experience has given him wisdom and insight more valuable than can be found in any books.

STACKOLEE: 30s – Early 40s. African-American. Known as “the most dangerous prisoner at Attica.” Tough, cagy, watchful. Dangerous—thought the threat is seldom overt. He’s more like a coiled snake; at rest but alert, poised to strike at any time. Fearless. Loyal to Dolomite.